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Default Goal weights and "the last 20".

I don't know quite how to ask this but I'm going to try because it's driving me mad! LOL!

What exactly are "the last 20 pounds"? That number is totally dependent on your goal weight. If my goal weight was 120 or something, I'd understand why the "last 20" were so difficult to get off. But my last 20 put me just 10 pounds into my normal weight category. I didn't think I chose an unreasonable goal. But I can't seem to get there! These last 20...heck, let's be honest...twenty-FIVE...are not coming off.

So what are the last 20? Is it the last 20 before hitting normal? In that case I'm down to the last 15 and that makes sense. So maybe my "goal" should be 145 and the last 10 may just come off in their own good time??

I don't know. It's all a mental game at this point. LOL! I just can't understand why it's SO difficult to get out of the overweight category.
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That happened to me too. I was in the 150's for 3 or 4 months straight! I just kept at it and this month I lost 5 pounds, and finally got to the 140's. whew! I had to be patient! I totally understand your frustration, but you'll get there.

ETA: I just looked it up and I was 158 on July 15th and then finally hit 149 on Mid November. I was so frustrated, but I looked at it as maintaining, and NOT gaining. I finally feel like my groove is back, but who knows how long the 140's will last! Hang in there.

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I've been "maintaining" for two months now, but it's a good learning experience that makes me more confident that I will actually keep it off this time. For me, it's the last 15, and I'm trying to get down to the bottom of my range. Just keep on keepin' on and you'll get there.
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