Featherweights Planning and Chat July 9th - 15th

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  • Well, it definitely is summer now! Are you enjoying the weather? Gardening, walking, biking? Eating garden fresh greens? berries? Are you drinking enough water?
    What do you plan to do this week that'll make it one step closer to goal?
  • looking at the inches now
    I'm glad to report that I'm still under 140 lbs. Usually Sunday night is really bad for overeating - DH hates his job and is always depressed and sulking. He usually buys either cookies or ice cream and I "help" him eat them.

    Last night I suggested we go to a movie as the weather was awful and I really wanted to see the latest Bruce Willis thing on the big screen - nothing like stuff blowing up really BIG! So no overeating for either of us.

    I know I have a tape measure around here somewhere - haven't seen/used it since we moved 2 years ago. I will start recording my waist and hips measurements on my diet calendar. I don't plan on getting any smaller than a size 8 but they're stats to watch as I age - try to keep the waist smaller than the butt

    SusanB on moving over to the maintaining side of dieting. I hope this doesn't mean you're leaving this forum?

    to everyone this dreary Monday

  • Susan B

    Well I'm now yo-yoying 141-143 which is almost as much fun as it was at 146-148. Not. However, this time Wednesday I'll be yo-yoing on a Greek beach dreaming of nothing more than a swim so what do I care? I don't know why I put that question mark, it was rhetorical.

    I can't say that I've been on plan lately - well I could but I'd be lying - but I've been having a little break. I have a hectic July so if I can get through to the end of it maintaining then I'll be happy enough and then I can ramp it up for an August onslaught.
  • Oh you won't be getting rid of me that easily

    I'm actually pretty sure I'm not going to change much at all. I still need to eat properly and have some activity each day. And golly what would happen if I didn't have my 3FC fix?

    That yo-yo-ing is how it goes now. You'll hover ... and drop. Hover .... and drop. Frustrating but heading in the right direction.

    I think this week I need to plan food better. I seem to run out of crunchy veggies and things that make a salad interesting. It's gotten to be too easy to 'not shop today ... I'll go tomorrow'.
  • Please don't leave us - you keep us on track! It's weird being here during the day. I can feel myself unwinding already but I really do need to go and do some housework. I'm trying to persuade myself by thinking of all those lovely calories I'd be burning up if I'd just go and do it.
  • I'm all dressed to go walking but here I am with you folks too!
  • Hi Everybody! I am pleased to report that I am down a pound So, that makes five pounds gone so far! I can actually see a difference in my body - I've lost an inch around my "spare tire", and when I went swimming on the weekend, I was relatively pleased with the sight of my body in a bathing suit!
  • 9-15
    Been pretty disgusted that the scale hasn't moved. Drowned myself in chocolate last night to feel better. Didn't work, of course. So today i am back on track, and determined to stay there. Not even bothering to step on the scale. Would rather just throw it out the window right now. Maybe stepping on it every day is a bad thing. Going to try just using it once a week and see how it goes.
  • Walked on the treadmill last night for 45 min. I'm trying a walking program in last month's Weight Watcher's mag. I tried the 400 cal program on it the other day and can't even come close to doing it!!! No wonder it burns 400 cals in 40 min. The pace is like 5.2 most of the time...gotta work up to it (slowly!).
  • I've been enjoying the weather and going for walks during my lunch break.

    I don't garden, but my grandmother does. She gives me lots of fresh greens! She also offers me some other not-so healthy stuff, but I just take the greens.

    I really like summer fruit, so I've been eating a lot more fruit lately - peaches, nectarines, blueberries, and cherries.
  • stiebena


    I decided to start a Labour Day Challenge.
  • Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted here. I just wanted to say congrats to all those who are at their goal weight or quickly moving towards it. I've made little progress, but I am down a pound. Considering the month I've had so far I'm happy with it. For the past few weeks I've been have pain in my chest area. Don't worry, I'm going to the doctor for it. And so far they've ruled out gallbladder problems. As of right now they think it's anxiety and I'm tending to agree with them. So I'm now on meds for that. However, they want to rule out heart completely, so I'm going to the cardiologist next week to have it checked out. So keep your fingers crossed that it's nothing that serious.

    And then if that's not stressful enough my radiator in my car has gone to heaven. I'm hoping that if my medical problems aren't too bad and that it doesn't cost too much to get my car fixed I can trade it in to get a new Caliber.

    Have a good, productive week, everyone!

  • It's arugula week part 2 at our house this week. Entrees include fish stuffed with arugula, arugula salad with roasted tomatoes and goat cheese, and arugula and fontina souffle.

    My trainer is taking my measurements today. I know my weight and inches are all down from last time (it's been three or four months) but I'm really interested to see where my body fat % is. I tried to calculate it myself using the Navy method and got three different answers from three different website (using same measurements on each), plus I'm not sure I did the neck measurement correctly.

    I didn't make any progress last week. There were a couple of chocolate espresso bean incidents. I'm also coming up on TOM, so hopefully it is just water retention.

    Michelin--walking at 5.2 mph wow! That's a running pace for me. I don't know how anyone can walk that fast; I'd be falling off the end of the treadmill.

    Stiebena--congrats on your 5 lbs gone.

    Doughnut--have fun in Greece!

    Dawnslight--good luck with both the car and the doctor.
  • Hi Everybody!

    Thanks for all of the congratulations on my loss I am very proud of myself indeed!

    Good luck on your labour day challenge Clykk!!!! You can do it!

    Dawnslight - good luck with the cardiologist. I've had anxiety problems in the past that caused chest pain - it was rough, but you will get through it. Don't be afraid to post lots, we're here for you!

    Hope your measurements turn out well Barbara! Do you find that having a trainer has helped your weightloss? I've been thinking about getting one.
  • Good afternoon. It was my first night back at work after vacation. I wasn't even tired all night. When I went to Curves this morning at 7 am on the way home I had been up for 24 hours. (and that is pretty much what I looked like!!!). The weather here has cooled down about 20 degrees so that is a nice break. There is a great breeze.

    Susan-your questions got me to get up and drink some water! Thanks and congratulations on your goal

    Dagmar-that is quite an accomplishment not overeating at the movies, that is one place I have a hard time. I love movie popcorn and I don't even care for the butter/oil but it's still not very good for you!

    Michelin-I'll have to check out that "walking" program in the WW magazine. I know I have it I guess I just haven't gotten around to reading it yet. 5.2 would be more than walking for me too! Must be my short legs

    Barb-that arugula salad w/roasted tomatoes & goat cheese sounds fabulous!Please set me a place!

    Ok better run & try to make some kind of eating plan/grocery list for the week. Talk to everyone later. Jane