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kat999 04-05-2011 08:49 PM


Originally Posted by lackadaisy (Post 3793252)
But I know that I need to just SUCK IT UP and go for a run. I just DON'T WANNA. MOMMY. :(

Aw, poor you! YOU CAN DO IT! :carrot:

indiblue 04-05-2011 10:56 PM

127 again today, PHEW! Vacation weight is officially gone! I'm hoping so much to be at 126 again tomorrow, but if I'm not I will change my ticker like a good girl back up to 127.

It seems like many of you have breezed through the most recent few pounds and I really really hope my body will cooperate and do the same. I'm worried about being at 127-126 for too long and getting comfortable here. I really need to drop down a few pounds to stay motivated.

Plus I saw pictures we took from our vacation and I definitely am not happy with how I look at this weight. I really, really need to be at least 120 and I hope I can remember that and not "settle" for this higher weight.

krampus 04-06-2011 12:07 AM

Intuitive eating isn't going to work. I need a little more structure - intuitive eating never worked before, so why would it now, especially since I've been so erratic? It doesn't help that I am getting desperate for a PW and am wearing almost-too-tight work clothes that juuust fit when I bought them nearly 10 pounds ago argh.

Work party tonight, I will opt for no booze and try not to go too crazy with the food. Another big one Friday night that I will more than likely imbibe at. Then more parties on Saturday and Sunday. It's a minefield but I don't have to lose my mind over it.

lackadaisy 04-06-2011 01:26 AM

'Fessing up... I put on running gear, jogged 8 minutes to a meeting, felt grumpy, attended meeting and ALMOST FELL ASLEEP with fatigue (after 10 hrs sleep yesterday -- I am not sleep-deprived in the slightest)... jogged to next meeting (4 minutes?), ate a brownie and a cookie (190cal, ugh)... jogged home (8 min). These were probably 11-min miles, btw. I was NOT feeling it today.

Pathetic effort running plus under 10 minutes of cycling while waiting around the gym this afternoon for my very-sedentary dance class to begin = a total burn of not even 250 calories. My eating came in at just under 1350, so it was okay. That means I was just a tad over my planned 1000 net calories, unfortunately, but I should still see a net fat loss.

Oh well. Knowing it could have been MUCH worse given the TOM handicap, and having invested $5 in generic Midol (lol), I am ready to take on the world tomorrow and make it all better with a real (read: group) run and/or spin class and yoga.

krampus 04-06-2011 09:38 AM

Nothing stinks like those days when you're so tired you can't deal with running. Tomorrow will be better, and a stinky run is better than no running at all!

Work party went okay, it was individual servings. Everyone else ate almost all their food and I ate almost all of mine. Had one glass of plum wine on the rocks and 2 glasses of oolong tea. Received fried rice cakes on the way out; they remain uneaten. When I got home I was sliiightly tipsy but I went ahead and did Tae Bo and some half-a$$ed core work too.

lackadaisy 04-06-2011 10:33 AM

krampus -- I know, right? And it throws you for such a loop... you forget what it's like to be sure of yourself when working out, and suddenly the whole weight loss thing seems so much harder. I'm impressed that you fit in exercise after drinking/partying... nicely done!

Luckily, my 'episode' is over now... I just got back from my morning workout: flow yoga after a little over five miles of running (what?! I did not think I covered that much ground). The women in that class are scarily thin... I always forget how much yoga is a "hot girl" sport. But that's okay... I'm proud of my progress with bridges & wheels & shoulder stands. I'm probably one of the biggest in the class, but I still felt strong and confident. I logged my burn (conservatively, I think) at 750 calories and had a hearty breakfast to celebrate -- egg whites veggie omelet (but with cheese) today, 1/4 muffin, fruit, a little orange juice. Morning workouts are such a great feeling. :)

Dorian5 04-06-2011 10:34 AM

The scale was up this morning. On Sunday it was 132.6lbs. This morning it was 134.4lbs. Now, I know I didn't eat THAT much. I definitely wasn't over 1700 calories on Monday. Yesterday I stayed within my calories beautifully, I had about 1250, even though 100 of those calories were a light beer before bed. Didn't really get in anything as far as exercise other than a very light (20 minutes, maybe?) jog with the dog.

I am dealing with TOM as of Monday morning, but usually once it actually STARTS, the water weight falls off. Not this time? I don't know. A little discouraged. :?:

Definitely will be staying within my calories today and getting some treadmill time in after work. I have a dinner with my boyfriend's new employer at a fancy (read:EXPENSIVE - but on their dollar) restaurant tomorrow night. I posted in the minigoal category Monday night about how excited I was that all of my old cocktail dresses fit and how I'm so stoked to wear a size 6 dress from Express, but now I'm worried I'm going to look like a stuffed sausage or something since it will be tight from bloat. I'll be dying my hair tonight and buying a couple of new makeup items so that maybe I'll feel a little more confident tomorrow night.

I definitely will not be counting the calories at the restaurant meal, I probably don't want to know! :dizzy:

krampus I've never had a fried rice cake, but I know that if I did it wouldn't remain uneaten, kudos to you.

lackadaisy, thank goodness for Midol, huh! :lol:

skinnyelle39 04-06-2011 05:07 PM

Hi All!
Not quite a featherweight yet but working on it :carrot:. I have been watching this thread and i really enjoy the attitudes and mindsets of you ladies. I really identify with Krampus :smug: and you are a personal inspiration for me as we had similar start weights. Great job on the weight loss btw! Ill be posting more regularly. Nice to meet you all!


kat999 04-06-2011 05:54 PM

I'm about 120 calories over budget today and don't have time to work out due to a crazy schedule, but I'm not really that concerned; my weekend is freer than usual, so I know I'll get make up time in just a couple of days. I also keep adjusting my calorie budget to either the 1.5 lbs./week budget or the 1 lb./week budget, depending on how I feel like I'm doing. Since I'm on the 1.5 lbs./week budget right now, I know I'm more prone to popping over the allotment. No big. It happens. But I feel like my rate of loss on the 1 lb./week plan is just too darn slow, and with only a couple of pounds to go 'til goal, it's tough to lose very fast no matter what.

I cannot WAIT until maintenance! I'm having sick fantasies about getting to eat more than one banana a day without worrying about it! ;)

indiblue 04-06-2011 10:53 PM

aw crap. I just wrote long personals for everyone and then hit the backspace button to delete something and the page went back and I lost everything. I have got to figure out how to disable this. It happens almost every day.

xty 04-07-2011 01:36 AM

krampus - sorry to hear the intuitive eating isnt working…maybe it will for maint but not for loss? at least you havent gained (and sounds like you have even been losing slowly?) good luck with the events and remember to have fun :)

lackadaisy - glad to hear your 'episode' is over and your workout mojo is back. awesome.

Dorian5 - I am sure you will look fab, bloat happens to the best of us…hopefully it will diminish a lil by then.

Weighed in at 128 today! Today was my first day on the second phase of my plan and I thoroughly enjoyed a steak (despite being a vegetarian 99% of the time)....I was craving it, so I went for it. Actually finding it hard to eat enough after being on such a strict plan, love that..maybe my tummy shrunk.

Annnnnnd, I grocery shopped. Being prone to binges I dont keep food in the house. But with my goals of low carb, I need to super plan ahead. Wish me luck in not having any binges. I can do this!

krampus 04-07-2011 02:21 AM

The rice cakes got eaten before bed in a fit of weakness, oh well, can't be perfect all the time. I weighed this morning again and came in somewhere between 132-133 lbs. I'm constipated as heck and dinner was hearty and salty, but I think that number is about right. Today I am watching calories and aiming for 1200-1400 with plans to run after work. It's the first really warm day of spring today and I want to be outside in it!

xty Good progress, esp on the grocery shop. Hang in there, you're going to be just fine.

indiblue Technology is the worst. Sorry to hear that keeps happening!

Dorian Wear something you feel confident in, even if it's not your "super-skinny" clothes, and pamper yourself! It's not worth feeling self-conscious all night because of bloat.

lackadaisy One of the biggest in the class?! That's pretty unbelievable but I guess yoga class is kind of like Japan. I'm definitely one of the biggest female teachers.

indiblue 04-07-2011 03:25 AM

I think I found a way to fix the backspace problem. Apparently it's a feature of Chrome that Google refuses to allow an opt-out for. I had to download a sketchy add-on to disable it. I think it's working.

Things here are so blah. Job searching is never fun. I have no idea where I'll end up- somewhere in Asia or the US, I have no idea. I feel like I'm in a black hole- so "over" the here and now and really really tired of waiting for the next step to begin. I realized earlier today I felt the same way when I was waiting to move over to this side of the world and counting down the days until my last day at work, which I was also "over" at that time. Ugh. Hate the in-between and in-the-dark not-knowing phase.

Trying to focus my restlessness on working out (which is going decenty) and GRE studying (which is not happening). Weight loss is sluggish at best and GRE is in a month so I really need to get both of those moving into high gear. I just have so little motivation now :(. Blah

Whiny rant over. Time for a shower. And GRE studying. Personals tomorrow now that my backspace key is no longer enemy number one.

lackadaisy 04-07-2011 07:47 AM

krampus - Rice cakes are a super-virtuous binge, don't worry! It's good to see your weight trending down again. It is kind of surprising that so many women in the class are so small. I imagine some are more muscular and less flabby than I am at the same weight, and others are just incredibly petite. But it's nice to have a higher standard to strive for, I guess.

xty - you can definitely do this! Having tried low carb before, I can promise you it's a lot harder to binge on fats, so you don't have to worry nearly as much.

indiblue, what's the backspace fix? I need that too... Definitely sympathize about the weird feeling of being "done" and waiting for the next thing... I feel like I'm waiting out the end of college. I think that's why I've been so single-mindedly focused on weight loss and fitness; I know it'll be hard to stay healthy when I'm traveling and working in a new city, and there's nothing else to do.

Going on an all-day hike on Saturday to clear my mind before oral examinations (and burn those 2300 calories -- who am I kidding). Looking forward to eating "anything I want" -- muffin! Granola! Yes! :D I'm kidding, sort of... I actually plan to bring 1500 calories of fruit, granola, tuna, veggies, PB, a Clif bar... It's going to be great.

krampus 04-07-2011 10:40 AM

Feeling sane enough to recommit to weight loss. Today was an awesome day, food was totally under control and was happy with exercise. I almost petered out around the 25 minute mark during my jog but wound up going for around 55 minutes total. Had to stop and walk a few times but there's no shame in that since I haven't been running regularly in at least a month or two.

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