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Ilene the Bean
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Workin' It
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I was just thinking about this thread this morning on the way in... I'm going to use you guys as inspiration.

I am totally not feeling beach ready the last several weeks and it has been 80 degrees at 8am... 95-99 when I'm running after work. I would love to be able to just get out there in my sports bra and run. I wonder if it would make me run faster, too... Hehe.

My main running bra is a light pink Fiona from Moving Comfort... I wonder if it is a wear alone bra... I might just have to find out..

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Thumbs up Doooo ittt!!!

Go for it! You should be proud to even have that thought cross your mind!
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Michelle :D
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Oh my word! I have never had the confidence to do such a thing - show skin in public?!? no way never!!
But after reading those posts its got me thinking, maybe its not so bad.......
Haha i think i will shed a few more kilos 1st.
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yay that's awesome ladies! I say if it's super hot go for it! It gets reaaaally hot and humid in July and August where I'm from and I'd totally do it if I lost that last 10 pounds! Perhaps that could be part of the goals for me thanks for the inspiration!
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Holy skeleton thread... this thing was nearly 3 years old before it got bumped today!

I don't think I could ever do it. My avatar is me in my sports bra during a photo shoot, and for some reason doing that is OK, but actually runnin' and bouncin'... I would feel too exposed!
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Staying the Same
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I would run in just a sports bra if I could pull my pants up to my armpits!
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I'm a princess.True story
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That is kinda funny this thread showed up today because I ended up FORGETTING my sport bra when I packed my running gear bag.

I felt the girls were bouncing like 10 kids on ecstasy playing on a trampoline for the first time.

My goal for now will be not to forget the sport bra instead only running with this on
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I say go for it!! I just did this recently with running shorts. My thighs are NOT where I want them to be, but putting these teeny tiny spandex shorts on makes me WANT to run, so I go for it! I just add some high socks so I'm not showing more skin than I personally am comfortable with

As an alternative, maybe a short tank top thrown over? But only if that's what makes you comfortable
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I wouldn't mind the skin showing but I wouldn't be able to get away from the fact that I am wearing underwear as an outer garment.
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Training for life!
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Funny this would pop up too yesterday I was thinking this maybe the year I do it,I run dirt roads and trails mostly just see cows and wild animals anyways and it's going to be hot soon and I have kicked up my miles from last years= time out there! Plus if they don 't like what they see avert there eyes
Turbo: I am a36dd and CANNOT run if the girls are not strapped down!
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