I've Been Doing Some Serious Thinking

  • First of all I want to thank everyone who has given me advice on ways to lose my final five pounds.

    I wonder though if maybe I try to accept where I am right now weightwise and make the transition into maintenance, There are several reasons why I've started to feel this way. Based on the advice given to me in order to lose my last five I will either have to permanently eliminate certain foods from my diet and cut calories far below what is comfortable, or drastically increase my exercise or both. In the past when I dieted I gave up many foods, cut calories dramatically and spent every waking hour of every day doing some form of exercise. I lost weight yes, but I was never able to maintain the loss. This time around I lowered my calories moderately, forbade myself nothing and exercised no more than an hour and a half a day (this was on top of the exercise I get every day on the job). There were many foods I ate very seldom and others that I didn't eat at all, but, and this is important, absolutely nothing was forbidden. I'm the kind of person who feels deprived when I feel I can't have something and that deprivation leads to cravings. If I feel I can have what I want whenever I want it then I usually don't want it all that much. This is why I was never able to maintain the loss when I lost weight on stricter diet and exercise plans. I'd give up so many things that I started craving things I can usually take or leave with no effort and once the diet was done I'd eat all the things I hadn't been allowing myself for weeks or months and the weight would come back on.

    My second reason is that even though my scale weight is higher than I would like I'm already quite small. A few months ago I bought a pair of size double zero jeans at the Gap. Vanity sizing I thought. After all everybody knows the Gap runs big, right? Maybe not. I looked up the size charts for a lot of popular stores. Turns out that in each one I take the smallest size the store has, whether the size is called double zero, or zero or one or two, A few stores don't carry sizes small enough for me. So if the Gap runs big all the other stores do as well. In girls' (kids) sizes I'm mostly a fourteen, but I'm fitting into a few twelves. I must have a lot of muscle because my measurements are bust—32”, waist 22”, hips 33” and thigh 19 1/2”. My only trouble spot is my stomach which isn't as flat as I would like.

    I have to cut this short since it's time for me to get dressed and go to work. Again thanks everybody for your advice. I will let you know what I decide to do and maybe I will see some of you on the maintainers forum.
  • Magrat, it sounds like a healthy decision for all the reasons you've described. But also a very practical decision -- if you lose any more weight, you won't be able to wear grown-up clothes!