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srmb60 03-01-2010 08:39 AM

Featherweights Plan and Chat in March
Good morning!

New month, new week! What's up in March, Feathers?

tkm256 03-01-2010 08:52 AM

Woohoo! I'm starting off this month at a solid 129.0! One less than last month, and let me tell you, it was a long time in coming.

Goals for this month:
-keep up the 3 mile walks/jogs at least 4 times a week
-stick to 1600-1700 calories every day except Sundays (a few months ago I needed 1800 daily, but yesterday I hit that number and felt really stuffed!)
-hit that elusive 128!

danni 03-01-2010 11:10 AM

tmk - :cb::carrot::broc: - that is terrific!

My scale said 130 this morning - so now you have inspired me to have a great day and see if I can soon join you on that side of the fence. I got my foot on the wall one day - but haven't been able to jump into the land of 120's and stay there yet!

shasha12 03-01-2010 11:32 AM

my Gazelle gets here on Wednesday! yay!!

danni and tkm- YAY!! those are some enviable numbers, ladies :D
doughnut- i'm about 3/4 of an inch taller than you! i wonder how our shape differs if our weight's the same... i have long, skinny legs, a pudgy gut, and big boobs. haha

srmb60 03-01-2010 11:57 AM

My neighbour is on vacation this week so we went for a walk this morning. It was lovely!

Now ... it's almost noon and I have no idea what I meant to do today ;)

Ms Perception 03-01-2010 01:09 PM

This month I have a clear plan to end the month lighter and healthier. Let's get to it!
-Add swimming and strength training back into the exercise routine
-Continue adding miles to my running schedule
-Get my weight back down under 134
-Track my food!

EmmaD 03-01-2010 05:59 PM

Hi, feathers! I've missed 3fc... I've been on the road, moving cross-country. We're still in a temporary housing situation but I need to get my routine back ASAP. Sitting on my butt in a truck for hours on end was horrible for the diet. I did manage to walk ~ 1 hour each of the days but wow, was I eating a lot. I tracked calories, sort of, for a few of the days and it was WAY more than I normally eat. I think that boredom was part of the problem. Also being awake earlier, the days are longer. But also not having enough fresh veggies around. Ate too much nuts, cheese, peanut butter... then munched on the tortilla chips, chocolate... ick. I didn't do as well as I had planned but thankfully that time is over.

What saved me: carrots, clementines, apples. I packed a cabbage salad (cabbage, vinegar, salt pepper and a bit of olive oil) and it kept in the cooler for days. Yum! I brought some olives and had a tuna (pouch) with 1 Laughing Cow light wedge and 4 cut up olives on a whole wheat pita and it was crazy delicious. Denny's has a special tilapia without sauce; I ordered "dipping veggies" and sliced tomatoes as the sides and the calorie count wasn't too bad. I ate breakfast at a diner one morning and I ordered plain oatmeal and two scrambled eggs, which kept me full for hours. I have to remember these tricks - and find some more - when I'm on the road.

By the way, that deal at Subway, $5 for a foot-long sub, is evil. I just ended up eating twice as much as I normally would have! It's not like I saved the second half for the next day, I just ate it a few hours later.

I'm happy to log on here again and see all your recent successes. I just weighed on my friend's scale and it said 139.5 - almost 4 lbs less than when I last weighed. I KNOW this is a different scale and most likely I gained weight, not lost - but it's some much-needed motivation to see ANYTHING in the 130s... it's been more than a year of struggling to get here. So yay, I'll take it. :D

kellost 03-01-2010 06:08 PM

Congrats on all the losses! Way to go, Feathers!!!!!

I have a pot of white chicken chili on the stove. I'm going to eat and then head to exercise class tonight. I'm on track!!!!

This month is going to be a little rough with lots of events coming up, and some time spent away from home. I'm going to try to be good and not get too derailed. No gaining this month! That's what I'm aiming for. Oh and to lose these pesky 2 lbs and get to my original goal of 125.

Happy March to everyone!

timetostart 03-01-2010 07:12 PM

Well, February did not go as I had originally planned. Sick kids, school vacations and snow days all got in my way. So, I spent the month basically maintaining. This month is once again when I'm going to try to get to my first goal of 135. I booked a vacation trip for mid April so I have a specific date goal set. Sometimes I do better if I have a set motivator. With that said today was not good due to many off plan leftovers in my house. Tomorrow is my new start.

Congrats on all the losses in February. Way to go.

Ms Perception 03-01-2010 09:24 PM

Today went well. Such a relief to start out the month on the right foot! It's GOT to be better than February!!

tkm256 03-01-2010 10:02 PM

Amy: I have a vacation as my "deadline" too! We're taking off the second week of May, which means I have about 9 weeks to chip away at these last 4 pounds. I'm only banking on 2 though, because at this point the pounds are coming off slooooowly. I justify that by saying if it takes forever to take them off, they'll STAY off just as long!

srmb60 03-02-2010 06:06 AM

Good morning!

I feel slim today ... if that makes any sense. I'm still hovering around that number over there ... but feel slim ... dunno. Maybe I'll have a whoosh soon ;)

MorbidDiva 03-02-2010 07:06 AM

quick intro
hi featherweights,
I just joined this site about a wk ago after checking out the 3FC book from the library. Just wanted to say how much i love this site so far-- so much love and support going around!
I'm 22 and have dropped from a high of 180 to 137.4 as of this morning. I'm aiming for a goal of 110-118 (at only 5'2'' i feel most comfortable at that weight). But there's a confession I must make to keep myself accountable if I'm going to be anything but a lurker... I have a diagnosed eating disorder I'm working on recovering from (anorexia/bulimia since I was 15ish and disordered eating/thinking since I was 7). From some of the posts I've read I know some of the women here can relate to me.
This month I'm seeing a nutritionist to help me and have joined a group for those recovering from eating issues. I have a much healthier body image and perception then I used to (mostly thanks to a wonderful bf who thinks I'm beautiful no matter what), and an improved relationship with food. This month my goal is to focus on quality foods, eating small amounts every few hours, and exercising a moderate amount throughout the wk.
I realize that 137 is not a bad weight to be at, and that some ppl may think that losing weight AND recovering from an e.d. are not the smartest things to be doing at the same time, but my goal is HEALTH and becoming comfortable in my own skin.

danni 03-02-2010 07:20 AM

MorbidDiva - I am so glad that you are working on getting healthy. That is my whole goal for being on this journey. I don't count calories myself. I eat small amounts of all the super foods doctors say are good for you. I also eat about every 2 or 3 hours. Because I just retired this is possible for me. I try to do some type of exercise everyday - even if it is just walking. Just focusing on being healthy is working for me. :smug:

Good Luck to you. Sounds like you are doing things right! :cool:

shasha12 03-02-2010 08:35 AM

susan b- i know what you mean! i feel slim today, too. didn't weigh though, don't want to spoil this feeling ;)

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