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Dorian5 08-01-2011 10:24 AM

August Feathers Chat!
I totally posted in the July thread this morning, silly me! :dizzy:


Kind of down because I didn't meet my August 1st goal of 122lbs. I was up from 123.2lbs on Friday to 123.8lbs this morning after salt and running yesterday, and eating maintenance on Saturday. It sucks, but it just makes me determined to make another goal for September 1st. 120lbs would be doable, I think.

Another hurdle that I'm struggling with is that the boyfriend and I found a house to rent that we really love, but we're going to have to get in there quick so we don't lose it to someone else. That means saving every penny possible to get the security deposit and the hefty pet fee to the owner ASAP. So that means making sure I watch my food budget -- no more big, pretty salads from Whole Foods at $8 a pound. But that's okay, I can still manage healthy eating on a budget.

I think my boyfriend is interested in trying to lose a little weight -- he likes very low-maintenance food. He CAN cook, and very well, but he works very hard at work and likes the convenience of fast food. I told him when we get a place together it will be just as easy for me to pack two lunches as it would be to pack one.

More personals later, but wanted to say welcome back, krampus! Hope the time change doesn't kick your arse for too long.

claire0412 08-01-2011 10:35 AM

Hey Dorian, thanks for opening the thread! Just a quick one from me to say.... I passed my MA exam and am now finished :))) My bandages are off and I'm off to backpack arounf turkey for 3 weeks! See you all when I get back :)) xx

sumire 08-01-2011 12:15 PM

August already! How does this happen?

I'm happy to report that this morning I saw a new low weight--126, a pound under my previous low of 127. :yay: It's making me think I should have been less stubborn and tweaked my plan a little sooner, rather than waiting a few months. But hey, no harm done, and it's always maintenance practice as long as I'm not gaining. :)

krampus: I echo Dorian5 in saying WELCOME HOME! Hope you settle in nicely and find your groove.

Dorian5: Congrats on the rental house! We've had to be frugal this year, too, for various reasons, and I sure do miss those Whole Foods salads. Don't be down about your goal--at your low weight, any loss at all is a win! :D

claire: Congrats on the MA! :bravo: You've earned a break--enjoy your trip!

Hope everyone else is doing well!

mamamorgan 08-01-2011 12:42 PM

Hello ladies, I am new to 3FC, I have been here maybe 2 weeks. I just joined the featherweight board as of a few days ago, didn't know it was here and didn't know it applied to me! I hope to be active and join everyone on their weight loss journeys.

philana 08-01-2011 12:51 PM

Good one Dorian! And on the not loosing as much as you'd like - you are still doing good! You are so close to goal, it's going to go slower, just be happy about the distance you came :D

claire! congrats!!!!!

sumire - congrats on the loss! It's nice to be surprised by good results :D

morgan - welcome, hope you find good support here :D

Well, I am super postive again. Even though the scale showed my about 3/4lbs above my minigoal weight that I was at last friday. I know all the bday foodies have done that. I am also pretty sure I can get it gone soon enough. I am gonna go on my first c25k run in 10 mins. And I am pretty psyched. I can't believe that in 10 weeks I'll be able to run 5k. But I also know it should be possible. Because I never thought I'd go to the gym many times a week and enjoy it either... but I am. So... YIKES. Hihi. Will report back later!
I'm almost having more fun learning about sports and foods than the weight loss itsself. Feeling muscles build up in places I've never had them before is just so cool!

sumire 08-01-2011 12:52 PM

mamamorgan, :welcome3:

Congrats on your losses so far! I was digging through your posts and see that you have an Australian shepherd. Aussies are THE BEST dogs in the world! We had two (one at a time, that is) when I was growing up, and if I didn't live in a tiny big-city apartment (that doesn't allow pets, though we all have cats anyway :p), I'd have one now.

philana: I missed your post while I was writing... Glad you're enjoying yourself & your new fitness fun! I've had the same experience. Now that I have found what I like to do in terms of exercise, I can't believe I used to hate it (and avoid it like the plague)! All the runners around here have started to get me curious, and I'm considering doing C25K once the weather cools off. Good luck!

claire0412 08-01-2011 01:10 PM

Sumire Well done! I love the new lows ;) You are so close now!!

Krampus Welcome back / home (?!). I hope you are enjoying NY and time with your parents!

mamamorgan welcome!

Dorian Ooh the saving will be completely worth it in the end, I hope you get it! What nice news!

Philana Yay for you discovering the fun to be had with exercise and healthy food, it is the key to a long, healthy life!

Diet has gone out of the window today obviously, I drank 1/2 bottle of Champagne at 1pm :) However, I've got an hour between now and going out for celebratory dinner (for a lovely on plan Mango beef salad, mmmm) to a) sober up b) get my packing done! I went to the hairdressers high on champagne and euphoria and got a full fringe (bangs) cut in. It doesn't sound like a recipe for sound decision making but I actually quite like it :)
My weight was up to 67.8kg this morning but I blame that on time of the month, flying and general meh-ness. I'm sure it'll have gone down by the time I get back from holiday.

I will be able to swim on holiday and I'm taking my resistance bands with me, and we can't afford to eat out more than once a day so I'm sure I'll come back skinnier and will check in with you guys for a revised goal. Until then, good luck everyone and enjoy August :)

laurielou 08-01-2011 01:58 PM

Philana - I signed up to do a 5k in September. What does your training regimen look like? Right now I'm running 2-3 miles on the treadmill 5x a week, but running outside is a WHOLE different story. It's so much harder!


Well, I leave for Cancun in 4 days (FRIDAY!!!) and I return on the 10th. My scale broke and I've been using the scale at the gym to monitor my weight loss. I have NO IDEA if I reached my goal weight (121 lbs) because I have been weighing myself in the evening in gym clothes and yesterday I weighed in at 126 (sad face). But, I used to weigh myself in the morning before I got in the shower and I was 124-ish in the morning, and when I used to weigh at the gym in the evening I was 128-ish. So I've lost ~2 pounds, which is great! I don't have a lot to lose and these last few pounds are really coming off slowly... Must keep going!!!

philana 08-01-2011 02:11 PM

sumire - thanks! if it's gonna work the way people say it will, i'll call it a mircale! hehe

claire - ENJOY! that's gonna be a great well deserved trip! Will miss your updates, hope to hear from you when you get back!

laurie - I am doing the c25k program, I just did the Week 1 Day 1 run: http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml (scroll down) - I also go to the gym 4-5 times a week and take my bike to work 2-3 times a week (an hour each day). Just started on the running for the first time, and it was hard! Running is so different from cardio stuff in the gym or riding my bike for long ends or walking for hours. Crazy really.

Amy3680 08-01-2011 04:16 PM

Hi feathers! I can't believe it's already August either. After doing pretty well on my plan, it went out the window this weekend with planning for my DD 2nd birthday party. I made the cake, along w/ buttercream/whipped cream icing. Maybe I should have ordered it or asked a relative to make it since I ate so much icing I made myself sick on Friday (yuck), then proceeded to eat some of the left over on Sunday before throwing the rest away.

Between eating out of the house and the party, and not exercising since Friday, I feel so fluffy. Not good since we're leaving for the beach this Saturday and I still can't fit in my clothes. I am so tired today and want to take a nap. I already feel so behind for the week and it's only Monday.

Off to lift weights if DD will stay asleep. I also have a sink of dirty dishes, laundry to do and need to menu plan for the week and pack breakfasts/lunches/snacks for tomrrow. Auggghhh!

skinnyelle39 08-01-2011 05:16 PM

Claire0412 Enjoy your trip and dont sweat those celebratory water weight lbs!

Dorian5 You had a great month even if you didnt reach your goal Im sure you will reach the september goal. The end of july was rough for me too!

sumire Awesome job on the new low! You are one of my many inspirations on 3fc bc of your progress since we had similar starting weights. What tweaking did you do to your plan? I may need to throw it into my mix as well!

mamamorgan Welcome! You will find great support and tons of motivation on the featherweights thread. There are some really awesome women here! Good luck!

krampus Welcome back! What could be more American than a meal at Denny's upon your arrival? lol nice touch hope you enjoyed :)

philana Im sporadically and I do mean sporadically doing C25K as well. I think Im on the 2nd day of the 3rd week. Im amazed at how much I actually enjoy the runs now and that I can run much more than I ever dreamed I could. It totally works! good luck with your training!

amy3680 uuuuuGH!!! The dreaded " fluffy" feeling. Im just now getting back to feeling like myself after a week of severe over indulgence. Luckily returning to regular exercise and healthy eating helps it go away. Good luck getting back on track!

Brand new month ladies! Make it count!

sumire 08-01-2011 07:41 PM

skinnyelle: I'm inspired by you, too, and your tiny waist. :D
1) I started calorie cycling again. Used to do it sort of unofficially but fell into the habit of eating at pretty much the same level every day. My calorie level is still basically the same (it averages out to around 1550 calories a day), but I went to the freedieting calorie calculator and have gone by their calorie cycling plan.
2) More cardio! This was probably my major issue. I'd gotten to where I focused really heavily on strength training and was really only doing one major cardio session per week. I've started adding in around 15-30 minutes of cardio most days after my strength training--fairly intense, I basically mime like I'm jump roping. Feels silly, but I don't have enough room in my tiny apartment to actually jump rope, haha, and it definitely works to get my heart rate up.

fitmom 08-01-2011 10:48 PM

Hi Feathers! Back from my vacation, tanned, rest and relaxed, lol. Don't have time to respond individually to everyone b/c I'm knee-deep in laundry. ;)

My hips went down another 1/2 inch and my body fat is exactly 17%. I'm so excited, lol. :D And I have a signature. Very cool. Weight is holding steady at 117 lbs. even after my vacation so that's good, right?

Eating on vacation was surprisingly easy, gave myself permission to take the week off from formal exercise to focus on my kids and hubby.

Wore my bikini and didn't give a damn what anyone thought except me, lol. Hubby and sons said I looked nice. Bless their hearts. :) I did take a few photos so now I just need to muster the courage to post them. Hopefully, you won't laugh at the middle-aged mother in the green bikini, lol.

A woman I started talking to at the pool thought I was 34 - can you imagine? I was thrilled. She seemed genuinely surprised when I told her I was a mere four months from turning 40. She commented that I was 'youthful-looking'. :) I've been so freaked about turning 40 that she totally made my year and I told her just that.

Tomorrow I'm back to exercising for the first time in over a week. Planned to do HIIT this morning but hubby took the day off of work and we ran errands and did the food shopping and some laundry. I lead such an exciting life, lol.

Anyway, good to be back and look forward to chatting with all. :)

philana 08-02-2011 04:28 AM

Just a quick little happydance - I 'gained' about 4lbs after my birthday, and 3lbs is already gone again. So I am almostttt back at mini-goal weight from last friday, and then I can start towards my new minigoal.

FatPantsSkinnyJeans 08-02-2011 08:08 AM

Hey Feathers!

New month already?! Wow. Time is flying.

So, I realized I've basically been maintaining for awhile now. As such, it is time for me to make some changes to re-start weight loss and to re-focus my energies.

Goals for the month:
-Complete all scheduled workouts for September 1/2 Marathon
-Make every effort to stay within calories each day, ESPECIALLY if I'm eating out/have social engagements. No more just blowing the whole day because of one indulgent situation
-Reduce stress as much as possible, or at least avoid getting overly bent out of shape about issues I can't control

As I posted over in the 20-something thread, my mantra will be:

"If hunger is not the problem, eating is not the solution."

Someone here had a signature with this quote, and it is right up my alley!

Dorian-- Thanks for starting the chat. Good luck w/ the house. You'll get into a groove with your new budget before you know it!

Claire-- Glad your footsie is better. Have an amazing trip!! Swimming and resistance bands will have you toned in no time.

sumire-- I love that idea of "maintenance practice." That is such a positive outlook!

Welcome, mamamorgan! (Is it weird that I keep thinking your User Name says Mammogram, when I look at it fast?? haha)

philana-- Yay for running! Let us know how it goes.

--Hope you have a lovely vaca! I never weigh myself in the evening, it just makes me sad. hahaha. I believe in the Naked Morning Post-Bathroom weigh in. Anywho, enjoy!

Amy--Ahhh, I hear you on the Fluffy factor. But, it's a new month, and a new chance to start off right. We can do it!

--Yep, you are right. New month, fresh start. Gotta make it count!

fitmom--YAY for the bikini! I'm sure you looked fab. More importantly, you FELT good. Your boys are all that matter :)

OK, I'm off to get my run in. Hoping for a balanced day for all of us! :)


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