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Question Plateauing

I know this has probably been posted many times before. I think I've reached a plateau. I've been stuck at this weight for about two and a half weeks. What do you ladies do to get rid of those last pesky pounds???? I've been zigzagging my calories, not purposely, but it seems to work out best that way, and exercising 5 times per week with cardio almost every day. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much
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As you lose weight you need less calories. So you might try either lowering your calories or upping your exercise just a little. Hope this helps . It works for me.
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This worked once upon a time and I'm hoping to use it now-

Stick to a fairly lowcal diet, focussing on as many fruit.veggies as possible...and CUT the exercise for a week or two. Like, just do walking 3 times a week. Very lowimpact stuff, just keep ticking over.

Then, after 2 weeks (you shouldnt gain if you still eat healthy), WHACK the cardio back on. Your body won't be used to it anymore and it'll get a shock to the system, hopefully a jumpstart.

Well, could work.

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2 and a half weeks is not really a plateau. Given that you are now within a normal BMI, you are going to find that the weight comes of much slower now and that it doesn't come off at a steady rate. I frequently go a couple of weeks without seeing any change on the scale. Generally the only time I can lose weight is during my TOM and the week after. The rest of my cycle, my weight is stable.

So I think you should give it at least a month or so before worrying that you are in a plateau.

In terms of changes, it's hard to know what to suggest without knowing how many calories you are eating and how much exercise you are doing. I've plateaued several times. At one point I increased my calories to get off the plateau (I was exercising too much and not eating enough). At another point, I realized I was doing too much cardio and having to eat too much to compensate for it, so I both reduced my level of cardio and cut back my calories. But I wouldn't make any changes after only 2 and half weeks of maintaining.
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