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I Will Because I Can
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Krampus, I had to laugh since I'm a formerly-chunky Navy wife! Congrats on your scale victory and have fun at the blowout!

Dorian, sorry the scale is not cooperating! Just remember that you are doing all of the right things, plus you're looking and feeling hot! The scale will reflect that in the end.

Claire, that's so great that you were given an award! What do you teach? I taught 2nd grade before my toddler was born...loved it most days, though I hated the paperwork.

MortonPixie, isn't it funny how simultaneously gratifying and frustrating it is when clothes become too big? I am anxious to buy a new wardrobe because nothing fits, but I still have 5 lbs to lose, so I'm apprehensive to go shopping in case I end up going down another size.

Indiblue, your fiance sounds like a keeper... how romantic!

AFM, I got my hair chopped off yesterday and it feels great to make such a change. I had a crappy eating afternoon (ate WAY too much... pasta, tortilla chips, peanut butter on crackers, ice cream... BLAH) but I recovered nicely by working my butt off at the gym. By some miracle, the scale was down this morning to 132.2. I wonder if it's a fluke?
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Krampus Im doing OK this week. Eating has been better, working out has been ok but my weight is still up but I have the weekend to buckle down. I love weekend workouts bc I feel like I have no time constraints.

indiblue Your fiance sounds amazing, romantic, and super thoughtful! Congrats again :0)

ohtheplaces Dont you love when that happens? Perhaps some of the weight was in your hair? Ha! Either way congrats!
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cah-rap! Today we had a New Year's Eve party at work, since our fiscal year starts tomorrow. Well, ice cream bars and fruit bars anyway. While my boss provided some healthy options, I chose only a moderately healthy one. And then my brain said SUGAR! So I came home and skipped my salad and had strawberry shortcake instead.

Clearly this sugar thing needs some work.
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Clocked in at 126.4lbs this morning. I weighed in at 127.2 last Friday morning (retaining water) and weighed in at 125.6lbs on Saturday.

So, here's what I think is going on: I have been running so hard lately and I started doing some weight training. I'm thinking that my muscles are holding on to every last drop of H2O. I didn't run last Friday night, so Saturday my weight was low. I ran VERY hard last night, so perhaps tomorrow morning I will see an even lower number than last Saturday. Or not, who cares -- the point is that I'm at a LOWER weight today than I was before I left for my vacation at the beginning of the month. Damage officially un-done.

Hopefully I can manage to eat maintenance calories this weekend, the boyfriend is soooo excited about July 4th and grilling bratwurst and stuff. I'm looking forward to the watermelon I'm buying tonight and the ~100 calorie margarita recipe that I plan to utilize.

Let me try to catch up with everyone's posts since I haven't been on for a while after I had a tantrum.


kat999 - You're right, it really is just one of those fluctuation things. It makes me scared to weigh in once a week because what if I have a bad weigh in? That's a whole bad week instead of one bad day! But taking the average like you said is a very good idea.

mortonpixie - Yay for pants falling off! Hate to hear that your hamstring is still giving you a hard time. I have been using that website you posted every day, thanks again! My triceps are on their way to looking good! Even if you didn't meet your July 1st goal, you sure have done an excellent job!

krampus -- 129.4lbs! YAY! That's EXCELLENT! You're going to have to beat sailors off with a stick. Also, I have bought all the seasons of The Big Bang Theory (totally your fault) and I watch them when I'm running on the treadmill.

OhThePlaces - Thanks for the pep talk - you are right, I should focus on the way I feel and not the numbers associated with my body. Congrats on 132.2!! Nice work! And I would love to see your new haircut!!

ann71 - I also battle the sugar craving beast on a regular basis. In fact I succumbed to a candy bar yesterday and had to yell at myself that it was ENOUGH and I didn't need the second bar. All we can do is try to do better next time. Also, I LOVE strawberry shortcake, yum!

Indiblue - THE MOST ROMANTIC THING I'VE EVER HEARD! It sounds like something out of a movie, omg! What a thoughtful fiance! <3

- I can't wait to hear about your progress with weight, your foot healing, and all about your last day at school!

Love you ladies!
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Hi everyone

I have been insanely busy the last few days, what with my last days at school! I managed not to cry, say my goodbyes and tell my fav class how proud I was of them so all went well! We went on our yearly team 'school trip' (all the teachers together) yesterday to some Roman ruins and then out drinking. I couldn't walk around the ruins (grew up in a town with ruins anyway) because it was raining so hard and I can't walk around uneven, wet grass on crutches (not that good yet!). So, I ate quite a lot and today I ate more sugary stuff but then I saw we're running a challenge for July so I signed up

My foot is healing up nicely, the doctor thought it'd been 2 weeks since the OP by looking at my foot, so that's good! No pain anymore as long as I ice and elevate for a few hours in the afternoon. My weight is officially down to 67.7kg and Morton Pixie the shorts my sister gave me a few years ago with the words "you're fatter than me, they'll probably fit you" are now falling down so haha to her! Go us!

Tonight I'm going to make my bf dinner because he was so great when I couldn't do anything for myself. I'm thinking some kind of Vietnamese salad with Mojito sorbet or homemade ice cream for dessert. I'll aim for low cal but you never know!

Krampus and Dorian I love Big Bang Theory! Great news about the low weights, woo!

Oh the Places! The award was for doing a good job more or less, was cool! I would love to see your new haircut, I'm always flip flopping between short and long hair. I'm growing it (again) at the moment.

Ann Had the same problem yesterday with the trip, I ate loads of cream cake and drank so much wine. I got a free bottle to take home from the vineyard man / wine maker (what are they called in English!?!) because he pitied me and my crutches
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How do I quote just one section of a post? And how do I bold someone's name to say something to them? I read this thread, but rarely reply because I can't figure it out.

Anyway, Claire, I had to laugh at your sister's "You're fatter than me, these will probably fit you" comment! Sisterly rivalry! I love my little sis dearly. She was not only younger than me, but always smaller. Ten years ago my main goal was just to be as thin as her. Her having a 60+ hour a week desk job and two babies has made that goal a little easier. She was 40 weeks pregnant when I got engaged last week, and her envy of me shown through brightly. After all the congrats and hugs she had to get two snide remarks in, "Well, at least you don't have to go on a diet to fit into a wedding dress." and when I mentioned getting the ring sized smaller, "Just leave it. You'll grow into it in a couple months!!!!" Ouch. That last one was mean! LOL But I was the sister with body envy most of my life, so I know how she feels.
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Back to posting! I took my 1-week diet/exercise break in mid-June and have been lurking around since then. Ate plenty, rested, and managed to maintain my weight, after the initial water weight whooshed off (131-->127, amazing how that happens).

Back to working out. Now that I'm finished with P90X, I'm doing some other Tony Horton workouts (love him, he's such a goof). Since progress is slow on the scale these days, I'm relying on monthly picture comparisons and fitness goals to keep me going strong.

indiblue, swoon! Your proposal story is so romantic. Congratulations to both of you!

aimeebell: To quote part of a post, go to that person's post, hit the "quote" button in the lower right corner, then just delete the text that you don't want to quote. To put someone's name in bold, use this tag below:

claire0412: Congrats on finishing up, and I'm glad your foot is healing quickly!

Dorian5, way to go! Enjoy that watermelon, one of my favorite things about summer...

OhThePlaces, I am totally a short hair kind of gal. I let it grow out long for a couple of years, and it was such a relief to chop it off again! Certainly better for summertime.

krampus, you're doing so well! Good luck staying more or less on plan this weekend.

mortonpixie: Take care of that hammie! Good attitude about your July 1 goal--progress is progress! Sounds like you're doing great.

skinnyelle, enjoy those weekend workouts! I've had some great ones this week myself, feeling pleasantly sore & energized today.

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Less than 15 now!!
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Happy Canada Day, everyone! Any Canadians on this board? We will celebrate Independence Day on July 4th, here. We will go to my brother's place for the big shin-dig. I am making an orzo salad, and will try to stay away from the sweets. They make a shrimp boil that isn't very good - so not much temptation there!

This morning I did my first swim/bike brick. I swam 700m, then biked for 15 miles. I forgot my sports bra and ended up biking in my swim top. No big deal - I just spun it out and put it back on! MyFitnessPal said I burned 999 calories, Hey, if anyone wants to be friends on there, my name is Mortonpixie.


Last night I went to supper with an old friend. We went to a mexican restaurant, and fortunately, my cracked teeth prevented me from eating much chips and salsa before the entree. I ate 3/4 of my burrito and had a Dos XX beer, YUM. I tried not to let my morning workout be an excuse to super-duper over eat.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!! What are the big plans?
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I'm supposedly back to my maintenance weight today! I don't know if I fully believe the scale, but hey, that's a nice present at the start of a three-day weekend!

I will attempt to be moderate in my choices until my weekly average is truly back to 115, however. No resting on my laurels, even on a holiday!
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