New in "town"...

  • Hey guys, I am new to the 3fatchicks forum, although I have been reading some of the threads for a while. That alone has given me so much helpful advice, so thank you all!

    I realize there are so many posts about counting calories and even weight loss for shorter girls (I am 5.2), but I suppose I am just wanting to check with you all and make sure that I am doing what is most helpful and healthful for me. Here is some information:

    Age: 22 female
    Weight: currently 118.8, down from 140 (using weightwatchers for the first 20 and calorie counting for the last 5/6 Lbs)

    Activity: I love to excercise not only for the physical benefits, but also for the emotional benefits as a stress reliever. I run 3 miles 3-4 times per week at a 6.5 pace. During run days, I strength train lightly (mainly focus on my glutes and thighs). On days when I do not run, I do the eliptical at level 6 or walk 4.3 mph at a 10 incline. On these days, I focus more on weight lifting and do more glutes and legs, but also incorporate arms. Each time I do weights, I do 3 sets of 16 repititions, both for arms and legs.

    Food Lifestyle: For a while I did the points system, but then that just became too much of an issue being at school and home and having to coincide my eating with my family's pantry or the caf at school. So, then I switched to calorie counting, and I actually think it is working better for me. Psychologically, I prefer to think in higher numbers ( calories) than lower numbers (points); it makes me think I have more food to eat.

    For about a month or two I really made the mistake of eating too few calories. Along with this, I was eating foods that were low in calories. So, in effect, I was eating alot of food that were low in calories, thus making me think I was eating alot, but in actuality I wasn't eating enough calories. Most days I would eat 850-980 calories. I know this was a mistake, and it hit me when I wasn't losing weight that this was why. Along with my low calories, I was excercising like I mentioned above, thus the weight plateau.

    So, now, I have increased my calories to about 1130 per day along with the same excercise program. I have only been doing this for about 3 days and I have already lost almost 1 lb. This seems to be working. Today, however, I seem to be just a little bit hungrier. I am conflicted between this being because I am eating more food, my body's metabolism is higher and thus needs a few more calories, or because I am ovulating and am craving more food.

    I have read and heard that one should not eat less than 1200 calories per day. I also know that you all (at least the seasoned members) are tired of hearing that question and don't really know what else to say except "try it." But, I am just wanting to clarify that I am under 1200 currently and it seems to be working. But, I also want to avoid another plateau, so if you can give me some insight that would be awesome!

    Typically, the foods I eat are:
    lots of veggies (broccoli, green beans, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, etc)
    grilled chicken (1/2 times per week)
    canned chicken (often)
    canned tuna (rarely)
    baked fish (2 times per month)
    egg whites (almost every day)
    nature's own sugar free whole wheat bread (4/5 times per week)
    oatmeal (every day)
    lots of fruit (apples, peaches, blueberries, bananas)
    almonds (almost daily)
    WW Latte bar (if I need something sweet)
    Dark chocolate (for cravings)
    Fiber One Cereal (1 per week)
    pickles (for a filler food when I am still hungry)

    I have used Livestrong to keep track of my calories for about 5 months or so. Here are my stats for today:
    carbs 54% proteins 33% fats 12% (this is basically around what it is every day. Sometimes my protein will be higher than my carb percentage)

    According to livestrong, 1120 calories is what I eat to lose 1.5 lbs per week. It also says that 1300 is maintaining. I find this contradictory to what I have read you all say that your lose/maintain calorie goals are. Mine seem quite low in comparison. Any thoughts?

    Thank you all for your help, forgive this long post! I just wanted to give you all the facts so I could get some helpful answers! Glad to be on here and talk with you soon,
  • That is not a large enough deficit to Lise 1.5 lbs per week. I believe 1300 is too low for maintenance. I would say a woman of your height and age would require closer to 1800 to maintain, not considering exercise. If you have an iPhone, try the LoseIt app. It will give you a better approximation.
  • How is your salt intake? When I cut my salt I lost a few water weight pounds immediately. How do you count your calories (website, notebook, etc?)? counts your sodium, protein, fiber, vits & minerals, sugar, carbs, everything. Pickles are so high in sodium.

    Everything else you are doing looks fantastic!
  • My salt has been as low as 500 and never higher than 1500. I would say on average it is around 1000-12000. I don't have a pickle every day, maybe 1 or 2 times a week.