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Well I just finished dinner. Not real great, as it was a frozen On-Cor Partners main course (240 cal., 13 grms of fat per serving) . I added some beets and peas to dinner and ended up at 1110 calores and 30 grams of fat for the day. I know that's a little low but I'm just getting back on plan and think I "Under did it" today.

I'll work on getting my 1200 to 1400 calories in tomorrow. I am feeling much more positive today and that's a good thing
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Doing this for me!
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So I'm happy with how I did today! I strayed off track yesterday, but got right back on today, and I'm proud of myself. I'm not sure if my four pound loss from last week, was actually a four pound loss, so I'll try not to be too disappointed if I'm not below that when I weigh in again on Monday...I woke up really thirsty that day, so it could have been that I was just SO EMPTY, that I weighed 4 pounds less. In any case, like everybody has been saying, its the big picture that counts...I will be happy if I am below my starting weight, and to tell you the truth, I am just feeling so good! I feel like I have been eating mighty healthy. I'm actually really proud this week, because AF is due to visit next week, and I usually get the most horrendous cravings before hand. I think eating healthier all around has helped me manage those cravings (I haven't really had any bad ones!) and even helped me stay in a positive mood. Anyways, I'm rambling a lot. Tomorrow evening will be hard, as friends are coming in from out of town and they want to go out for sushi - this in itself wouldn't be a bad choice, but its an all you can eat place, so I'm going to have to exhibit great self restraint! I'm planning on having a relatively light day food wise, and then splurging just a little bit at dinner. I also got my new turbojam videos today in the mail, and I'm excited to start using them! I'll probably start on friday, as tomorrow I have to be at work for 7:30, so I won't really have to time to work out before I go (then it will be a busy evening when I get home).

Good night everybody, I'm off to do pushups!
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I didn't even eat everything in my bag. I did have a sandwich for supper and I'm eating a fruit pop thingee right now. A bit low for a change. Dunno.
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One Busy Mom!
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Morning all!! Today is not supposed to be as hot as yesterday. Thanks goodness!!! But I will have 2 MORE kids today... one all day, one for just a couple of hours. Nine kids, and me. I'm way outnumbered! But it's all good

The scale again read 135.5 A lot saddening but could be worse. That 133 the other day was such a NICE feeling!! I will keep drinking lots of water... and not "stealing" a chip here and there...or a handful...like I did yesterday. Salt n vinegar too, so I'm hoping there's some water weight there from the sodium.... any truth to that???

Have a great day!!
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Good morning! I am sooo enjoying Meg's book discussion "Rethinking Thin". Although I found the book disheartening I'm very much enjoying discussing it with others.
We have some intelligent, thoughtful and wise folks here at 3FC.
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Allison: I always seem to have a certain food craving going on....I've been through the slim jim phase, yoo-hoo, ranch doritos and cream cheese...the list goes on. Right now it is black licorice! Just reading your post makes me want to run out and get some Good and Plenty's! YUM

Everyone: I have actually been SOP this week! The scale hasn't moved down yet...but it hasn't moved up either
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Alice in Chains? Tool? Alexis on Fire? .... methinks someone has been using my mp3 ....
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Failure Is Not An Option
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So, i started again yesterday and did really good. Still doing good today. Just have to take it day by day and not think about next week.
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I thought yesterday was an ok day until I put it in fitday. Not a great day, but an ok day. jeeeezow.

Well maybe that will be the kick in the pants I need to start using fitday again.
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I did a little shopping and now my bag contains baby carrots, grapes, yogurt, part skim mozzarella, broccoli, cauliflower and I'm going to make my own sandwich. FF turkey, ps cheese, lettuce on whole wheat.

If you can get here before 2:30, I'll share.
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Sounds like everyone is doing pretty well this week. Have any of you had the bran muffins from Trader Joe's? They are little (maybe 4-5 bites) and very bran-y tasting (which is fine with me), but they are great as a light breakfast or snack. I buy the apple cranberry flavor and eat them with a little light whipped cream cheese... only 80 calories and whopping 13 grams of fiber for one of those tiny things! A good way to get fiber in!

It's another scorcher here. I may have to break down and go to the gym, which I hate, but it's pretty hot for moving outside.

Have a great day!
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Token Rooster? ;)
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Susan That's on my list of books to buy/read (I still have a small stack of half-reads on my nightstand to pave through), but I've read Gina Kolata's stories on NY Times -- she's a smart health journalist.

Treigh Yep, any salty foods will have the water retaining effect. Keep low on the sodium for awhile and drink lots of water!

Yesterday I did my first real yoga class with Mom, VERY relaxing after the 4+ mile run I did, which was more exhausting than usual given the hot weather.

And finally, did a post-shower weigh-in this morning... 140.4!!! So close to my current goal, and 2 weeks ahead too!!!

Anyways, busy day at work so will check in with y'all later
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Susan~I swear it wasn't I that took your iPod, but I do like those choices!

Claire~the last time I bought muffins from Trader Joe's, they got all moldy by the second day. I decided not to buy them any more which is probably a better idea for me anyway.

micheline~yum! Good & Plenty! I actually got a tub of licorice at Trader Joe's, big hunks of soft licorice. Oh, is it decadent!

ennay~I know what you mean! I thought I was doing well until I plugged it into fitday, too. Must have been that licorice!

Tracy~good luck with all the kids! And no chips!

thinnythighs~you can do it!!! Good luck staying on track.

Today sure started out crazy! 2 hours inputting a contract into our "system". I think I finally understand what goes into each estimate, proposal and contract (at least I hope I understand!).

Everyone have a great On Plan day!
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Yesterday I was at a business conference. They had the usual croissants and other incredibly caloric breakfast pastries. Then at lunch they must have ten (10!!!) differents kinds of cake...cheesecake, carrot cake, chocolate mousse cake, German chocolate cake, black forest cake, devil's food cake, and on and on...which they left out all afternoon. And, in case the cakes weren't enough, they also had cookies...chocolate chip cookies, dipped in chocolate. And one of the exhibitors was handing out pie in their booth. Then mid-afternoon, they brought out a fridge filled with Haagen Daaz ice cream bars (but, of course, no Dreyers low calorie ice cream bars even though it would be just as easy to pick a few boxes of those). I swear, it is almost like they were trying to fatten us up! It wasn't a business conference; it was an orgy of dessert.

Amazing, I managed to abstain from all of the above. I drank a lot of decaf coffee. But the lunch was awful and I had to eat. Salad (but with only high-calorie dressing), pasta and potato salads (both in mayo-based dressing), baked beans, chicken dripping in barbeque sauce, some sort of red meat also in a high calorie sauce and with those fried onion things that come in cans, sausage, giant corn muffins, and giant baked potatoes (white, of course) with only butter, cheese, and sour cream for toppings (well, I guess there were chives, too, I don't know how something so low in calories snuck in there). Not a single grilled or roasted veggie in sight. I did the best I could.

walking2lose, I have had those fiber cakes from Trader Joes (although I preferred the blueberry). They are especially good if you pop them in the microwave for about 30 seconds and top them with a little non-fat cream cheese.

At one point my TJ's ran out of them though and I started making my own Fiber One Muffins and I have to say that I like the muffins much better. They are lower in fiber, but also lower in calories. When I make them, I sub baking powder for the baking soda, skim milk for the buttermilk, and pumpkin puree for the applesauce. I leave out the raisins, but add 2 tsp pumpkin pie spice and sometimes add fresh blueberries or chopped cherries.

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Unhappy Wallowing in chocolate, cookies, ice cream

I'm glad everyone else is doing quite well this week.

I have given up for the moment and am just eating and eating and eating . Trying to make the government's destruction of my job go away. I know it's not working but I don't feel like doing anything except maybe crying my eyes out for about a week .

I usually get over my drama in about 3 days so should be back to dieting/posting by next week. We have a long weekend here so I will just hide until next Tuesday.

have a good weekend all

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