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  • Hi Feathers!!!!!

    That one last stubborn pound is hanging on. I had high hopes it would be gone this week, but alas, it was not! The next 2 weeks or so are going to be super-challenging food wise. If I'm being realistic about it, I probably won't actually get to my goal weight for at least another few weeks! Probably after Easter, really. But it's okay! My goal is to at least maintain during all my upcoming dinners and events, but i do think I could see a gain if I'm not careful. UGH!

    I am on week 4 of the Couch to 5K training program, and I'm doing okay so far. The running has definitely been meeting my fitness requirements lately! I am determined to stick with this training program, despite the crazy few weeks I have coming up. I hope this will help offset heavier eating.

    Congrats on all the losses. Spring is in the air around here, so that means SMALLER CLOTHES! It feels so nice to be able to go into a store and buy myself new capri pants with no trouble at all. Believe me, finding pants has been a major challenge for me my entire adult life! There are so many positive things that have come along with this healthier lifestyle, and new Spring clothes are one of my favorites.....LOL!

    I may be a bit MIA for the next week or so, but I wish each one of you the best!!
  • Quote: Does anyone else find themselves moving their scale around on the floor hoping for a better number? I swear there's 1/2 lb. difference between the "high spot" and the "low spot."
    I used to do this.

    Quote: I have one tile especially for my scale
    Now I do this.
  • Hahaha glad to know I'm not the only one! My problem is I have a couple of crazy cats and a dog that knock things, plus we have a cleaning service that comes in every other week and mops, and they always move the scale to do under it
  • Hey girls although I've been MIA from posting I have been reading ... I got a big whoosh this week down to 150 which means that I have lost 8lbs since January (now to keep it off) .......
  • Ilene - Good for you. Yes, new low numbers mean the hard work is paying off -- but gosh darn the hard work must continue!
  • uh oh, i've gotten comfortable. I've gotten lazy.

    I haven't been counting cals this week, and I haven't really been working out... Until today I've been super sore from some killer squat jumps I did monday, so I did that hr and 10min work out, and 30mins cardio on weds, that's it. I've been doing a rough count of cals I ate the day before, and I'm staying around 1500, give or take 150. So nothing horrible, but most of it's empty calories like beer or chips, even coffee with creamer (I need to cut back, I've been having ~4 cups a day!). I haven't been drinking my water AT ALL, and I'm sitting here thirsty! I've been very bad.

    Also, I only have 2 MONTHS until the weddings I'm going to... which means, I only have 2 months until I see a ton of people I haven't seen in almost a year! I soooo want to shock them all! Last time any of them saw me in person, I was 173lbs! Man oh man, time to jump back on the wagon... off to work out!
  • shasha -It is so easy to fall off that darn wagon. Just get back up and start again. Sometimes little detours help us renew.

    So here is a little flame to light your fire!!

  • thanks danni! must have helped, i just did an hr of cardio + push ups, abs, and dumbbell rows, and I've been keeping track of today's calories
  • Quote: Hey girls although I've been MIA from posting I have been reading ... I got a big whoosh this week down to 150 which means that I have lost 8lbs since January (now to keep it off) .......

    Hey Ilene - nice to see you Well done on the 8 lbs; that's a really decent drop since Jan.

    I'm piddling about to be honest. Two good days, two bad days. Overall result is effectively maintenance. I shall weigh tomorrow and nothing would surprise me as it could be a gain, maintenance or a small loss. I've really struggled since I've come back from holiday and that was a month ago!
  • Huuuuuummmmmm. 1.4 off this week. This is not deserved but it is the result that I deserved last week so I'll take it cos it's fair! Bodies definitely don't do what they're supposed to when they're supposed to.
  • I know Doughnut ... annoying, ain't it.

    Just at this moment, my body is responding in a timely a fashion. I am loving the Primal thing. As long as I have the right groceries, it's remarkably simple.

    I've even had breakfast! Some of you know what a chore that is for me. All I did was scarf some cottage cheese and fruit as I was making my lunch. Yup, this is good.
  • Okay, so I'm proud of myself. Yesterday had several stressful incidents--the sort that, a month ago, would have driven me to eat a whole big bag of chips or half a carton of ice cream, just to calm and comfort myself.

    But I didn't do it. I cannot TELL you what a milestone that is for me. And I got rewarded with another half-pound loss!
  • Doughnut! tell me about it!!! I'm down to 155.8 today after a ridiculous week (another beer last night AND candy)!! Whatever body, do what you want.

    Joan, well done!! that's exactly what we want to have happen!! good job
  • Way to go Joan! I found that when I realized that I didn't "need" to turn to food during trigger moments - that I could resist, it was a huge turning point for me. I built on those successes using the "Credit Moi" idea from The Beck Diet Solution, and it's working. Keep it up.
  • Doughnut -- We do what we can, not what we want sometimes when it comes to weight loss... Thanks for the encouraging words

    Susan -- Way to go on the Primal eating if it works

    Joan -- on the milestone...

    Shasha -- on your weight loss this week too