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skinnyelle39 04-08-2011 09:51 AM

XTY- As far as carbs I try to stay between 30 and 65 grams per day ( big window, I know). I find myself binging on peanut butter ( yum) and almonds ( had a 50 almond consumption episode yesterday :-/) So that really ups my carb count and I havent done so well with it this past week. But re-committing as of today. I just feel limiting the carbs to nut and nut butter sources and some veggies works for me. Some ppl can eat them with no problme, I dont think Im as lucky. Can someone explain how net carbs work?


lackadaisy 04-08-2011 10:33 AM

Net carbs are "total carbs" minus fiber. Fiber is generally indigestible, after all. :)

Right now, I don't do weight training other than 3x week yoga/pilates. I have the P90x system and am trying to work up the motivation to start it. But it seems so brutal.

kat999 04-08-2011 10:49 AM


Originally Posted by skinnyelle39 (Post 3797438)
But I am curious about how much weight, if any , you feathers work with other than your own body weight. And has it helped or stalled your weight loss.

I started very slowly, using only my body weight at first, then moving up in 1 lb. increments to using 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, lb. dumbbells (some of the in-between weight sizes are hard to find, but I always had good luck online). Now I'm using a set that consists of 1 lb. weighted gloves, 2 lb. dummbells for cardio fast cardio, 4 lbs. for slower cardio, and then a set of 6, 7, 8, and 9 lbs. for my strength-based training. I also have a 9 lb. weighted stick that I use in place of a barbell, and I occasionally use a 4 lb. medicine ball as well as various stretchy bands. Oh, and I also have a 5 lb. kettlebell.

The heavier weights I mostly use when I do workout videos from the FIRM, which have sections that are not cardio-based at all, and I just go with the general size weight they recommend based on how I'm feeling strength-wise that day. For example, when they say "medium," I usually grab 7 or 8 lbs., and if they say "heavy," I grab the 9 lbs. When they say "light," it depends what the upcoming move is. If it's still strength-based, I'll use 6 or 7, but if it's cardio at all, it's 2 or 4. Heavy weight moves like French press, military press, lat pulls, upright rows, etc., I always go with the heaviest I can lift while still maintaining good form, and that does vary from day to day. The most important thing is to build up your highest weight size very gradually. I'm only now at the point where I'm starting to contemplate buying myself a set of 10 lb. dumbbells, and yet I've been strength training consistently for almost a year now. I just have a very wimpy upper body, so I know it would take me way more dedication and time than I have to ever get to, say, 15 or 20 lbs.

I tested some 25-lb. dumbbells recently just as a point of comparison, and even though my biceps are very defined and make me look strong, I was only able to hold them, not lift them.

Weight lifting--even these tiny sizes--has done wonders for making me look fit even at a low weight. I don't look emaciated or scrawny, I look like I have nice sinewy muscles, my shoulder caps are wider and more defined which makes my waist look smaller by comparison, and I can do functional things much more easily, like carting around heavy things around the house. Without the strength training, I seriously think I'd be "skinny fat" at this weight, which is IMHO not a great look. It's the difference between, say, Linda Hamilton or Angela Bassett at their fittest look versus the way Natalie Portman trained for Black Swan. I'd rather look like I could take out a Terminator, personally. ;) The willowy ballet body is a great look on some people, but I'd rather fill out my frame with a little extra muscle. Believe me when I reassure you I don't look "bulky" from weights, though. More just conveying a sense that I'm strong when I need to be, if that makes sense.

xty 04-08-2011 02:53 PM

krampus - way to go on avoiding the binge! high five on that one for sure :)

indieblue - agree that 2lbs is a victory, even if it feels slow it is progress.

skinnyelle39 - even with very bad back pain, I have (with a trainer's watchful eye), worked up to using kettlebells (18lbs) and dumbells (15-20lbs). over the course of a year it has added some lovely definition and tone without making me look at all bulky. I tend to be very careful on nuts or peanutbutter too…dont keep em in the house, only eat them at work which seems to be easier for me to control.

lackadaisy - glad to hear you are pretty craving free, I struggle with that during my tom for sure.

Weight was up by 1lb to 128.8 today, but Im not worrying about it. I saw my trainer last night, ate an hour later than my normal eating window, had a massage AND weighed in an hour or two earlier than usual. So hoping it is an anomaly and tomorrow will be lower. If tomorrow shows another gain, I will have to reconsider my carb intake. Hopeful this wont be necessary.

Oh! And treating myself to a 90minute 'Deep Sea Detox' treatment at Bliss tonight. Yay :)

skinnyelle39 04-08-2011 05:21 PM

[QUOTE=lackadaisy;3797541]Net carbs are "total carbs" minus fiber. Fiber is generally indigestible, after all. :)

Thanks :)

lackadaisy 04-08-2011 09:48 PM

It's 10 pm and I have an all-day hike planned for tomorrow, so I really should be spending the night studying, but I'm so consumed with stress i can't study. i don't know why I've spent last night and all day today procrastinating my work by reading 3FC or online-shopping for hiking gear I can't afford, but I think it has something to do with not having done yoga since Tuesday and not having done any cardio since Wednesday.

I might go for a run in a few minutes... not to burn calories, but just because I can tell it's now one of those things that helps me unwind.

krampus 04-08-2011 10:08 PM

Hope you had a good run lackadaisy.

I cannot be trusted around alcohol if I am at a boring party with buffet-style food. Not only did I blow $30 on the "second party" which turned out to be super dull (usually there is karaoke and other antics), but I ate a rather disgusting amount of junk and crap and have reintroduced sugar into my system. :( Definitely qualified as a binge; you know it's a binge when you're so full you can't even finish a piece of fruit at midnight.

lackadaisy 04-08-2011 11:06 PM

Just got back -- I jogged around for a bit in a loop, then saw a 'free books' table about half a mile away from my dorm, stopped, got engrossed for a little too long (maybe 5 minutes?) and developed the beginning of a cramp by the time I tried to run again. (I failed, of course... and had to walk the rest of the way home.) Serves me right, I guess -- I'm still new to running and I've never really experienced the sudden cramping that comes from forgetting a cooldown (I used to be so slow it didn't matter). But I do feel a lot better. Tried my Nike Frees barefoot today (instead of in thick running socks) and, surprisingly, they fit/feel a lot better this way.

Krampus, one of the major things that has affected my weight loss so far is alcohol -- I cannot stay on track if I drink anything at all. Basically, I'm committing to doing the rest of this thing sober. It's weird to not go out much during senior spring, but abstinence definitely keeps me on track. Have you thought about staying away from alcohol so that you're generally in better self-control while working on staying binge-free?

indiblue 04-08-2011 11:55 PM

Thank you MiniFluffy and xty. You are right. I think my concern is that if I don't see the regular positive feedback (clearly losing 1 lb a week) I will peter out and lose motivation. I'm also concerned that I'll convince myself my current status quo is good enough when it's not... and waste a lot of time assuming my plan is working when I really need to be making changes. Does that make sense? Basically it's not that I need the 1 lb a week necessarily- I want some sort of feedback to say "yes you are on the right track." Calorie counting is helpful but I'm not convinced it's always accurate.

I think I'm rambling now.

kat pretty nice gig you have going with hitting your goal unintentionally ;). Good luck training for your 5K! Thanks for sharing your workout- that was really interesting. I'm way into the idea of weighed gloves now...

skinnyelle I weight train but I don't know enough to give advice. It's an area I really need to get more knowledgable though.

Just for a point of reference though, I usually do 3 x 12-15 reps of chest flies (7 kgs), lat pull downs with dumb bells (7 kgs), dumb bell press (15 kgs in each hand), standing shoulder press, lunges (3 kgs in each hand), squats (i can't remember how many kgs), jump roping (3 3 min intervals) for calves. Those plus abs and back with my own body strength. There are others I do as well but those are sort of the go-tos.

Oh yeah and I couldn't agree more with kat's statement: "More just conveying a sense that I'm strong when I need to be, if that makes sense." YES YES YES!! I totally feel this way. I want to feel capable and independent and having muscles helps me achieve this.

oh krampus I'm sorry to hear that. What happened? What usually seems to trigger the binge? Is it a mentality of 'I went 11 days I get a treat' or 'I'm going to have just one drink' which turns into five plus food, etc? Are you gaining any more insight into what starts the binge and therefore how to avoid it?


I haven't weighed myself this morning. I had a good workout (30 min run, 10 min bike, 15 min weights) and only ate 400 calories going into dinner, which was a wine and cheese party. Stocked up mostly on fruit and veggies, though I did eat a LOT of cheese, 2 glasses of wine, a slice of tort and 2 homemade cookies. I did about how I expected to do- not go overboard but not restrict myself too much.

It was a reminder as to why I rarely eat outside the home these days. I really do eat about 50-100% more calories at a party or a dinner or a restaurant and I can't have that happen at this stage of the game.

krampus 04-09-2011 06:39 AM

Today made up nicely for yesterday. The weather was gorgeous - around 21 C/70 F and sunny - and I went on a fairly spontaneous adventure with my neighbor to a nearby village, where we found a trailhead on the side of a road and decided to climb. It was a pretty modest mountain, pleasant enough to do in nonhiking shoes, but it reminded me how much I enjoy hiking as a hobby. Made plans for a much more challenging hike next weekend, and since I pretty much just ate one big meal (bibimbap with an extra side of vegetables) today, I feel good about minimizing the effects of the binge. Unlike sugar binges past, I don't feel like I want to/need to keep eating sugar the day after.

lackadaisy WORD. I don't drink much to begin with, and I can't say I've really had a good experience with alcohol at all in the past few months. Most instances end in either "why did I eat that?!" or "I am a belligerent b!tch" or falling asleep at the bar. This event in particular was a very formal office/school party and devastatingly dull and boring.

indiblue It was a mix of alcohol and boredom that triggered the binge. I'd say the mentality was "God what an awful party, I don't have any interest in what's going on so I'm going to sit here and eat" followed by "That party sucked and since I was chowing on chocolate almonds, I now suddenly want EVERYTHING sugary in the world." And I TOTALLY hear you on eating outside the home, it's such a monumental task to keep calories even close to the level they would be when you're preparing food for yourself.

maylay03 04-09-2011 03:38 PM

windows media player was being a pain, got it working and about to do jillian's yoga vid, also pondering the south beach diet...

kat999 04-09-2011 04:50 PM


Originally Posted by indiblue (Post 3798779)
I'm way into the idea of weighed gloves now...

Weighted gloves are awesome! They're an easy way to make any workout a little more vigorous without making it seem ridiculously hard. Most types are much lighter than wrist weights, which I feel aren't very ergonomically designed and can put undue strain on wrists and arms. Weighted gloves, OTOH, are better because they're designed with your natural hand size and shape in mind and don't put the weight somewhere unnatural. Most I've seen (and the ones I own) use sand-based weight, too, so it's softer, more pliable, and moves with your natural hand flexion much better than old rigid-style wrist weights.

xty 04-09-2011 05:18 PM

Trying to keep my chin up today, grrr. My detox spa treatment was amazing last night, so I thought that might help move the scale down a nudge. But I woke up and it was up to 129.4lb. Ugh. That is dangerously close to my absolute red line/unacceptable weight of 130lb. I was so bummed I literally crawled back into bed. Days like this just confuse the heck out of me. Pulled myself together in time for my hair appt...which cheered me up slightly.

Maybe I upped my carbs a little too quickly...maybe its water or colon bloat...maybe I have no idea! Just going to try to be super low carb today, eat perfectly and see how tomorrow's weigh in goes.

krampus - so glad to hear you had a nice spontaneous hike. that is a lovely way to rebound. and congrats on not going back at the sugar, way to not make it a pattern!

kat999 and indiblue - fascinated by this weighted glove thing you speak of!

lackadaisy - let us know how your hike goes today and I love that running is now not just a means of working out for you but a mental cleanser, neato.

skinnyelle39 04-09-2011 07:26 PM

xty- I had a similar experience today after the gym. I try to weigh only once a wk on saturdays and after a vigorous spinning class, weight training, and some treadmill work I actually weigh 2lbs MORE than I did last week saturday. I do feel a little puffy and bloated so Im thinking it may be TOM approaching... I know what you are going through....

lackadaisy 04-09-2011 10:35 PM

xty, weight gain after vigorous exercise is to be expected -- it's all water weight from muscles trying to recover. Don't worry! I only log when I lose weight, ac

I just got back from my first hiking trip of my life! It was fun, relaxing, AMAZING to be outdoors for so long, empowering to see my steady improvement in pace and gracefulness as the day went on (from being unable to go up a tiny hill to figuring out how to really dig into a powdery, steep incline). And I feel really good about the calorie burn -- I logged it as 7 hours, but we were actually on the trail for about 8 -- apparently I burned at least 2,300 calories (though I suspect it was more, given the rate we were going, carrying a heavy backpack, hiking uphill most of the time, and all the falling down into snowbanks & scrambling back up when "hiking" downhill).

I just logged all the food I ate, and surprisingly ended up under 1,500 for the day. I actually packed 2,000+cal of food and prepared to eat dinner on the road, but found that refueling throughout the day with my favorite healthy snacks like bananas, carrots, green beans, fiber crackers, and whey protein with almond milk kept my energy level up without contributing that many calories.

It's odd, but the eat-when-hungry method means, for me, that I eat more the days following a heavy workout than I do on the day of the workout. Is anyone else like this? I'm motivated to still exercise on recovery days because otherwise I'd overeat a lot.

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