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  • Thanks, Susan and Ilene! Great tips all.

    Man, I can't wait to dump this weight.....it never occurred to me how HEAVY one's body can feel. Never before have I had trouble hoisting myself out of a chair....never before have I had to walk slowly. Thirty extra pounds is HEAVY! DUH!
  • Hey all!
    Day #3 OP. This will hopefully become a really good habit!
  • Susan I love your list! I also have my workout equipment in the living room where I can't ignore it, my subscription to Oxygen just started, and I stumbled across stumptuous.com just the other day. I guess now I need to check out exrx.com and be more consistent coming to 3fc.com.
  • Oh yes! I expect all of you to show up each day and post something spritely and encouraging

    I'm not sure I have anything new and startling. Usually after working for a few days in a row, I get weary and can't be bothered to exercise but so far so good this time. I was only off Friday and Monday. Today and tomorrow will tell the tale.
    But, I've been making sure I'm getting enough sleep. When I'm on 7-3, it's too easy to let my evenings creep. A bit of TV and maybe 6 hours sleep ... then I think so what if it's only 5 ... In the long run, 7 or 8 is much better.
  • Did you miss me? LOL.
    I was only gone one day. My computer died.
    But it really showed me how important my visit to 3FC every day is to me.
    Susan is sooo right about checking in every day and she is always giving me more sites to check out.
    Anyway the DH and I spent the whole day in town getting the old machine fixed and finally I bought myself a laptop. Since we had to spend the day in town waiting for the computers we did some shopping and went to a movie.

    Now usually when I eat out, it's like heck with the diet day.
    But I actually told my DH I couldn't go downtown until I went to the gym first. And then when I ordered my lunch I ordered one of those new 550 calorie meals (bowl of soup and shrimp/spinach salad). Who is this new person inside of me????
    At the movie I had the popcorn and diet drink and half a bag of m&m's (I mean come-on)! We didn't get home until 8:30 and I just had a handful of nuts and SF jello.

    Dear scale said 129.5 this morning.

    But the whole point is that after 2 months of really working on my new "life plan" I am beginning to really live the plan in real life!!!!
    I may be only visiting the land of the 120's again - but one day soon I will get there and be able to stay.

  • The other post was so long - I wanted to add:

    Susan - great advice - keep sharing great sites.

    Joan - stay with it, the first week is the worst and the thing I kept thinking is I never want to do this first week again so it will just be easier to keep going. When I started I was really out of shape but I made myself stick with the exercise and now I feel so much better.

    Stella - once I decided that I was not on a diet but this was how I was going to live a healthy lifestyle it changed my whole outlook. I buy all the healthy food doctors say we should eat and work into my day. I eat every few hours because that is what works for me. Don't let yourself get hungry.

    Spanky - Yep to the Fat rolls. I would not mind staying at this weight - but I also have the fat rolls around my middle - so I will continue to moniter my food and exercise and hopefully by summer I can wear that bathing suit without covering up with a towel.

    tkm - you are doing so good. I am trying to keep up with you.

    kellost - how exciting for you to be so close to ne goal and ready to set an new one.

    Sorry to be so long - can you imagine how lon-winded I would be if the computer had been down a week.
  • Thank you, Danni.

    Yes, the first week is terrible. I imagine it parallels kicking any addiction, right? But I've hung on for another day, and lost another pound. Water weight, to be sure, but I'll take it. I know that once the pounds start coming off, THAT's when I really get motivated.

    Losing this weight will feel so good....I can TASTE it! ;-)
  • Danni, congratulations on your healthy choices! I felt the same way when I went out to dinner with some friends last weekend and ordered the VEGETARIAN dinner with WATER!

    Congratulations on still hanging in there, Joan--these weeks are just going to fly by, and if you stick with it your body will reward you with some great results the first couple of weeks (when I started eating healthy and exercising simultaneously, I lost almost 6 lbs. and 2" off my waist in the first two weeks, and I've had steady progress since then).

    I'm kind of excited today--I've weighed 172.8 before working out for two days in a row. I've been sick so I haven't been able to workout and I usually weigh after (I know it's cheating a bit, but if it motivates me to see those lower numbers on the scale and I'm consistent I don't think it matters). I've also lost an additional half inch off my waist and hips--that means there's just one more HALF INCH between me and a SIZE 10!!!! It's been nine years since I was this small--my boyfriend can't stop looking at me and keeps telling me how great I look (although he is wonderful and thought I looked great before too). Thanks everyone if you made it through this, hehe--I'm just SO thrilled with my results so far, and I don't feel like I've deprived or punished myself. I'm totally happy with my lifestyle.
  • Hi everyone! Great tips, I also come to 3FC daily, if only to read up on all you ladies for encouragement

    So missed you danni! Glad it wasn't a whole week, don't you just hate computers sometimes?!
    Susan, I often do the same thing. Well done staying on track w exercise, only taking breaks here and there. Keep going!!
    Joan, that is SO exciting. The first week is the hardest! But that scale moves like crazy, doesn't it? At least enough to motivate you to keep it up, eh? Good job!

    I had a rough day yesterday: bad mood, feeling pudgy, bad number on the scale (even though i KNEW it was water), etc. no fun! BUT, I drank lots of water, stayed within my calories, and got my Gazelle! Today is already much better! I'm planning on an hr of cardio, abs, push ups, and squats after I take my honey to work. to all
  • Ok, I'm realizing 11-11:30 am is a danger time for me, binge hour.....I"M STARVING, and find it best to stay away from kitchen/food at all costs. Trying so hard to stave it off until at least noon. Three-3:30 is the other tough time...

    Anybody else?
  • Spritely? Um, well, the sky is blue today! It's still freezing, but the world doesn't look dead!

    Today I was so caught up in my book that I forgot to have my tea until 3:30, an hour later than usual. You'd think that would be a good thing and make me less hungry for dinner, but my snack has really whet my appetite! Now it's 4:10 and I'm starving. Sweetie will be out tonight, so I don't feel like cooking--I'm thinking a hummus/olive/romaine wrap on a low-carb tortilla plus a blackberry-spinach smoothie.

    The tortillas are awesome, by the way. They're Tumaros multigrain and they're so soft and natural tasting that Sweetie actually thought they were regular flour! Little did he know that his tacos had 14g of fiber lying in wait. Mwahaha.
  • Spritely Thought: Tomorrow is Friday!

    Despite being tired last night, I did my half hour on the exercise bike--which happens to be in the center of the living room. I asked my husband to help me put it there before he went off to school and it's been a great idea so far. I pass the time talking to him on the cell phone...

    My latest "Diet Book" was delivered today, tonight I can make my new plan with the official version in hand.

    Joan: My binge hour is just before bedtime. I continue to struggle with it every night. I try to stay involved with a book nowadays-and a cup of hot Crystal Light lemon tea...4 in the afternoon is tough, too, especially with the bowls of chocolates sitting all over the office where I work!

    Danni: I have noticed that, if I'm eating out with people I like to talk with, I'll find I've eaten a TON and have not tasted a bit of it. I think I get so involved in the conversation it overwhelms my "You're Eating Too Much Detectors".

    tkm256: Hummus wrap--yessss!

    Have a good evening!

  • Well, you all made me smile. So that's a good thing!

    I fell through on the wheat thing today. Doughnut holes!. Ah but the rest of my day was better.
    Back, biceps and elliptical. Feels good!
  • Hi all!

    I am new to the forum and love all the positive talk and tips!! I used to visit this site a couple years ago when I thought I was overweight....yeah right, I'd love to be that size now! So, after having gained about 20 pounds over the past couple years, its time for me to take my life, and health, back!

    I am hoping to start my workouts tomorrow and hope to stay on track. I'd love to lose 4-5 pounds this month and then get into running again. I love that you encourage lifting....I have opportunities to do so, just need to DO it.

    Thanks so much for your help and motivation. So excited!
  • Good Morning Feathers,
    Today is my official weigh-in day and the dear scale read 129.
    I hope that I will be able to stay in the 120's this time.
    I have been visiting this number for 2 weeeks.

    teacher25 - I am a retired teacher (June). I also am fighting the same 20 pounds that I have lost before. I now read about nutrition and fittness, and work on being healthy. I joined a gym and do cardio and strength training. I really feel alot better than I did a few months ago.

    I am writting this on my new labtop.
    Next I'm going figure out this Ipod.