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  • buzy, buzy here... talk later, I'm doing good though....
  • My mini-goal this month is to fit into the size 10 clothes I just bought on clearance! I figure I'll need to lose about 6-8 lbs. for that. I hit a really bad plateau this month (almost two weeks), and it just broke a couple of days ago so I'm ready to work really hard this month!
  • Welcome , MorbidDiva, Congratulations on taking charge of your health.
  • Hey all!
    Welcome MorbidDiva! Here's to your health!

    I'm feeling good today even though I was very annoyed at the scale this AM. I really expected to see some results, but I'm not going to let it throw me. I am going to make March MY month. Time to get back to my goal weight and ENJOY it instead of being there 2 days and jumping back up 5 pounds, kwim?
  • I actually hit one of my March goals today: 128.0. But I cheated to get there; I weighed myself right after a good ol' dehydrating workout I was 'legitimately' 128.8 this morning. Not quite as pretty but still encouraging!
  • All's good here - I've dragged myself back onto the wagon. Like Ilene I'm busy, busy, busy so it's kind of been easy. Have forced myself to STOP for a half hour or so and relax.

    Quote: my Gazelle gets here on Wednesday! yay!!

    danni and tkm- YAY!! those are some enviable numbers, ladies
    doughnut- i'm about 3/4 of an inch taller than you! i wonder how our shape differs if our weight's the same... i have long, skinny legs, a pudgy gut, and big boobs. haha
    I had to laughh at this cos I couldn't be more different. Long but chunky legs, flat stomach and small boobs!
  • ONE STINKIN' POUND! I'm one itty bitty pound away from the original goal I set for myself of 125. One pound away from having lost 80 pounds! I'm feeling good today, Feathers! Feeling really proud! Oh, I can just taste victory when I actually hit that number on the scale. I hope it's next week. I just never really believed I could actually do it. 125 seemed lightyears away. But I'm close!!!!!!! I'm gonna do this.

    I will likely lower my goal to 119, since that's what the Wii Fit has been recommending for me. But I want to hit 125 first and celebrate the accomplishment. Then, see if I want to just try maintenance or keep on losing.

    Just wanted to share with you guys!!!!!!!
  • Good evening Featherweights!

    A good day it has been! Work was fine. Food's been good ...for supper pork tenderloin and some really nice green beans (if I do say so myself), elliptical and I actually ironed!
  • I made it through two days now....struggled, really struggled, with the cravings but got through. You know how hard those first days are. once you start losing it gets easier, but when you are at an all-time high weight and taking that first step, boy oh boy it's hard.

    I was just looking at some pix of myself from a mere three years ago, at 135, before my weight zoomed up to a place it had never been before. I looked so damn good. I want that back!

    But right now, I'm sooooooooo hungry. SusanB and others, please offer some advice to get through these early days. What do you remember? How long did it take to get into the groove?
  • I'm new to the site...


    I'm 5' 6", not sure of my current weight but for the last 5 days or so I've been watching what I'm eating and writing it all down.

    My ultimate goal is to lose about 10-ish pounds or so and tone up for my wedding in June! A BEACH wedding!! Gasp.

    Yep, gotta look HOT in that bikini and be able to physically do all the things I've been dreaming about without feeling sluggish or tired.

    Honestly, just eating better for these past fews days is already making a big difference in how I feel!

    This website is awesome.
  • Good morning!
    Hi new people!

    My tips? Someone asked the other day and another poster liked my list .. so I cut and pasted it
    I come to 3FC every day.
    I subscribe to Oxygen magazine.
    My elliptical machine is in the livingroom where I cannot disregard it.
    I come to 3FC every day.
    There's a resistance band right there on the sofa.
    There's a pair of dumbells on the coffee table.
    I come to 3FC every day.
    I read at stumptuous.com
    I study at exrx.com
    I come to 3FC every day ... I may have mentioned that already

    Getting started? Which time? When I first found fitday.com ... I entered my food for several days in a row, dickered with the numbers there, weighed myself all the time .... but did nothing new. Same food, same sitting on my behind ...
    I'll bet March is the third month in a row that I've vowed to do more weightlifting.

    As for being hungry ... I don't do it. I eat. Just make sure you have lots of good options around to lessen the temptation of grabbing a handful of crap.

    As I reread what I'd written here ... I guess that at first, I plan and daydream. Eventually it becomes practice.

    Joan, you don't say what you're planning to do but ... you know you don't have to start out perfect and true ... don't you?
  • brightsided and Joan ....

    Susan, you post is inspirational and soooo cute... You made my day...

    Yesterday was good food wise but I had to go for a MRI and that kinda screwed up my exercise plans... Today though I am running and going to the gym tonight!
  • I've found that since I started eating healthy, I'm never hungry between meals. The trick for me was cutting out empty calories from soda and substituting healthy foods with lots of big, filling portions of veggies.

    I've been having a really rough few days--I have the flu and am sicker than I've been since high school. I pushed myself to workout anyways and of course felt worse. It's frustrating because I just have not seen the weight loss in the past 2-3 weeks that I did for the 6 weeks before that. I've made no changes to my routine so I know it's a little bit of a plateau, but it's still frustrating!
  • I skipped my run/walk today. Yesterday I was feeling sore but told myself I should walk and then tak ea rest today. Today I was feeling okay but stuck to my guns on the resting; I don't want to push myself too hard and crash like I have in the past.

    Instead I went to the mall for a stroll, and it was bittersweet. I discovered that I'm a medium in trendy Juniors tops now, which was exciting because a medium feels like I'm in the "right" department instead of smooshing myself into the wrong age group. On the downside, I found a huge rack of Covington tops on sale for $4.99 at Sears--I was so excited but all of them were too big! I was swimming in the smalls and they didn't have extra-smalls...so no bargains for me
  • Hi, I'm back. A few pounds down, into the 120's! Still have the outrageously annoying co-worker who tries to sabotage me at at every turn....

    I've finally gotten my BMI to "normal",but have this awful middle-aged roll around my stomach that won't go away. I never dreamed I could have a fat roll at this weight, and I am exercising! So...this week I'm starting the "Fat Belly Cure" from Jorge Cruise. We'll see if eliminating all the hidden sugar helps. Sure can't hurt, I figure.

    We have a busy new life--DH has moved to Chicago for a year to finish his degree and it's just me and my 3 yr old son. We all SKYPE every night to stay connected while we all dash between work, daycare [yuck], and school. Hoping I can keep up the exercise and decent eating with all this going on...

    Everybody have a great day!