Featherweights Plan and Chat in January

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  • Happy New Year!

    It's maintenance that I'm after this year. To get into a decent weight range in the first couple of months and to stay there!

    So in January I must ... make a new exercise ticker and make sure a good portion of that time is weight lifting.
  • I am with you on the run to maintance. I am also thinking of some new fitness goals for myself. I know I still have some more toning to do. I work out 5-6 days a week but I need a goal to work towards since the focus is not on the number on the scale as much anymore. I am thinking of working towards a 5k, or something else. I am not sure yet. I am just afraid that if I don't have a goal to work towards, I will slip back into old habits and get back to where I was in April 2009. Maintance is my biggest fear!
  • Hi Featherweights -- Happy New Year!

    Some health issues have kept me away the last two months, but now I'm back and amazingly I actually lost 3 lbs while i was gone. Now just want to get back on track in Jan.
  • Well, it feels good to be in January and 2010. As I promised myself, I will be trying to post more often for accountablility. So far today, I have been to Jazzercise and eaten normally. You have to start some where right? Here is to a great new year ladies!
  • Wooohooo I am SO ready for 2010!

    So far it is going great!
  • hey everyone.
    its been awhile, but im back with 2010 and ive got 14 pounds that i wanna lose. looking back on all the weight ive already lost, 14 seems like nothing, but im stuck at a plateau. oh how i hate those!
    so for right now, im fighting to get past the 137 that ive been stuck at for awhile.
  • There! I've begun the year with elliptical and shoulders and upper back! Feels good!
  • Happy New Year Feathers

    Just ate my last holiday meal, thank goodness! I'm totally sick of eating and ready to get back to clean foods

    I've been pretty good exercise wise though throughout the month, so that was a good thing...

    2010 is the year I reach maintenance and that's 18 lbs away...
    I will add one more day of weight training, on Fridays...So that's 3 days of cardio, 3-4 days of weight training...
    I want to either do a triathlon or a half marathon...
    I want to take another course...
  • Down a half-pound for the first day of the year
  • My plan for 2010 is to reduce body fat. EmmaD-What method did you use to get your BF tested? What did it cost (if you don't mind telling)? I'd really like to get mine tested now and then in a few months to measure progress.
    Apart from that, it'll be time to switch to maintenance mode. I'm a little nervous there, but I also can't wait to settle into a weight and build a wardrobe there!
  • oddly I had a very easy time staying on point today. Of course it is always easier to eat less when I get up later.
  • happy new year everyone!!!
    i officially start diet, exercise and school on monday and i can't wait...
  • I'm actually hoping to reach my goal weight, or close to it, by my birthday on March 27th. I'll have to average about 1.5lbs/week; I've been doing about 2lbs/week but I'll bet it'll slow down. So it's not a really set time limit, but I'm hoping to be around 145lbs around my birthday, but my BIG goal for 2010 is learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle!
  • Just finished cleaning the house of Christmas deco... the house feels a lot less cluttered...

    Food is good so far, but I'm hungry every 2 hours but that's ok this too shall pass after a couple of days.
  • Well, I am starting the year nearly 4 lbs more than last year this time, so that was disturbing information. I got as low as 139 (more than 11 lbs less than I am now) last year but apparently let things slide.

    That brings up another question. I have no idea what my goal weight should be. I just set it at 127, to make an even 25-lb loss. Don't even know if that is realistic.

    Did my weight-training today and I'm going on an hour-long walk... kept calories @~1400 yesterday, even with another holiday meal. Yay!

    MsPerception - I used the caliper method to test for body fat, where they squeeze your various regions in pincers. It doesn't hurt, mostly it was just a little embarrassing to see my rolls grabbed. Oh well. I will be re-tested with the same person for consistency. It cost $10, through my gym. If I remember correctly it was at 7 different points. It was informative to do it that way, as you can really see where your body is storing its fat. I was like 10% in the back and like 40% in the belly. UGH!