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Default When I walk into a room...

I never think about how I'm the fittest one there.

This is a tangent of the petty confession thread.

My close friend's husband lost 17 lbs. I didn't notice. I knew he was getting stronger doing P90X, but I didn't see it. Why? Because I see his personality and forget the package it comes in.

A couple at my gym lost 90 lbs before I noticed. Why? Because I look at their eyes when I talk to them, not their butt.

You know what makes me take notice of other's unfitness? Their habits. If I'm at a restaurant and I see a waitress taking a huge amount of food over to a table of two, I notice how big they are. Same thing at the movies or ice cream store. When I see huge portions, I wonder who on Earth can eat that much and my mind searches for an answer.

I just wanted to put this here because (as you may have noticed), I have a bit of a problem with people noticing ME being thin, yet I don't point out others who are not, just based on their size. It's usually based on an event that brings the attention to their size.

I guess I just don't like others putting too much emphasis on size, especially when I'm my size because I'm doing my body good.

Just an observation, no comments required unless you feel moved to add.
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Have you been fat yourself or been unhappy with your weight? Discomfort in one's own body generates hyper-awareness of everyone else's bodies. I'd say all the overweight people who comment on your body do so because they don't like their own. Like your post shows, someone who is confident in his or her own body doesn't notice that stuff unless there is attention called to it.
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Ya know, Krampus, I guess since I haven't been overweight I could never know that type of hyper awareness feeling. I think you are so right!

I'm trying to equate something i don't like about myself and think of a situation that I was hyper aware...[thinking...]

...Not hyper aware, but I suppose I'm unusually aware of people who've had obvious boob jobs since I had looked into that surgery years and years ago and decided it was not for me.

But still, I can't imagine that if I got a boob job tomorrow that I'd writing on a thread how excited I was to have the biggest boobs in the room. LOL! Maybe that's an unfair comparison.

It's just got me thinking.
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I think that most people in the 'petty confessions' thread had been ridiculed and tortured for being overweight and naturally, now that they are no longer overweight it has to feel amazingly good. It's kind of the same principle that applies with the kid who get bullied for being anti-social and a computer geek in high school, but invents something technological and makes a fortune. Of course he's going to gloat a little.
Notice that all the people who wrote about feeling superior, wrote about it in relation to a person they know, not with regards to obese people in general.
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I agree completely with IsabellaOlivia. I myself wrote on the petty confessions forum. For me it's more that it feels really good to meet people now that excluded me from things or guys that rejected me because of my size. These people are suddenly nice to me and the boys flirty. It's never that I feel superior than obese people in general. That thought has never crossed my mind, it's always a specific person that made me feel bad about myself when I was overweight. But I have to admit I'm very aware of other people's bodies and compare myself to others. I'm not judging people, just observing. I usually notice if someone gains/loses weight even though I might not comment.
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