Is it harder for "featherweights" to lose lbs?

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  • How fast were you losing earlier? I've got about 7lb to go, although I might reassess when I get there (say to make what is now my goal my upper limit instead), and I'm still losing at 1lb/week. But then I was also losing at 1lb/week when I started, it hasn't changed at all. I suppose it's like the way that some people adjust their calories as they lose, and some people stay on the same number of calories all the way through, even with really substantial weight loss. We're all different, eh.
  • I'm 5'2. At 70 kilos I could eat 1700 cals a day to neither gain or loose weight. When I get down to 50 kilos I can only eat 1530 cals a day to neither gain or loose weight.

    The lower the weight gets then the subsequently lower the amount of cals you can eat.

    (figures calculated from myfitnesspal iPhone app)