Featherweights Plan and Chat in March

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  • Good morning!

    I've got nothing new. Doin' good, feelin' good ... and just wanted to say good morning.
  • Morning Susan!

    Joan, congratulations on sticking with it--I KNOW how hard that can be!

    And congratulations to everyone who's lost this week! I'm on the list too--I'm down to 170!!! That's officially over halfway to my goal--just 15 lbs. left.
  • Good mornin'
  • Good morning! So excited, I had a "whoosh" (thanks, Ilene!) and have broken out of the 160s! Oh, does that feel good. No turning back now.

    Happy Sunday, everyone! And don't forget--Spring forward!
  • Ugh. I hate the feeling of getting up at 11am...10 seemed reasonable but knowing I'm up an hour before noon makes me feel like I wasted my entire morning!

    128.0. Again. I've been 128.0 for the past few days. I wish it would budge up or down .2 to keep things interesting, but no. It might have changed if I had exercised yesterday or Friday, but my sweetie bought a new HDTV and left the box sitting on my treadmill. I'll have to get off my lazy behind and move the thing today to get some miles in.
  • Lucky today: New low number - 127.5.

    I have a party Tues. night with the girlfriends so that number may
    bounce around a bit this week .. But I feel like I'm in the
    120's to stay now, so I went ahead and moved my little chicken!

    I hurt my arm a few days ago so didn't go back to gym - but yesterday
    I put the walker right in front of the TV and got on and off all during
    the day as I caught up on my programs. It must have worked!

    I love the shows; "You Are What You Eat". and "How Clean is Your House?"
    One inspires me not to eat junk and the other inspires me to clean my house.

    Great week to all Feathers.
  • Argh! My March goals were supposed to be motivation, not a curse!

    One of them was to get to "that elusive 128.0". Well, now I've been nothing but 128.0 for the past week! I was hoping to see some change, any change, this morning, because I even went under 1600 yesterday. No dice. I'll tell myself it's because I drank a big glass of water before weighing. I'm not believing myself. Grrr.
  • I broke the dreaded 132 curse today
  • TKM, I bet it IS the big glass of water! I make sure to weigh before I ingest anything as water is pretty darn heavy
  • TMK -- it definitely is the water

    Susan -- Wow 132, how cool, congrats!!

    It's Monday, so the scale is higher as per it's usual but not as high as it usually WAS... Does that make sense makes total sense to me, you have to be in my head to understand it...

    Today is the first day of my March break, I haven't done anything yet that is productive I do know I will be running this afternoon though... I should really get to doing something...
  • I just ran 2 miles without stopping to walk! WOO HOO!!!!

    It took me 27 min which I know is quite slow, but I still feel like this is a huge accomplishment. Can I call myself a runner even if it was slow? Hehe.

    Ilene, I totally understood what you meant--sounds like you had a good weekend!
  • Wow, everyone is hitting new lows over here - fabulous. I will have to post more - maybe some of it will rub off.

    I have been bouncing between 138 and 139 for a few weeks now. Totally deserved, since I've been on and off plan - I'm lucky I'm not up. Started Extreme Fat Smash yesterday and hoping to ride it to goal. HAVE to get to the gym for more cardio. I was doing 5-6 days/week and now it's more like 3 or 4.

    The sun is supposed to come back tomorrow, thank goodness. Have a great day, everyone.
  • Ok, so just now I debated carefully, and decided to go off plan have a Samoa Girl Scout cookie. I dutifully entered it into my FitDay food log; my calories are a bit above goal today but not bad. I think it's because I'm tired today, didn't get much sleep last night. I felt deprived and thought I really physically/emotionally "needed" the cookie, so I let myself have it.

    Now I really do feel better, and can resist taking another one (or five, like I used to). I think I did the right thing, but wonder if I'm bs-ing myself. Is this the start of a backslide? Or is it a good thing to do every now and then?

  • Joan: I think it was absolutely the right thing. If you're anything like me, if you had said, "Absolutely not!" and spent your evening trying to "be good," you'd just end up sneaking downstairs to eat half a sleeve at 2 in the morning. If not today, then maybe the breaking point would come in a few days--if you don't give yourself a break now and again you'll crack!
  • Stella -- Way to go on the running!! I love running I ran 5k this afternoon it was a little windy but still nice and sunny !!