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  • Be strong! Let yesterday be a reason to do better today, not worse
  • Hey all. Looks like you've been having a good week by and large. Welcome to new forum members too.

    Danni - congrats on these new low numbers, wish it were me!

    I had a brilliant OP week and a poor result which makes me so cross and that's when i get frustrated. Didn't go over 1400 cals and was largely at 1300. I felt thinner so I was more than a little disappointed to discover that I'd only lost 0.8lb 'cause I could've sworn it'd be more like 1 1/2! anyway, i dropped I suppose and I am trying to educate myself to think of everything long term - this isn't a race. I can live with what i'm doing now and I'm not getting obsessed unlike so many previous efforts.

    Life is very busy at the moment. Huge changes at work which are worrying me, building works at my house which are aggravating me, extended family which are irritating me and certain friendships which are certainly testing me! Hey ho. here's to another clean week.
  • PS where did all our tickers go?
  • Dear Doghnut - that's why you have us. When the whole world goes sour - you can always turn to us for a .

    Please don't get discouraged - get .

    It helps me to get mad and work even harder. That is when I dig my heels in and keep on going with my plan. Make sure you are eating enough.
    Remember starting over hurts even worse.

    Someone told me that I might be losing inches - but the weigh will soon follow. Also, I trust a half pound weight lost - that sounds real. Sometimes when the scale moves down too fast then it moves back up some - I really hate that.

    Yes - a life plan means that this is a day in your life - it's ok to enjoy every little baby step along the way. Have a Great Sunday!!!!
  • I missed my tickers too much - went to tickerfactory and downloaded new ones.

    On day 5 of restarting Fat Smash after being sick. Very grateful to have lost 1 lb. last week after being off plan for 4 days. Have been back at the gym every day since Wednesday. Made it through an hour of Zumba!(tm) and an hour of body sculpting. I just got Jillian's 30day shred on reserve at the library and will start that today.

    Plan for the week is to stick with fat smash detox through Friday and do the video every day, plus some time at the gym. I am taking Saturday off - we're celebrating my son's 7th birthday. Then on Sunday I will start extreme fat smash, which looks REALLY tough. I'm not sure it's enough calories, so I'll weigh in weekly and make sure it's working.

    Hope it's beautiful wherever you are today - here on Long Island it is sunny and should be in the 50's today. Spring!
  • Natamars, the colds/flu are really going around right now! Glad you are feeling better and getting back on track.

    Doughnut, 0.8 lbs. isn't bad at all! Maybe you'll see an even bigger result next week since they say it's normal to go up and down with how much you lose.

    I'm really depressed today--I worked out very hard the last two days and I've been well within my calorie range, and I've gained over 3 lbs. in just two days! I know it's water weight because I had been 172 for three or four days before this, but it's still so depressing. I was really looking forward to being 171, not 175 again! Plus I'm icky from allergies and didn't get a lot of sleep--kinda just want to give up today and accept I'm going to be a size 12 forever.
  • Good morning!

    I'm in the same boat as Doughnut. Brilliant week ... weight gain. But my measurements reassure me. They have to ... stuffing my face for two days didn't help

    Today is prep day. I went into a big grocer yesterday ... on a mission! and brought home great food! So today I'll boil some eggs and chop some vegetables.

    It's wonderful outside this weekend so I should go for a walk too.
  • I too have the undeserved weight gain. I stayed within a decent calorie range for the week except for 1 day when I did some mindless cookie munching. But I repented, watched my food intake and did some killer workouts, and I am still gaining! But thanks to you guys I am not worried about it because I know it is just a test from the Universe. So I will: 1) eat fish, vegetables, fruit, and whole grains this week 2) get some unflavored whey protein to add to my cereal because I think I'm becoming allergic to nuts 3) Continue the killer workouts but up the cardio and 4) Stay off the scale this until Friday - hoping the test will be over by then.
  • hi ladies
    i havent been on in a week or so, but my weight was remaining the same at 132. ive been getting busy with midterms approaching and everything. as such, ive been eating worse and not going to the gym and ta-da! this morning i was 131. ugh my body is so confusing lol
    ill have to stop by and read through all your posts later. i got on today and was like O.O march! cant believe its already march!
    hope everyone has a fantastic day
  • The weight is unfortunately at a standstill here. I was making real progress to get back to ticker weight, then Friday night's meal out screwed it all up. I mean it was definitely all me, but I wasn't planning to eat out and had a nice healthy meal planned for home. DH was the one with the brilliant idea to eat out. I blame him! LOL
  • I'm just scratching my head. My weight is up more than you'd expect for how I've eaten the last few days. But my waist? Smaller ... considerably smaller.

    Go figure! Our bodies are weird weird machines.
  • Susan - Thank Goodness our weight is not flashing on our forehead as we walk down the street.

    But everyone can notice your smaller waist.
  • Good morning! 128.4 today!

    I spent the weekend with my Sweetie's relatives, which meant restaurants, roast meats and vegetables simmered in butter. But it also meant no opportunity for snacking, so I think I managed to stay within range.
  • Oscar party report.

    what I did good: passed on the bread, cupcakes, and chippy things; did not binge AFTER I got home, as I often have done following parties.

    what I did bad: drank wine, cleaned my dinner plate and ate peanut brittle.

    But all in all, not bad. Didn't lose but didn't gain. Back on that wagon!
  • Joan- So glad someone else mentioned binging after parties. I have done that multiple times: been really good a party and passed on all the bad food, then gotten home and "reward myself" by stuffing as much junk in my mouth as i can. How weird we can be sometimes!!!! Glad to know i'm not alone!

    Does anyone else do this as well?