How do you measure your hips?

  • I can't seem to find a good answer anywhere.

    Do you measure your hips with your feet together, or shoulder-length apart? I get pretty different numbers depending on how I measure, and I wanted to know what most people do.
  • On the show x-weighted today I saw the guy tell the woman to stand with her feet together when he wanted to measure her hips.
  • I suppose that as long as you always do it the same way .... so, it'd be easier to remember to always keep your feet together???
  • I agree with Susan, feet together, do it the same way all the time and at the same spot...
  • Whichever gives the smallest number
  • How much of your butt and where on your butt should the hip measurement cover?
  • Actually, since the reason I measure my hips is to figure out what clothing size I am for ordering from catalogs or online, I measure with my feet shoulder-width apart, at the very widest point. Technically, my "hips" are a little above that point, but I want to make sure everything fits comfortably. If you're just doing it to track progress, though, standing with your feet together is fine.