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Default My NEW plan and re-evaluation -- Comments MUCH appreciated!!

This weekend (and its many food-related indiscretions) made me really think about my progress, my weight loss goals, and my plan in general. I decided it is time to recommit.

A few things I realized:

- On a positive note, I've been really good with exercise.

I only have one week left of C25K, and I've been really pleased with my progress. Along with this, I've been doing other cardio (Turbo Jam and the elliptical) and adding strength training and yoga. I could stand to be a bit more diligent and really nail down the perfect routine, but I'm still working at it and have been consistent.

- Even though I'm fairly content with my body, I DO want to lose weight.

I am not as happy with my body as I could be, and I have big dreams: the clothes I can wear in the future, an improved fitness level, and higher confidence! While I might be at a healthy weight in the eyes of many people, I want better for myself. Achieving my goals means I must work harder, even if it's easier to keep up with old habits.

- My diet would not be so terrible if I could just stay away from candy, ice cream, desserts, and over-eating in general.

Sure, my meals are not always great -- portions might be a bit too large, too much red meat, not enough veggies, etc. (I am going to trick myself into smaller portions by always eating off a plate (or out of bowl) and using smaller-sized plates and bowls.)

But the real problem is my sweet tooth. I can eat well all day, then succumb to cookies, chocolate, and ice cream -- all in one night. Admittedly, I do this OFTEN, and I'm just lucky that my young metabolism is fast enough right now that I don't gain weight. But in needs to stop.

While I'm at it, I also need to stop the constant nibbling, which usually happens at restaurants or someone else's home when they put out hors d'oeurves. I'm pretty good about this at home, but when I'm out -- I'll be always reaching for another appetizer, another cracker and cheese, etc. It's a "control" problem, and it must end.

I think that if I can get these two areas -- sweets/desserts and appetizers -- under control, it will be much easier for me to streamline the remainder of my diet (which is pretty decent in the big picture).

- I need to keep counting calories and tracking on FitDay.

Tracking what I eat makes me less likely to fall into the traps above. But I need to do it consistently and, aside from my "cheat meals" (described below), I need to record EVERYTHING. I am too quick to say, "Oh, I just ate a hot dog, candy bar, and huge bowl of ice cream, so I'm just not going to record all that today." I need to record accurately so that I know how many calories I am consuming on my off-plan days!! Hopefully, that reality shock will help me realize how damaging it is for me to have binges like this and help me to stop.

- DH is a bad influence on me, but it's not his fault.

As I've alluded to before, I commute during the week and spend three days away from home each week. I usually keep my eating very good during these days unless my roommate/SIL makes a big meal or we go out to eat. But then I come home on Thursday nights, and I eat whatever I want (usually lots of sweets and big meals!) through the entire weekend.

While DH contributes (by keeping sweets in the house, planning big meals out, etc.), it's not completely his fault. It's like I use the fact that I'm home as permission to binge on a bunch of junk -- the strangest thing, really. My commuting ends after this week (thankfully!!), so I need to learn how to eat well ALL THE TIME, whether I'm with DH or not.

To resolve this, we've talked about a few compromises. First, he's promised to stop bringing home sweets that I enjoy. Second, he's totally fine with changes to things like whole grains, reduced fat cheese, etc. He's also willing to make less fattening meals for dinner -- he is the cook in the family.

In addition, I am going to allow myself one "cheat meal" per week where I am allowed to have a big meal out at a restaurant. (For other restaurant meals -- of which there are many -- I will stay as closely on plan as possible.) It is going to be a struggle to not let my cheat meal turn into a "cheat day (or weekend)" but changes like this are always a challenge!

Wow, typing all that was incredibly therapeutic, and I appreciate anyone who got to the end. Your support and help is unbelievable!!
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Congrats on recomitting. My goals and struggles are very similar to yours so we'll have to keep eachother up to date! PM me if you would like some extra encouragement and a need to stay accountable to someone other than yourself. It's up to you.

I would replace DH with my friends/roomates, etc and I'm right there with you! I had a very off plan Easter weekend and recently (today) recommitted to my goals as well.

The only thing for me because I'm a binge eater is that I dont have cheat days because that starts a binge for me. I just have a general plan to eat healthy and if I do have a treat, I move on and forgive myself. That's what I have found is important to me. Cheat days for me are a licence to binge and I would rather have a little treat here and there than unconciously eating "because I deserve it".

Stay positive. You can do it!
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I'm in exactly the same boat. I'm also in the middle of exam period right now, and I keep telling myself that I deserve to eat all the sugar/chocolate I want until I'm done- but as of right now (I can't say today because I already ate some easter chocolate this morning!) I'm recommitting.
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Kitkat1985: My exams start in a week and a half, which is also when I'll stop commuting -- forever, since this is my last semester!

I'm trying to recommit now, so that I have a week and a half of good habits to fall back on when I want to eat everything in site once exams (and the summer!) starts. Lots of free time is not always good for weight loss.
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I know exactly where you are coming from! I fell off the wagon over the Easter weekend and my weight (some salt bloat) went up to 152...higher than when I started! I was 148.2 when I weighed this morning....I need to go to the grocery store and didn't have any healthy choices for breakfast that I wanted...ended up eating a chocolate chip cookie and some coffee! Just the usual pitfalls!

I get so depressed about dieting or watching what I eat. I guess in some subconscious way, I always resent not being able to eat whatever I want and not gaining weight! Then, a vicious cycle as it is, I get bummed out and eat something fattening/unhealthy that tastes good! Healthy eating takes much more effort sometimes. I managed to go out last night and ordered a salad (although I did use ranch full fat dressing) and some beef cabbage soup. I sabotaged it with another one of those darn cookies after I got home though!

Refusing to move my ticker back up a lb....maybe in a few days my ticker won't be a lie!
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