Featherweights Planning & Chat for Mar 26-31

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  • Hello my dears! Another new week!
    Since I'm not sure what caused my odd little surprise success last week, it was either the walking or the ff yogurt, I'm going to keep up both of those. I'm also going to try again to get in just two good weightlifting days.

    If it worked last week, it's a good plan for this week too.
  • As with my chaotic life, Monday's "plan" for me has some contingencies (got invited to an event @ Italian restaurant with free wine & appetizers... so my self-restraint will be put to the test there .)

    Breakfast - Whole-wheat toast with PB & J ~225 calories

    Snack - Bartlett Pear (they're in-season, YAY!!!) ~80 calories

    Lunch - Turkey & Pepperjack Cheese Sandwich with Wilted Mixed Greens, Applesauce ~325 calories

    Snack - Yogurt ~100 calories

    Dinner - planning to cut off at 2 glasses of wine, being careful with my apps, and maybe a bowl of soup or a salad with dressing on side -- hoping I won't go over 900 calories that I'm budgeting for this.

    Total for the day: 1,630, hopefully

    Exercise - 15 minutes upperbody & abs with weights & stability ball; 25 minutes cardio; 10 minutes abs.

    Weight-wise - I'm surprised that even when full of food, I came in at 149.8! Hopefully this means I'm officially in the 140s for good now (will change my siggy midweek if that's the case ).
  • Foods to Focus On:
    - vegetables
    - fruits
    - cottage cheese (only real source of lean protein)
    - Shreddies (limited cereal choices in the caf.)
    - skim milk
    - 3L of water a day
    NO candy. No baked goods.

    I'm reading "YOU on a Diet" it's really interesting!!! I can't really follow it's food recommendations to a T while on campus, but I'm doing it my own way. I'm really determined this week. I want to go home pounds lighter!!! RARRR!! haha.

  • Plan for this week is to "Eat conciously" so chew 20 times before swallowing and putting food down between mouthfuls. Oh yes and more water rather than tea

    Plan for today is the gym at lunch for weights only. No knee work Then teaching the little kickboxers, then home for nice sleep!

    This morning so far I've had mushrooms and a (dry) fried egg with about half a slice of ww toast. I've got brownie, pancake, ham, fig, mozzarella, ryvita, soya milk, ff cream cheese and stuff for the rest of the day.

    I've got my knee up and icing, so hopefully it will make some sort of recovery in time for leg day and running day. Not 100% sure but it may be my running shoes. Fortunately I'm getting a new pair made so they should be with me in 4-6 weeks. Until then I'll have to hobble on - or I might buy another pair in the mean time
  • Sweet talker--I'm thinking of getting that book (YOU-on a diet). I have just incorporated the "eat 6 walnuts 1/2 hour before meals" plan today....kind of yuckie before breakfast, but so far....so good. One of the co-authors was on "The View" last week. He had some actual human fat that he showed the audience...pretty disgusting and a nice reality check. He also talked about how acid reflux is caused by too much excess fat around the waist because it repositions your internal organs a bit. THAT is reason alone to want to lose weight. He mostly talked about waist weight, which is my problem--most women I know have more of a "pear" shape. It really hit home, as all of my weight gain is around my waist and upper back, but my thighs are still relatively thin (thus my michelin woman in a bikini reference) Maybe I'll add "You...On a Diet" to my list of diet books I have read. Currently, the only one that has survived a garage sale is Jorge Cruise "8 Minutes in the Morning".
  • Warlock -- I hate when men weigh less than me !! Hubby used to weigh-in at less and it bugged me

    2F -- Take care of that knee...

    You, on a Diet -- It was an ok book, for me... His attempt at jokes made me roll my eyes, pretty boring jokes... I found it to be a common sense food plan... I wouldn't recommend buying it, get it from the library, if you can, first, then buy if it's your kind of book...

    The plan this week is to stay ON PLAN through to the weekend... I'm so tired of this on during the week, off during the weekend plan... It's just a plan for disaster...

    This morning, gym for legs... Work this afternoon... That's it, That's all!
  • I woke early this morning when thunder rumbled through and the hydro flickered. As is usual, I then fell asleep and dreamed.
    I dreamed I was at someone's house who had been thinking about eating healthier to lose weight. As best as I can recall, this is what we decided.
    and she insisted on a fibrous cereal.

    Ya know ... that's not bad for a dream.
  • Happy Monday Ladies,

    My goal for this week is to continue with my plan for March of doing some form of activity every day plus eat healthy.

    My daily calorie count average was 1290 so I expect to remain at my goal weight at weigh in on Wednesday. The previous week, I averaged 1300.

    I'm very pleased how well I ate and that I exercised everyday of our 5 day vacation in Sarasota. We biked, beach walked, canoed, and danced plus everyday but one I got in my floor exercises.

    Over on the Maintainer's forum, they talk very highly of the book Thin for Life. I plan to order it from Amazon.
  • I baked 2 chickens on the wekend so my plan for supper today is chicken and salad. Not too sure about lunch I have been having peanut butter an jam lately I haven't had it in a while so it has been tasting really good. I am the type of person who will eat the same things for weeks then switch it up. I also go by what ever is on sale. lol. My goal for this week is to go outside evryday this week if it is nice enough (I love this weather)
  • OK time for a new scale.

    This morning it read as follows

    160, 165, 160, 165, 163, 160 164 all in a row.

    Something is rotten in Denmark. I hate the idea of actually spending money on a scale. I have to think about this.

    About to go on my run tough its just a tad too dark. So I thought I would pop in and say hi.

    My dad weighs less than me but thankfully my husband is 6'4" so my chances are good with him. when we met he was really thin like 165 or 160. But I was around 155 at that point. And he is much bigger now (200 ish).

    I spent Sunday in a daze. I think the 5 mile run thing is kind of shocking my body into a stupor. So Sunday was an official rest day. I have noticed that once and awhile I NEED to rest super badly. It has happened twice so far. Like a big hello from my body saying "sit yo self down girl" and I humbly obey.

    But off I go again today. Puff Puff.
  • Went to see 300 yesterday with the family. DD loved it, MIL and I made Chippendale comments about the 6-packs!, DS closed his eyes during some scenes (think Oracle!!) and DH and FIL also loved it. Pretty gory in places, doncha think?

    Eating yesterday was pretty darn good if I do say so myself. So what's up with the scale going up half a pound? Plan for today:

    B~fage 0% plain yogurt, 6 strawberries, 1 banana, 1/4 cup granola, all mixed together (about 250 cals). Better than a bowl of ice cream!!!!!
    S~apple if I'm hungry (100 cals)
    L~TJ's low fat southwest salad (170 cals)
    D~chicken and steamed broccoli and brown rice.
  • Isn't that Fage 0% DA BOMB???? It's usually out of stock in my Tesco since they only stock 12 a day Unfortunatley we get our food delivered in the last slot of the day so they are sold out by then I sometimes manage to get it at another supermarket though

    Those weren't 6-packs Allison, they were 8 packs! (ok, calm down now...)
  • Thin for Life is an excellent book...

    I added a tracker to my siggie, at the suggestion of a friend , maybe just maybe it'll keep me more accountable...

    Just bakc from a great leg workout
  • Hello everyone,

    Wow it's been forever since I've been here. I had a horrible week diet wise. First my friend visited me, then my brother... I ate a lot of junk food and went out for meals too many times to keep track of.

    So my goal this week is just to get back on track and stop feeling so overfull.
    I also saw a book at my Uni bookstore for calorie counting. I'm going to go and check it out one more time, but I think I'd like to get it. I really like calorie counting for the food variety it allows.

    Also I have to get back into exercising, because my energy has been in such a horrible place and I haven't been sleeping very well. Today I'm going to go to areabics and kickboxing.
  • Cats -- Have you ever checked out fitday.com ... It's an online journal that keeps track of your calories... Just a thought...