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Default Anyone with smaller goals?

I'm not thin by any standards but I'm under 150 llbs so I find it hard to lose weight.
Does anyone else have a smaller goal like 10-14lbs?
I wanna know if any of you with smaller goals have any tips?
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Welcome to Featherweights, Cate! This sub-forum is all about 3FCers who have comparatively "smaller goals" in terms of weight-loss.

A useful piece of information would be how tall you are -- which helps determine your BMI and also may help explain why weight loss has been slowing down.

As for tips for the last few pounds, I don't have any tips other than not giving up while also setting realistic standards & lifestyle for myself.
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Ilene the Bean
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We Featherweights just have to keep plugging away... Intensify the cardio, tweak our food intake to lose those last few pounds ... It ain't easy but we keep trying

Join us on our weekly thread...
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Default Hi Cate!

Everyone at featherweights is kinda on the "last mile" of dieting to reach their final goal weight. Usually that involves just about the same amount as you want to lose.

The weekly chat thread is very active and I've gotten a lot of advice there since joining in April. Lost 5 lbs. too!

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When you're down to the last 10-15 lbs, it's the same process as before - fewer calories in than are going out! But I do think there are two things that are important:

First, have reasonable expectations. When you get down close to goal, it's going to be virtually impossible to lose 2 lb a week consistently! 1 lb a week is even challenging to maintain! Anticipate this change so it doesn't throw you off track.

I also think you have to be stricter with yourself when you are closer to goal. A "cheat day" once a week might be okay when you are heavier and have a big calorie deficit - but it will derail your success when you are down to the last 10 lbs.
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Hey Cate.

I'm trying to get back down to my pre-college weight. I only have around 4-6 lbs to lose. (I'm around 114 now) I just have a gazillion things I'd love to wear again .
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Hello! I am also a featherweight, trying to lose about 12 lbs. I am going to do the weight watchers points and get back down to my prepregnancy weight. Welcome!
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Hello I also trying to lose the babyweight. (Although It's been two years! yikes) Well I have 15 lbs to go and Im doing the Atkins program . Wish me luck!
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