I lost my toddler!!!!!

  • I saw a thread in the goal section a little while back about a woman who lost the weight of her toddler. I thought that was such a cool concept, so it's been a goal in my head since reading that thread. Well as of this morning, I have officially "lost" my 30 lb two year old Ezra!! I'm also now below my original goal of 135. When I pick up Ezra, it's hard to believe that I carried that extra weight on my body for so long!

    My husband comes home in 3 weeks from a 6 month deployment (he left one week after our daughter was born) and I'm hoping to be really close to my goal of 130 by then and completely surprise him. He has no idea that I've been actively losing weight.

    My mom and I took Ruby and Ezra to a splash park yesterday and for the first time ever, I didn't feel really self conscious in my swimsuit. I wasn't 100% comfortable and still have some work to do (a little more weight loss, then toning) but for the most part I felt good!

    Here are a few photos from yesterday.

  • Wow you look great!! I don't think you need to lose any more at all

    I think it is an awesome idea to lose weight and surprise your husband with it! I would love to be able to do that but I can't keep my mouth shut! Respect that you haven't blabbed yet
  • You look great and your kids are adorable!
  • YOU LOOK SO HOT! I would love to see your husband's reaction, he's going to fall over! And what beautiful children the two of you have made.

    30lbs is AMAZING, and so are you!
  • You ladies are so awesomely supportive.... THANK YOU!!

    My lower belly and thighs are "problem areas" for me, so I'm hoping to lose a few more pounds (my goal is 130, but I'm now wondering if 5 more pounds will really make the difference I'm looking for?)

    Claire, it's been hard not to tell him about every pound lost! But it's really motivating to think about completely taking him off guard, so I keep my mouth shut.... Though I guess he won't be completely shocked because he sees all of the photos I put on FB. lol

    Dorian, I hired a photographer to capture the homecoming, so if I get any great reaction pics, I'll be sure to post them!
  • You look FANTASTIC!!! That really is a cool concept. I suppose I would like to lose close to my toddler too (we'll see how much he weighs at his 3 year check Monday)... now it will be stuck in my head as well, lol.


    You said you're wondering if 5 more will make the difference you're looking for... are you thinking more?
  • Skinny_Fast, thank you! Yes, I'm wondering if I'll need to lose a bit more to get my thighs and belly as slim as I'd like. I feel like I could still stand to lose 5 lbs in each leg! lol Unfortunately I'm afraid an eventual tummy tuck will be the only solution for my stretched out lower belly, thanks to having two babies in two years and poor skin elasticity.
  • OhThePlaces - you look lovely!

    I hate to see you resort to surgery...our 3rd and 4th children are 23mo apart. I was pretty sure after being so overweight and then having the babies that my tummy would never be the same. I did one round of P90X last year and was very pleased with my increase in muscle tone and reduction in body fat. It wasn't the pounds that I needed to loose, it was the tone I needed to gain.