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Se acaba mi salsa. Doce pequeños tarros.
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Talking Senora SusanB

Tu salsa es picante o moderado? ( no hablo espanol, can you tell?)

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Twelve jars! Bueno!
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I don't even speak very good English most days but I can google almost anything ... including the recipe I used for salsa.
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My three years of high school didn't do much good, but thanks to Allison, I know that Susan made 12 jars of salsa. Yum!

I got a one hour bike ride in. It was another beautiful night at the river at sunset time. Yes, Allison, it does help my motivation when I'm working out in a scenic spot! I wish I could have that without having to drive, but I'm lucky I'm only 10 min away.

Nic - didn't respond to your earlier post, but I often don't do very well with change either. I hope this is a better week for you!

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I did, although I would love another day. Have a great Monday and buenas noches, gals!
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Hello Guys,

I'm back from Kentucky. So I managed to drop the 3 lbs I gained over my birthday, kept up with my eating and stayed with the workout program. Saturday I ran a 5 mile rd race and did my best time of 49 min and 20 secs. It was great.

I feel a lot better this week. Thanks to all of you guys for your encouraging words last week. It really helped my a lot. My nutrition counsellor called me this week also. So I guess someone up there is looking out for me. She was very concerned to hear that I had regained but gave me advice to get back on track. Anyway, I hope you guys all had a good week and weekend. I am off to pack for my trip to Philly tomorrow. Lots of travel this month. This will hopefully help me to not sit around and eat. I will try to post sometime this week.

Take care.
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Originally Posted by Mudpie View Post
And I think your new, thin self would have to buy several absolutely smashing outfits to introduce the band and for the conference?
Yes, definitely! You don't have to worry about me buying clothes! Although I am having trouble finding a dress to introduce the band--I just can't find what I want. But I still have a couple of weeks, so there's time. I think I'm going to have to buy one more suit as well.

Walking--No need to know Spanish; you can find anything on Google (including salsa recipes) and Google will even translate Spanish into English for you.

Softball--It's true; we can put the weight on a lot faster than we can take it off. I was just thinking about this recently. For example, I went to a party on Saturday and ate far too many appetizers and desserts. I estimate that I was over my maintanence level by at least 1,500 calories (maybe more), which is enough calories to gain just under half a pound. So at one party, in one day, I managed to gain around half a pound. But I can't lose half a pound in a day, because that would require a calorie deficit of 1700 calories. I'm guessing that my maintenance level is around 1600 calories, so even if I fasted all day, I couldn't create a deficit of 1700 calories. And besides not being healthy, as soon as I started eating again, the weight I lost fasting would come right back. So it's probably going to take a week to lose the weight I gained in one day.

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