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Default Is it possible to lose weight without counting calories?

Has anyone lost weight with exercise and a more intuitive diet? Like cutting portion sizes and making better food choices (i.e., an apple instead of a candy bar)?

I tend to obsess about food, especially when I'm "counting" in some way, whether it be calories or a plan like Weight Watchers. Granted, I never stay with these plans very long (because the obsession freaks me out!), so maybe my problems go away after a certain point?

In any case, just trying to see how you all manage your eating!

(I'm sorry for the barrage of questions -- I enjoy learning so much from you ladies!)

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I didn't lose any weight, but I did maintain that way for about 6 months... I'm sure you could lose weight if you were a bit more strict than I was as well. I was pretty easy on myself.
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There is a thead here that discusses intuitive eating.
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When I first started losing weight I didn't calorie count I just starting exercising and slowly started changing my food and prtion sizes. i started calorie counting when I hit a wall that is when I joined here and the calorie counting helped me more with portion size.
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I started SB 10.5 weeks ago, and didn't count calories. Then I added exercise in, still not counting calories. I've lost 17 lbs. so far, but this week I've decided TO count my calories in addition to following SB. I've been surprised at how many I'm actually eating (1400-1900 a day, average 1600). I'm losing about a pound a week, which is fine with me, because that will get me to my goal in the desired amount of time, I enjoy my exercise, and I never go hungry.
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I've only counted calories for about 2 weeks. I did it just to see about where my intake fell and then just thought it was to much work to continue. My weightloss has been entirely by portion control, healthier food and lots of exercise. Completely doable and much less stressfull IMHO.
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Three years ago, I counted calories daily ... I kept up at that for about a year. Eventually I knew how many calories were in all the different foods I eat. After counting for so long, I now know how much food is "too much" for one day, more intuitively. But it's easier to cheat when you do things intuitively and don't set a numeric limit for your daily intake.
So ... you don't need to obsess about it, but it'd be good to try keeping a journal at least of what you eat on a given day, or maybe try recording calories for a week just to see the average. It's just easier to see what changes you should make if you try SOME counting, to get on track and get somerough goals for daily intake in mind.
I agree that it's too much work to do all the time. These days, I usually just add up in my head the rough estimates. I've been losing weight so I think I'm doing good. But in order to do it "intuitively," it's good to know what the actual numbers are first (like the saying, "you have to learn the rules to know when to break them").
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There is no one right way to lose weight, so give it a try for a few weeks and watch the scale to see if it works for you.

I have a hard time with "intuitive eating," because my hunger signals often get very screwed up. Now that I am eliminating processed foods, especially processed high glycemic carbs, it's gotten better, and I haven't had to count calories or points or carbs, but I still sort of estimate in my head out of habit. Eating/chewing very slowly helps me alot too, but I can't control myself with some foods, so I avoid them or have them in a situation where it's easy to limit myself (buying one ice cream bar, rather than a box or a gallon of ice cream).
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I, too, would probably not do too well with intuitive eating, esp. since I eat out regularly and more foods than you'd expect have hidden calorie bombs!

That being said, I'm not too strict on myself on calorie counting either -- rounding off foods to the nearest 50 so the math is easier to do.
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I haven't a clue how many calories I'm eating. Mine is all based on portion sizes. And what's acceptable on my program. I eat really basic tho. Like lean protein/salads/fruits/wasa bread instead of sliced bread/ water water water...
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