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hikerchick 04-16-2007 01:29 PM

Featherweights planning and chat for April 16th-22nd
Hi everyone!

I wonder where Susan is? I miss her weekly questions. But I think I'll give it a shot.

OK girls (and guys) what's the plan this week? What's been working? What are you going to tweak to get things moving in the right direction?

Any new goals or victories?

Looking forward to a great week.

alinnell 04-16-2007 01:34 PM

No victories for me....I actually moved my ticker back up to 140 from 138. Not that I'm giving up--I'm just being realistic. I have a busy week ahead of me--a trip to Houston on Wednesday and I won't be back until late Saturday night. I'm sure that my eating will not be on plan at all but I'll do the best I can (its a convention and I won't get any say in the food served to us). I'll do my best to keep the alcohol to a minimum.

abbyin 04-16-2007 01:46 PM

Hi All :wave: I think SusanB went out of town this weekend (not sure for how long).

Well last week was a pretty good week for me, so I need to try to stay on plan. So far today, I'm not doing a very good job of it :mcd:

I will get myself together here shortly :kickbutt:

Have a great week everyone!

BlueToBlue 04-16-2007 04:38 PM

My weight has been up since last Friday (my evening weight especially is way up). I did not have a bad week eating-wise last week, at least I didn't think it was that bad, so I'm sort of freaking out about it. :fr: I added an extra 100 calories per day, but that really shouldn't have caused me to gain an extra 3-4 pounds! I had a couple of off-plan meals, but really, I didn't think they were that bad. I did experience some severe soreness after my workout on Wednesday that lasted through Friday; I keep hoping it is extra water from that, but if my weight doesn't drop back down soon, I'm going to have to make some big changes diet and exercise-wise.

I finished my Sunday run 1 minute faster than last week. I'm starting to get a little worried--how fast can I get? If I keep getting faster, I'm going to have to run further. Although there is that thread in the Exercise forum about how all this cardio I do is just making me hungry (and I am hungry a lot) and not helping me lose weight. Maybe I should cut back on cardio and eat less...

This goes back to last week, AquaWarlock, but you can tell when blueberries are in season in California because Safeway will start selling them in pint-sized and larger containers. If Safeway is selling them in half-pint or smaller containers, don't bother (even if they are on sale). Blueberries out of season are yucky. I think you can start to watch for them in July, but it's a pretty short season and if you miss a weekly trip to the store, you could miss the season altogether. This year in particular might be a problem since we had so little rain out here on the west coast. I love fresh blueberries (I've never much cared for frozen) but I love raspberries even more. I consider them to be God's Most Perfect Food and I'm counting down the days until they show up at my farmers market again. :T

Doughnut 04-16-2007 04:47 PM

Hi all :wave:

Well I'm feeling upbeat and positive today. This was the last day of a few days away from home and off plan. I don't regret any of them but I'm back now and have no scheduled holidays/breaks until my July holiday. That roughly translates as no more excuses.

I really feel like I've wasted Mid Feb through to this point but for some reason my head seems to be back in it and I feel ready to make some significant progress. I've caught up on the daily thread and you all seem to be doing so well. You're all an inspiration and no reason why I can't join you!

Allison - you're one determined lady and I have no doubt that your ticker'll be moving down very soon indeed. Mine won't. Not till the end of May when I'm next going to properly weigh myself.

alinnell 04-16-2007 04:56 PM

Doughnut, did I miss something? You only weigh every, what is it, 6 weeks? Or is this some new kick you're trying!?!

Barbara, oh, I am a fan of raspberries as well! Perhaps it is from my youth when I worked at Raspberry Records!! Haha, a record store--does that show my age?!? As a kid, we had raspberry bushes in the back yard. They're really weedy and hard to control (they want to grow everywhere!) but those few days in July when they are ripe--yummm! I'd go out to pick them and eat half before I got back in the house. My mom always ate them on a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Oh, that sounds so good right now, but usually I eat them for breakfast these days--as a side to my egg whites. Gotta be diet conscious!

abbyin, put down that burger and get back on plan!!!

My day hasn't been going so well. After the news of the shootings in Virginia, I got a call from a friend who told me some bad news about another friend--her 15 year old daughter committed suicide last night. It is so tragic when things like that happen.

Don't mean to put a damper on anything.....just had to let you know where my mind is today.

srmb60 04-16-2007 05:12 PM

Hello my darlings!
I'm in beautiful rural Alabama. This afternoon I've been playing Great Aunt Susan while momma has gone for a doctor's appointment. It's fun.

midearthseeker 04-16-2007 05:23 PM

Huh...I was going to reply to some of ya'lls posts, but the munchkins called me off and now I've forgotten what I was going to say. Let's just give a good luck to everyone!

Well, I didn't do so great this weekend, as I put in confessions, but luckily the scale was back at 165.5 at midday. Hopefully it won't go back up like it usually does! I've also decided to do my weekly weigh-ins on Friday morning, instead of Sunday like I've done the last few years, because I usually slip on the weekends and weigh more by Sunday! LOL! Working hard, or hardly working? I'm not really doing much today, but I plan on making up for it tomorrow.

canadian mom 04-16-2007 05:47 PM

I am still stuck at 134. the 133 was only for a day :( . So I may have to drop down in cals I do not want to but I cannot add anymore cardio (I already do 60-90 mins a day). I planned my day ahead of time today and so far have stuck to it. I have also planned tomorrow I hope it helps I donot wqant to get discouraged.

poppins3 04-16-2007 06:04 PM

Canadian Mom, are you doing any kind of strength training? Adding that to cardio will surely bump your results!

BlueToBlue 04-16-2007 06:23 PM

Allison, you must be as young as me! I never worked in a record store, but my SO did (Rainbow Records) and I sure spent plenty of time in them. My sister and I whiled away hours at JR Records in our local mall.

And I love raspberries so much I have considered growing them--it would be so awesome to be able eat them fresh from the vine, still warm from the sun. But you are right that they are weedy and hard to control; I've finally had to face up to the fact that we just don't have the room for them. Raspberries on vanilla ice cream does sound good, but these days I eat mine on yogurt, in cereal, and in salads. Last summer I had a cherry tomato, cucumber, and raspberry salad with balsamic vinegar almost every day with my lunch. I would buy three pints (I kid you not! count 'em--three pints--that's $16 worth of raspberries!) every week at the farmers market and go through them all in a week.

ChocoBroc 04-16-2007 06:24 PM

I'm so afraid to get on the scale.... I went on vacation last week to West Palm Beach Florida.... I HAD A BLAST. Beaches were beautiful... Restaurants were delicious and I know I lost any progress I made. Not to mention it is so hard for me to get re-motivated to get back on track.
Today is my wedding anniversary so DH and I are going out to eat tonight. I don't want to think about being eating right tonight... I'm celebrating and I'm going to EAT. After tonight there are no more holidays/vacations/parties planned till the end of summer. So all I need now is a swift kick to the behind!:kickbutt:

ennay 04-16-2007 07:21 PM

GAH I am STARVING today. I couldnt stop noshing so I decided to make a substantial snack (Quorn chickn patty on light whole wheat) and I am STILL freaking hungry. Just one of those days I guess. I've already eaten half the veggies I cut for tonights stirfry.

Ilene 04-16-2007 08:12 PM

Allison -- Sorry to hear of that 15 year old :hug: ... I find suicided particularly sad for some reason, specially at such a bright young age...

I'm back on plan this week :dance: ... Worked out this morning, chest and triceps, ran 2miles on the dreadmill, and swam tonight 30 mins :yes: it's all good... Now if the weather could only cooperate... Today, April 16th, was a SNOW DAY!! OYE :faint:

I want to bike again soon :tantrum: ...

canadian mom 04-16-2007 08:24 PM


Originally Posted by poppins3 (Post 1655476)
Canadian Mom, are you doing any kind of strength training? Adding that to cardio will surely bump your results!

Here is what I do currently I know I need to buy some heavier weights but budget wise cannot right now. I need clothes first as the ones I got for xmas are too big now.

I currently interval train for 1 hour and walk 30 mins one day and the next I do floor exercises some free weights, and then race walk and walk regular pace the next. I was doing tea bo for a while but the scale wasn't moving until I started interval trainning and then I started loosing inches.

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