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S/C/G: 242/128/119

Height: 5'3"

Default Shorter gals- anyone drop 15-20lbs from about 130lbs?

If so, did you notice a big difference? Did you drop sizes? I'm curious to know what pant size you were at 130ish and what pant size you are now around 110-115lbs.

I've been on this journey almost 10 months starting at 242. I've lost almost 110 lbs. naturally but I need motivation/inspiration/something to look forward to when I'm actually done. These last 20 or so haven't given me the the confidence I though I'd have. My body still has handfuls of fat, not skin but I think it's because a) I was obese and b) I just started strength training Saturday.

Will the jiggle drop with these last 20lbs? I'm scared I'll just be a smaller version with jiggle once I hit my goal.
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S/C/G: 155/133.4/110

Height: 5'2


First of all, congrats on your astounding loss! 110 lbs is incredible and inspiring! About a year ago before I gained all my weight I weighed between 105-110 lbs depending on TOM and I consistently wore a size 0/2, or usually whatever was the smallest size offered at the store (at Old Navy I actually had to find 00s in jeans, because personally I find Old Navy's sizes run very large, whereas at the Gap, which is the same company as Old Navy, I was most comfortable in a 2). In tops I wore XS or even XXS if it was available. When I was in my last year of high school, I was a little bit heavier, not overweight but in the 125-130 range, and at that weight I was usually a size 4/5, although I occasionally fit into 2s or even needed a 6, which again was dependent on the store. At that weight I wore a size S or XS in tops, I never went up to a medium. For what it's worth, I'm 5'2.

So my short answer for you is that yes, I'm sure you'll see a change in sizes if you go from 130 to 110, but I don't think there is any clear or one-size-fits-all answer as to what sizes you should expect or how many sizes you'll drop. Keep in mind that even amongst us shorter girls, we all have different body types and carry our weight in different ways. I'm 5'2 and for me at 110 lbs I have very skinny arms/bony shoulders, a pretty flat butt, smallish boobs, but still kind of chunky thighs and calves. I'm not saying my thighs are fat, but even when I'm at my thinnest by thighs are kind of the "fattest" part of me. Whereas another girl who is 5'2 and 110 lbs may have very slender, thin legs and thighs, but have more weight on her torso and C cup boobs. All of that will affect clothing sizes/fit, and of course as we all already know, sizes vary hugely from store to store.
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Corporette diet
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S/C/G: 135 / 103-106 / maintenance

Height: 5'3.5"


I'm with Alicia. Right now I'm right in between my high adult weight of 135 and my low weight (beginning of college) of 105. I'm just under 5'4", and the sizing difference is huge: at 135 I'm a size 6/8, and at 105 I'm a solid 0/2. In photos, it's the difference between looking "average" compared to college peers and "thin." At our height, 105-110 isn't model-skinny or even underweight-skinny depending on your build.

I was pretty jiggly at my low weight, but I was 110 lbs of solid skin and fat. My plan this time is to be muscled instead. You can absolutely be jiggly and "skinny-fat" if you don't work out, though that's less likely for you as a formerly obese person (you have the muscle mass from having lifted all your former weight around!).

Congratulations on your success, and good luck losing the last 20!!
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S/C/G: 137/133/115

Height: 5'4"


I went from 137 to about 119 over the past year. I was a size 6 at 137 and a size 2 at 119. There is a noticable difference between the two ends of the range. At 120, I look to be at a "normal" weight but toward 130 I begin to look overweight.
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I went from 125 (size 2) to 112 (size 12 in children). I'm very petite, so I didn't look too skinny, and for the first time had thin/toned arms and legs.

I'm trying desperately to get back, though I'm sure I won't wear too many children's clothes as I'm too old now
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Height: 4'11


Congratulations on the incredible weight loss!!

I went from nearly 127 pounds and a size 6, to 111 pounds and a size 2 or 4 petite, depending on the store and/or designer. I am short but proportioned fairly well. I am an XS misses size up top and I am Italian and carry more weight in my bottom half. It depends on where you shop and what clothes you buy but I think you will always see a variation in sizes no matter how small you get. Some of the high end designers are cut super small - I notice this when the clothes are sized "european." I can't even shop in stores like Express because the clothes are simply too big - the pants are super long and I have to cut feet, not inches off, lol!
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nearly there
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S/C/G: 145/111/95

Height: 5"1"


Congratulations. 110 pounds in ten months is amazingly fast.

Now, to answer your question. I started out weighing 145 pounds and wearing a tight size ten. At 130 pounds I was in a size six. I was wearing a four at 125 pounds and a two at 120 pounds. Once I dropped into the 'teens I started wearing mostly zeros with an occasional one thrown in. Sizes drop quickly the smaller you get so a couple more pounds put me (mostly) in a double zero. I say mostly because there are some brands that I cannot wear at all. American Eagle And Volcom are two that come to mind. I have a similar body type to Alicia89; small torso with relatively heavy legs. Some jeans makers seem to think that if your waist and hips are small then your legs must be toothpicks. Well, mine aren't and if I can't get the jeans over my legs then the waist size doesn't matter. On the other hand I've been sized out of the adult department of stores like the Gap or Old Navy since even their double zero is too big for me now. Their kids size fourteen though is perfect.

So in general, for jeans I either buy the smallest adult size or the second largest kids size . In shirts my size has gotten absurdly small and this is something I am NOT happy about. In t shirts I am a kid's medium and in button down shirts I am a kids ten. I can only assume that my dress size is the same but I can't be certain since I don't wear dresses very often and haven't bought one in years.
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First off, that is amazing! Congrats on your progress.

Well, I'm definitely a shorty, so you'd think a ten lb weight loss would mean I started wearing smaller sizes. but for me, if I weigh anything between 122 & 140, my pants size DOESN'T BUDGE.

I think changes in clothes sizes depends largely on your body type & where you gain weight. I'm shaped more like an hourglass, so right now I have this tiny 24 inch waist that nothing fits, but my chest & booty/thighs have honestly stuck around, and I still fit comfortably in my pants & skirts.
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S/C/G: HW:200+/LW:120/CW:142

Height: 5'1 and a 1/2" (yes the 1/2" matters!)


I'm really close to goal and wearing size 2-6 pants/dresses, depending on the store. I continue to have a "belly" and some jiggle. Some of this is skin, for sure, but some of it is because I'm apple-shaped.

Strength training has helped (which I was doing all along), and I've noticed a pretty big difference in just the last couple of pounds. Which is kind of weird.

I would suggest you look at some of the threads on the "Body Image After Weight Loss" forum. Something I've had to get my mind wrapped around is that there will always be something about my body that I don't like, but being 115, even with jiggle, is SOOOOOO much better than being 200+ pounds!
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