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  • Hey everyone, how are you doing? It's the 6th of June and no one has started a chat thread yet - I hope everyone's safe and sound and enjoying the best part of the year.

    I'm still truckin'. Started Project "Get Rid Of Everything In My 2 Bedroom Apartment," have been spending tons of time rehearsing violin with people for a few upcoming concerts, and won a donut eating contest with my boyfriend and a girlfriend who is also watching her weight. Weight flip flopping between 130-133 or so, que sera sera.

    Worth noting is that last night I went on a night run and it ended up being my longest run yet - no idea how far I went but I ran at a good clip for 65 minutes without walking or stopping. Guessing 6 miles? My normal walk is 4-4.5 mph and I run significantly faster than I walk.

    I have to get an early start today so I can extend my Japan visa to stay 1 week beyond expiry...I can't believe I have less than 2 months left here!!!
  • Hellooo! I'm gonna jump on in here. I've been epically lazy today, so I'm kicking myself back into gear tomorrow. I did learn this evening that I can no longer drink caffeine as I gave up my coffee a couple of months ago and the first time having again has me awake at 5 AM my time. Who knew? Haha

    krampus - holy cow, I hope I can run for that long eventually... I just started couch to 5k because right now I can't even run a mile without gasping for air.

    I've realized that for a small-ish person, I am SUPER out of shape, which just goes to show that lazy comes in all sizes. Haha.

    There's another thing I was thinking today. I realized that even though I am still 20 lb over where I want to be, I am indeed a small person. I've never really thought of myself like that before. Did any of you ever have a weird moment where it clicked that you weren't big anymore?

    I'm looking forward to a hopefully decent weigh-in in a few hours.
  • Just have to say... krampus 6 miles??? daaaaaang. bravo! I'm muy impressed.
  • Krampus Yay! Good for you! You'll be racing 10ks before you know it I've only got 2 months left here too (( So it is a race against time to finish my thesis, pack all my crap up, ship it home etc etc.

    I had a lovely weekend away in the mountains. I went hiking (over 1000m upwards and 20km distance), got chased by angry cows and ate lots and lots of bad food. My weight is up, but Aunt Flo is around so that is to be expected. I bought one of those women's fitness magazines for the train and found a 4 day low carb, lots of fatty acids diet so I am on that to balance out the weekend feast! Four days at 1,200 with very little carbs but lots of fruit, veg and protein + small serving of EFAs at every meal. After that, 1,600 calories (just over my BMR) and EFAs. Even if I don't lose anything, extra EFAs are what most people need more of!

    Have a good Monday
  • Hi Ladies!
    I too had a nice, productive, eventful weekend filled with lost and lost of calories! Weight was up but TOM for me as well in addition my many indulgences. When I got on the scale this morning and saw the increase I almost shrugged.

    claire0412 Lol Ill be doing low carb and working out to balance out the weekend as well. It was a much needed break but I am am just as equally looking forward to getting back into my routine.

    Krampus Awesome job! I am just starting couch to 5k too. Its making running much more bearable and enjoyable than I ever thought it could be.
  • Happy June, fellow feathers!

    I think I'll hop in and say hello

    I've somehow avoided going out to eat for a few weeks now, thank goodness...
    also, spent the entire weekend at work, so I didn't have any major indulgence issues. However, I did go over my calories by 100-200 4 out of the last 6 days... hmph.
    I suppose this isn't a huge deal, considering that I've been working out a lot and that I overall feel more pleased with my body. I just constantly compare myself to others that are my size (or taller than me) and weigh less... siiigh. I need to not do that, because we are all made with different frames.
    I'll work on it? hahaha.

    Plans for today:
    -Squish in the 4 mile run I was supposed to do yesterday
    -Strength class
    -Lots o' water (going to be crazy hot and humid)
    -Bed early

    -- Good to see you around! Plans for the move sound very exciting
    bamagirl--Good luck with the weigh-in. I hate it when I overdo it on the caffeine and get stuck wide awake. You'll need a nap today!
    calire0412--That hike sounds amazing. Good luck with balancing out your "feasting," and safe travels!
    skinnyelle39-- Hope all the water weight comes off soon, and glad you had a nice weekend.
  • fatpantsskinnyjeans Good luck with the not comparing yourself to everyone else. I do that too, terrible. Basically everyone on this board weighs less than I do now (152lbs roughly) but I have to remember I'm tall so it's allowed. Jealous of the 120s and 130s though, I will never see them (nor should I with my frame).

    Plan detox and balance out is going well, I turned down cake left right and centre at school today. Great accomplishment for the first day of my period, no wonder I was so hungry yesterday. Now back to writing my thesis, have a nice day everyone
  • fatpantsskinnyjeans and claire - It can be so hard not to compare with other people on this board. Way to go, you guys, for remembering we're all built differently. I definitely have trouble with that as well sometimes. I just have to remember that a couple of inches or a different frame size makes a world of difference in how much weight someone can carry healthily.

    claire - good for you for having a good first day of your TOM. You are a much stronger woman than I. Haha.

    I came in at 130 flat today! which means a little nudge and I will finally be in the 120's... I have 20 pounds to go but my goal is starting to feel less far away.

    How's everyone doing today?
  • Hi, everybody! Is it June already??

    krampus, skinnyelle39, bamagirl, fatpantsskinnyjeans: You gals always amaze me with your running! Ever since I was a kid I have failed so hard at that form of exercise. Congrats to you all on your "running gains."

    claire0412 Way to go on the cake, and good luck with the writing!

    I am happy to report that after a month of wobbling from 127.5-128.5, I finally saw 127 this morning! I feel vindicated in just continuing my plan as usual, though I may be less happy if I stick at 127 for another month. Had a lovely weekend, which included some very tasty Haagen Dazs in an even more tasty waffle bowl. Yum!
  • Krampus, you're amazing! I remember doing a 4 mile run and almost passing out I was so exhausted. You're so in shape, hopefully I'll get to that level one day.

    I'm happy to say that I'm binge free for exactly 1 day, and even though my ticker is currently off, I'll get back to 124 soon enough. I'm going to costa rica for 6 weeks in July, and I have this tiny little bathing suit i want to get into. Wish me luck guys! I really want to wear it this year and feel confident in it.
  • Hi everyone! I'm back from vacation, still trying to adjust to losing 3 hours on the red-eye back to NC (ugggh...) and all of that. We had a great time, and I ate and ate and ate ALL sorts of awesome food. I was 126.6lbs when we left and 131.2lbs when we got back. Oh well, I'm sure a lot of it is water. I'm already down a pound this morning at 130lbs even, so hopefully I can pry it off quickly. I'll have to make sure to drink a lot of water.

    After overeating all week I am READY to get back to eating healthy, I had NO energy after eating huge amounts of heavy food. I also drank a lot of alcohol with sugary mixers. Oh well, I fully expected to gain a bit -- it was vacation after all. In fact I was pleasantly surprised I didn't gain more.

    Hope everyone else is doing well!
  • Dorian Glad you had a good holiday! Putting weight on holiday is part of the deal I think! The only time I lost weight was in Cambodia/Vietnam because of the humidity and dodgy stomach...

    bamagirl Haha you have no idea how hard it was not to eat cake when I had period pains!

    sumire Mmmmmmm haagen daaz! Beaten only by Cherry Garcia frozen yoghurt if you ask me. Fortunately you can't get either here so that's that!

    therex Good luck for the bikini! I am looking forward to not being self conscious this year too.

    Day three of the get myself back on balance diet is going well! Tomorrow I've got plans in the evening so I'll probably have a cocktail but 3 3/4 days is alright I think! I'll move on to the 1,600 calorie part on Friday and stay there until I'm done.

    I saw some photos of myself from the weekend and I've decided I already look slim enough (not what I see in the mirror though!) so I've revised my goal from 64kgs to 67kgs (roughly 147.5lbs). I'm currently around 151/2 so 4lbs more and I'll be done. Any lower will just be torturing myself for no reason. Will keep this emphasis on healthy fats with every meal though, and will hold out on the not eating cake every time it is offered to me until I reach goal. Hopefully then it'll be a habit!

    Have a nice day
  • Everyone sounds like they're doing pretty well so far!

    I broke out of the 130's today... 128.4 on the scale this morning!

    That means I only have one more set of 10 lbs to break out of before I hit goal!!
  • Wow, you ladies are doing good! Straight running is very tough for me, not sure that's my thing, I am quite impressed. and the hiking-claire you reminded me how much I miss it! think i'll plan a trip for the weekend. sick of gym cardio.

    123.6. AGAIN. This is the longest stall I've had yet. TOM made me just cookie dough binge but I've been working out like crazzzyyyyy and haven't had sweets in forever so I don't really feel guilty. and goodness that chocolate chip cookie dough is so good!!! Mmmm

    I do have to say though, I have been sooooo much better about going out with friends, I now don't fear alcohol, and don't binge afterward either! so wooh! Just hoping that scale will concede and acknowledge my efforts soon with a drop, I really really can't wait to see 122.
  • I hope you don't mind if a newbie joins in.

    I'm REALLY hoping to step up my game this month and lose 10 lbs. My husband is coming home from a 6 month deployment and I want to knock his socks off when he sees me. I've kept my weight loss efforts a secret...so I'm hoping he's surprised. I've cut down on carbs this week (only eating pasta, rice and beans 1x each week) and have noticed that I lose steam a lot faster at the gym while working out. Normally running 3 miles isn't a big deal, but now I feel like I'm going to die after a mile or two. It's frustrating.

    You girls are doing great and it's motivational to read!