fell off the wagon a bit last night

  • Hi Everyone,

    I went to a friend's stag and doe last night with the intention of being mostly good (I'd eaten dinner before I left, and I was driving so I couldn't drink)...but alas, I didn't do as well as I wanted to.

    They had bowls of party mix/bits and bites out on the tables everywhere, and before I knew it, I had my hand in on of those...between me and a friend we must have eaten almost a whole bowl! Later they brought out real food, and I was pretty good about not eating too much of that...only one veggie samosa...and then I was bad with three squares later on for dessert And this was all after 9pm (which is when I usually make it a point not to eat anymore). *Sigh*...oh well, today is another day I suppose. I will drink lots of water to try and flush out any excess salt etc, and hopefully I will still have a loss when I weight myself tomorrow! All in all it was a fun night....I won a set of dishes! (I never win anything, so it was totally the highlight of my night!)
  • stiebena -- ok, you've fessed up and admitted your little mistake so now forgive yourself... Go for a walk, eat clean today and continue with your week... We all "fall off the wagon" the tricky part is getting back on it and admitting your mistake and nipping it in the bud right away is the best thing to do...
  • Thanks for the support Ilene! Today so far has been a healthy day, and hopefully will continue that way!
  • Hard to not join in the party
    It's so hard to not eat and drink when everyone around you is doing so with great gusto. And usually most people are saying "hey, what's the matter? Here, have a slice of cake, piece of pie, another glass of wine etc. etc." Sometimes they also get insulted if you refuse seconds/thirds. etc.

    I think Ilene's advice is right on the money. Just get back on that diet pony and ride!

  • Thanks Mudpie! Today has been great so far foodwise, and as soon as my laundry goes in, I'm goign for a nice long walk!
  • My week-end was a bit hard in that regard as well, hehe. Saturday at friends', then yesterday, with all those sudden variations in temperature in my area, I was freezing cold and starving (genuine hunger, not 'head hunger'), so, uh... I ate. BUT! Now it's Monday, and it's time to get back on track, because it's exactly what Ilene mentioned. Nip it in the bud and all.

    I'm glad to see you've been back on the wagon. And I hope your walk was a pleasant one!
  • Hi Kery! Just wanted to wish you good luck today Oh, and by the way, I like your little phrase just above your avatar!
  • No reason to beat yourself up over one meal. You just start again tomorrow. Trust me, we've all been there.