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Default Quanify something for me

I have been pretty frustrated lately because the weight is coming off so slow. But looking at the support forum I think I got the idea that once you get down this low -- it could come off at a very slow rate. 1/2 lbs to 1 lb a week. Or less.

I have never really been past this point before in weight loss and I was hoping you call could quanify exactly how fast you guys are losing. And if you lost more quickly at some point.
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Default 1 lb. a week

I lost 1 lb a week for the first 7 lbs and then I've just been gaining and losing the next 3 over and over again for three months.
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I just did a June stats round up and lost 1.4 lbs last month. I think I lost 3 in May.
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I've been yo-yoing
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I had been on a plateau since January (between the holidays, my birthday in Feb, a couple of vacations, and a bunch of business trips) I was off plan as much as I was on, and that doesn't make for weight loss. I finally got serious again about losing weight around mid-April. Since then, I've lost 9 lbs, so that's a little under a lb per week. I also don't lose a lb every week. I'll go a week with no loss and then lose 2 lbs the next.

I consistently lost about 1 lb per week until I got within 10 lbs of my goal weight. That happened back in June 2006. At that point, my weight loss slowed to an average of probably 1/2 a lb per week and became inconsistent (I began losing more some weeks and not losing at all on other weeks). Then I started a cycle of losing and gaining that didn't end until this April due to too many off-plan days and weeks. Now I've gotten stricter about my calories and have tightened up exercise routine a bit (less cardio, lifting heavier, running intervals) and I'm back to losing just under a lb per week, but I don't think I'll ever get the consistency back.
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I'll go a couple weeks and not lose anything ... then BAM, one day I'm down 2 lbs! I think I'm averaging about 1 lb a week, but I still have 16 lbs to go. In my experience, the last 10 are the worst.
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Originally Posted by Ilene View Post
I've been yo-yoing
Me, too. Yuck.
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one more time...
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Count me in on the yo-yo-ers. I do really well for a couple weeks, see some nice losses, then *bam*jump up a couple pounds. At lease my "yo's" are getting lower. Honestly, I think it depends on each individual. Don't worry if it seems slow right now, it's still a healthy rate of loss and you will hit your goal.
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I thought this would be interesting to look up for myself

10/3-11/15 23.2 lbs.....oh ok, I had a baby those lbs dont count - I think it was 10 the first week, 9 the second and about 1/wk the next 4.

Rest of November - 5.2 lbs (2.4/wk) obese to overweight
December - 10.0 - (2.25/wk) overweight
January - 5 lbs - ( 1.1/wk) overweight
February - 7.6 - (1.9/wk) overweight
March - 3.8- (0.85/wk) overweight - healthy BMI
April - 4.0 - (0.93/wk)
May - 2.0 - (0.45/wk)
June - 2.6 - (0.6/wk)
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