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Default What clothes can/can't you wear, no matter your weight?

I can't wear puffy capped sleeves. I have a decent rack and I carry a lot of weight on my top half, so puffy capped sleeves just make me look bigger.

I can't wear capri or cropped pants. I am very short with short legs, so those kinds of pants always truncate me.

I have yet to meet an empire waist that didn't make me look pregnant.

I can't do crewnecks either, because I have a round face. I need a v-neck.

I also can't wear most shades of green or yellow. I have olive/yellow skin, so those colors tend to make me look sick.

Almost always, though, I can pull off a pencil skirt or tight mini skirt. Even though I'm older, my legs are one of my better features.
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Crew neck shirts, puffy sleeves, turtle necks, anything with ruffles/puffs on the bust accentuate me too much. I too have an ample bosom.

Skinny jeans... my calves and thighs are VERY muscley (I LOVE them) and skinny jeans just don't look right no matter how thin I am. I usually can't even pull them up around my calves unless I get a bigger size, and then they are too big at the waist.

Capri pants. Same reason as skinny jeans with my muscley legs... that and I'm short.

I look good in dresses. Especially wrap/mock-wrap styles. I feel like the V neck flatters my bustline and the ties make my waist look nice and thin.
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Belts - shirts with belts or dresses with belts

Or anything else that has a defined waist

I have a short torso and they just look ridiculous on me.
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I don't wear necklaces because I feel that I have a shorter neck so I like to elongate it and I feel that a necklace doesn't help....unless it's really long, but really, I just don't do a good job of putting a look together with a necklace.

I also can't wear skinny jeans because I'm pear shaped and I think a wider bottom on the leg is a lot more flattering. For me to wear skinny jeans, I'd have to be underweight and that ain't happening.

I can't wear shorts and skirts right now without hose because I have a crazy vein on one of them, but it will be taken out (via an injection by a doctor) in November, so I'll then be able to wear those types of clothes.
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My calves will always be HUGE due to shortened tendons-- so anything that ends at calf-legnth and knee boots (*sob*) are a no-go
and no matter HOW small I get-- short-shorts & Bikini's are a "no way" for this ol' gal... I look young for my age-- but I just couldn't bring myself to wear em-- besides-- I'm so busty--- even when I wore an "11/12" Levi I wore a 32DD..... some things just aren't meant to be!!
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Like others I'm pretty bust so wearing turtlenecks look pretty silly! Ditto on things with ruffles and basically any shirts that flow.

It also means that even at my smallest it's REALLY hard to find anything that is fitted around the bust (button down shirts, empire waist shirts etc). I'd have to get them a few sizes larger and get them tailored down. Even being overweight now I still have this problem (although at my highest this wasn't as much as a problem because plus-sized clothes seems to take a large bust into account).

Skinny jeans also for the muscular calf thing.

I do end up wearing sleeveless/short sleeves often but it's not the best look for me either because of my arms. Basically, when I'm at a good weight the only thing small on me is my waist!

Oh and strapless dresses are a nightmare because it's so hard to find a strapless bra in my size that works!

Thanks to having a kid itty bitty bikinis are not going to happen either thanks to my lovely stretch marks. It's ok, I actually like the retro look of high-waisted bikinis a lot better!
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I can't believe I'm going to say this but a thong! Not a good look on me at any weight and definitely not at my age.

Also, an empire waist makes me look pregnant too. I tried one on the other day and no go. Nothing strapless like a tube top, don't have the rack I used to and it just makes me look flat as a pancake. Not a good look.

What can I wear? A bikini that rides low on my hips which surprised me b/c it's been like a good decade since I could pull that look off and after two kids, I'm like ecstatic about that.

Also, anything now that shows off my legs, particularly my thighs (which have leaned out due to the running I've been doing). Of course, not too short b/c I'm not a young chickie but you get the picture, lol.

And lingerie...tasteful, of course. I went and sprung for some the other day and haven't worn anything like since my first son was born in 2002. Up until now, I've been sleeping in like baggy sweats and stuff like that. I felt so good in it. DH liked it too.

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I baught a tight stratchable slack for gym(up to knee). I was thrilled i cud fit in 4-6 size. I wear that for gym. I look idiot in that slack. I also have large size strechable pant for gym I look decent in it.
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I just don't like wearing shorts. I have ample upper legs and skinny lower legs, so I prefer pants at any weight. Full skirts are ok if they are the right length, just below knee or longer. I wear cropped pants instead of shorts in really hot weather, although I wore a knee length shorts to an amusement park this summer and boys' sized board shorts to the beach (along w/ rash guard shirts, see below. DH asked if I wanted a burka, too).

I also have spider veins which is just genetic (my grandma has legs that look like a road map) but not the varicose type to be removed. And I'd have to shave more often .

I also don't like sleeveless tops but I wear them rarely. I think I'm getting more modest as I get older and don't like to show as much skin-nothing to do w/ weight, just personal preference. If I got really cut muscley arms maybe I'd reconsider.
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I actually can't two items that many claim are universally flattering: wrap dresses and boot cut jeans. My chest is too flat for the wrap dresses and I don't know why but boot cut jeans seem to highlight my upper thighs which are my worst feature.
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Originally Posted by Jubilee View Post
I actually can't two items that many claim are universally flattering: wrap dresses and boot cut jeans. My chest is too flat for the wrap dresses and I don't know why but boot cut jeans seem to highlight my upper thighs which are my worst feature.
I know what you mean about boot cut jeans. I tried so hard last year to find real straight leg jeans. Just because the bottom of the jeans are larger, why do they have to make the mid-thigh to below knee part so tight? I wear them anyway, though.
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Shirts that just meet at the top of my pants. I need longer shirts because I have a small torso, and a short shirt just makes it look even shorter.
Also, hats. I look ridiculous in any kind of hat. And sunglasses. Basically anything that cuts off part of my face.
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Can't wear:

Short shorts - OMG scary. This is my worst problem area and it's best to keep my upper thighs covered up - since they are so much chunkier than my calves I just feel unbalanced if I wear anything short on my lower half.

3/4, capri pants. These are just wrong on me - they land at the wrong part of my calf and because I have short legs I feel they make me look even shorter. Ick!

Can wear:

Knee length skirts - as long as they finish right at the thinnest part of my leg then it's all good.

Wrap dresses will usually flatter my figure, as long as the hem is the right length.
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I can't wear strapless dresses. I have this weird armpit fat thing going and it just doesn't look right when I put it on.. I also can't wear skirts that end above the knees. But dresses that end above the knee are fine. Weird ..
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Even though I'm close to goal, I'm going to go ahead and say itty bitty bikinis as well (unless a miracle happens in the last 10 pounds or so!) My tummy is a problem area and despite ab work outs, a combination of stretch marks, loose skin, and a lower belly pooch make tiny two pieces a clothing choice i feel more comfortable skipping. At least there are super cute suits out there with more coverage but still hot!
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