Featherweights Plan and Chat in March

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  • Maybe, as others point out, an oddity of perception. This person may have been well-meaning and speaking to her own memory of a friend.

    Either way, it's far off-base as far as weight is concerned, so ignore!
  • Oh Doughnut! Ignore it. People and their perceptions! Resemblance often has more to do with mannerisms than actual physical likeness ... I think.

    I've asked the admins and mods about the Primal thread thing and I'll get back to you. So far, I'm leaning toward a "law by law" book study. Can those of you who are interested get your hands on a book?

    I'm going to stay with my daughter and grandbaby for a few days as soon as I'm done work today!!!
  • Sigh.....staying beautifully on plan if I do say so, yet after one tantalizing dip to 159 a few days ago, still clinging stubbornly to 160.5.

    I know it's probably just water or whatever, and will eventually go down, but SO frustrating. Being solidly out of the 160s is a big goal for me right now.

    Anyone else hate the maddening way our weight will tenaciously hang on to a certain "decade"?
  • Joan - I am right there with you - unfortunately
    My weight is beyond stubborn these days - but I am hanging in there because I believe it will eventually start to move again.
    I am thinking i might have to really mix things up (change what i eat and how I exercise ) for that to happen.

  • Still 128.2. But TOM will start next Friday, and this is exactly what happened last month! I was hanging on to 129 forever thanks to PMS, and as soon as it was over, I dropped down to 128. Maybe this will be my pattern; here's to 127 around March 29th
  • tkm, it's gonna happen for sure!

    The longer the weight takes to come off, the more genuine and longer-lasting the loss--that's what I tell myself anyway.

    This morning my scale unhesitatingly gave me 159. Knowing how badly I want to be out of the 160s, maybe it will let me keep it?
  • Hi feathers!

    Here's the primal book discussion intro.

    I'll work on posting the first discussion thread after I catch a bit of vitamin D

    See you there!
  • Gotta be brief today. It's DH's birthday and there's lots to do! I'm doing well eating right, but tonight there will be dinnrer out and cake and ice cream. Portion control!!!! I'm not too concerned. It seems I've gotten my self-control back to a degree at least, thank the good Lord!! Hope everyone has a fantastic, healthy weekend!

    P.S. Bella, my dog, is showing baby steps to improvement every day. Yay!!!
  • I'M BACK IN THE 10s

    Today I saw 153.4 on the scale which means that I'm back in the 10 stone bracket. This may not mean much to my North American friends but it's like going from the 150s to the 140s but MUCH MUCH better. 9 stone is 126, 10st is 140 and 11st is 154. 14 lbs in a stone and 7lbs in a half stone obviously. I've been in the 11s all year and I may only have just snuck back over the line but I'm so glad to have done it.

    I'm off now for a lovely long weekend away which doubtless means I'll be straight back up in the 11s Have a great weekend everybody.
  • Congrats, Doughnut! nothing like a milestone.

    Sooooo.....today I sort of consciously ate a bit more. Some bad stuff, bites of my son's fries, like that....I let myself have it, and did enter it in my Fitday log....it totals between 1,500-1600 calories. Not too bad. I'm not stuffed.

    Does anyone else do that? Consciously cut yourself some slack at times? Is that just a fancy rationale for cheating? I really just felt myself chafing ever so slightly against the need to be disciplined, maybe because it's Friday. I do realize it's a slippery slope....
  • Doughnut - Yes it is lovely to see those new low numbers - even if you are just visiting those numbers as I like to say - because when I see a new low number I usually go back up by a pound or two before I go back down.

    Thanks for the info on stone vs pound. I love to watch "You are What You Eat" show with Gillian.
    Of course I love the accent but it is also fun to hear the difference in several items. soda - fizzy drinks, chips - crisps, french fries - chips. We also order alot of the tv English detective series to watch. I lived in Ipswich for about 6 months back in 1967. Would love to visit again.
  • Joan - I think it is called life. If this were a perfect world we wouldn't need this support group. I started this journey back in the fall. It took me 2 months of false starts, but I got the exercise started and lost a couple of pounds. In Jan of this year I was ready and got serious and everything was great for about 2 and 1/2 months. Now it is the middle of March and I feel like I have hit a wall.

    When I finally moved my chicken down to 128, it seems like I just lost it.
    But I am not going to beat myself up and I am not going to quit. If this was just a diet I could just quit. But a life plan to me means I just have to face whatever life throws at me. I don't think that my life is suddenly going to be perfect when I reach the unmagic number I have set as my goal. My bigger goal is to eat healthy, exercise, and stay in the 120's, but, what is the point in all of that work if you don't enjoy life along the way.

    So this morning I am back up to 129.5. Could it be the 3 beers, cheese, crackers, olives, and salty nuts I had last night?
    So the journey continues --------
  • Thanks, Danni. It helps to hear that, especially as i cheated even more after my last post--cheated with Cheetos! and of course, back up to 160.

    But you know, I kind of needed the treat. I'm fighting a cold and needed to "relax" for a bit. Now, the trick is, get right back on the horse. Which I intend to do.

    I must say, keeping a FitDay food log really keeps you honest in this process.....
  • Doughnut -- Congrats on the milestone ( a bit of a pun there )

    Joan -- I definitely cut myself some slack too... I did this week and now I am at the night end of my fluctuation... C'est la vie, I guess...

    danni -- I do the same, when I get a new time low, I get complacent and go right back up ... I guess the key word for us is to be more "consistent" ... Story of my life it seems...

    I'm starting a cold too ... Yuck... I didn't run today...
  • Hi Ladies,
    I hope you don't mind if I join the chat! I'm usually over in the 30 somethings forum, but sometimes our forum gets quiet and it seems like you're a pretty bumping crowd!

    Well, yesterday was a disaster, March Madness party at a really nice restaurant downtown. Too much wine and way too much food! Then, courtesy of said wine, came home and did not go to the gym.

    Today it's snowing, and I hate walking in the snow, which throws a wrench in my plans for the day.

    I'm trying to brace myself for a long week next week, I'm going to be traveling for work and entertaining clients. Sigh. I'm hoping for a maintain week, then really push it next weekend and *hopefully* crack the 140s!

    I'll be checking in often, can't wait to get to know you!