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  • Maenad, I was actually talking about stuffing myself AT the party, then stuffing myself AFTER the party, too!
  • I've been away from the forums a little bit. Thought I'd stop and say hi

    I have a hard time passing things up at a party, or another social setting. I'll think I'm going to be good and just watch everyone else indulge. I almost always give in completely regardless of planning or not. I really need to find a balance. Well done, Joan!

    I jumped on the scale this morning. I've been trying to stay off of it bc of TOM; 156.4 this morning, but we'll see after TOM's left.

    Happy Monday all
  • Weight is still mysteriously going up, but I'll write it off to pre-TOM or something. I'm NOT thrilled, but I know it all work itself out if I stay OP.
  • Got confirmation today of pre-TOM....wonderful acne! Yep, I'm now sporting a couple little zits on my face. Always a dead give away that my hormones are screwy. I'm glad in a way, so I'm not just claiming pre-TOM is the problem randomly. I was way OP today and I really think the scale is finally ready to cooperate. Will keep you all informed!
  • So happy to have my "little storm trooper chicken" back.
    I went ahead and moved him to 129. I think I will be able to
    stay in the 120's this time. That little chicken sure does
    motivate me.

    How is your day going?
  • Okay....so I've read comments from some of you guys about this. I stuck PERFECTLY to plan yesterday, ate LESS than allotted. Was expecting another exciting number on the scale this morning, and.....huh? GAINED a pound?

    I know, has to be water or whatever. But--what the heck!!!????
  • It must be National Water Weight week!
  • Don't you wish there was a scale that showed water weight/real weight?
  • Well, there are those scales that measure body fat percentage, which should hold steady no matter how much "bloat" you have on a particular day.

    Last night I had an enormous appetite, so I brought my calories up to 1800 and my weight was up to 129.2 accordingly. I had a morning meeting, so I thought I wouldn't be able to fit in exercise, but the sun woke me up half an hour before the alarm rang. Instead of falling back asleep, I got up and squeezed in two 15 minute miles before getting ready. I've been trying to do 3 every day but, hey, 2 is better than nothing.
  • tkm256-That's fantastic! You made the morning work for you. Very nice!

    Joan-Our bodies sure are puzzles,aren't they. You can't eat too much OR too little or it'll make you gain. I've heard it said before, but we have to be students of our own bodies to really make this work. Since every body is different, there's no one right way to do it. Best of luck in your "studies"!

    stella-You said it! I was beginning to wonder if there was some scientific reason half the women on 3FC were retaining this last few days. Ya know, gravitational pull or something...who knows?!

    I almost forgot to say, my crazy body finally released that water weight and I'm back down to where I was late last week. Now moving on....
  • Me too, Ms Perception! Back down to 172.0, like I was most of last week. Someday I will drop down to 171!!!
  • Good evening.

    My current obsession is primal eating. I'm into my second book in a row and I'm quite enjoying them. Whole foods really ... and I've long been interested in maintaining health.

    Here's a link that I think I gleaned from the "ladies who lift".
  • I'm hanging in a 128.5.
    So I will call that my new favorite number for awhile .
    I'ave decided that any number on the way down needs to be appreciated.
  • 128.0 this morning; it was nice to see, but I think it was a dehydration fluke. Still going in the right direction, though!
  • Stayed the same weight-wise today, but after the drop yesterday it's what I was expecting. Now, downward (I hope)!