Shoulders and shirt sizes

  • Hi Feathers! I have a question and I'm looking for comparisons, which I know are bad. But I think we all do it anyway, so why not. LOL!

    I went "thrifting" the other day with the intention of buying clothes that are yet too small. I love trying on clothes that don't fit and then watching as I get into them. It's motivational to me.

    I bought some shirts in a size small, and indeed, they're too small. They do not button. What surprised me was how tight they were in the shoulders/back!

    As you all have shrunk, have you noticed your shoulders/back shrink too? It just seems impossible right now that these shirts will ever fit! It doesn't SEEM as though I have a lot of fat in that area.

    I know everyone's different, bone structure, yada,yada. But I'm pretty sure I have a small frame. My fingers overlap around the wrist, I wear a size 4 ring and my shoes are a AAA narrow.

    What do you think? Is there hope in the next 25 pounds?
  • I think you have LOTS of hope! I used to be a 2X, and now I'm a small in regular brands, or an XS in Gap and Old Navy. I didn't think I'd ever get into those! But I did, and I'm sure you can too! Especially b/c your fingers are a lot smaller than mine, (i'm a size 5) and I could never get into a narrow shoe! haha
  • Oh, you will definitely shrink. And the smaller you get, the faster you'll shrink. Every pound lost will start to count. Those shirts will very likely fit, amazing as it may seem now.

    Really small shirts fit me and my shoulders and back are actually fairly wide for my size due to weight lifting and resistance exercises.
  • I agree - it's amazing how losing even 1/16" around your body can make an article of clothing feel completely different.
  • Yes and no.

    I tend to be very aware of fit, so when I say shoulder I specifically mean where the top of your shoulder bone hits and the seam should fall. That has not really changed much in the last 40lbs to be honest.

    However, what has (frustratingly!) changed is that my bicep fat + ribcage area has gotten quite small. This is making things that still hit my top shoulder bone area correctly look like I am swimming in them. For shirts it is a no go, as you can see my bra there is so much room.

    Coats and sweaters I can sort of get away with, but I dont like it..they look bulky and should really be many inches better fitting around the arm/bicep and chest areas despite mostly fitting my true shoulder.
  • I used to think I had broad shoulders. But just losing ~15 lbs, my shoulders changed a lot, as did the fit of my clothing. Like Petite P says, in Feather territory, every pound makes a difference!
  • I'm glad to know there's hope. LOL! I was pushing around on my arms and back and I guess there is a fair amount of fat that may come off. Maybe I'm not as broad shouldered as I thought. It isn't the seam so much as through the upper back, between the shoulder blades. That's where these shirts do not fit. I have to put my arms over my head to get them on, if that makes sense. My shoulder blades don't pull together enough to reach back for the sleeve.

    But I've lost two good pounds these past few days and it's odd how I think the one I tried on this morning fit better. They fit better in the chest, anyway. I think the chest is taking the biggest hit in loss this month.