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Hii, I'm Stacie and I'm stumbled across this site while looking for some iinspiration to lose weight.

Everyone that I've come across on here seems to be doing so well. So the first thing I wanetd to say was congratulations! You're all doing so well. Keep at it.

I don't know any of you yet. So I doubt you'll care. But I really need some help.

Being a teenage girl, I am realyl uncomfortable in my body. I just feel so fat all the time. And, like everyone else, I compare myself to others and that makes me feel even worse. I've started this new diet and it's just liek any other. It's not really working and I can't get any motivation to keep at it. Any advice would much appreciated.

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Hi . . .

Unfortunately, I really can't read your post . . . the light pink just doesn't register . . . perhaps you could check-in again, using a darker colour?
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StacieJay, first let me ask you a couple questions...
1. How old are you?
2. How tall are you?

Unless you are maybe under 5 feet PLEASE don't wish to be 90lbs!!! I would love to see 120lbs again!!

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be fit and healthy but the key words are fit and healthy. The number on the scale does not determine that. And there is a such thing as being to thin. Once you have a realistic approach to weight loss that's when things will get easier and you can work toward your goal.

You also have to understand that almost every teenager is going to feel awkward in their bodies... you have to learn to love yourself, inside and out. No matter what. When I was in high school I was and going through what you are now, I was told to focus on just one thing I loved about my body and start from there. The only thing I could find was a cute little freckle on my right foot.
I have a 13 year old daughter who is already 5' 10" and 129lbs. Talk about feeling awkward... she is about a foot taller than all her friends and weighs a good 20lbs lighter. Now she would look disgusting if she was 109lbs because of her hight however she obsesses about the number on the scale as well. Wanting to be the same weight as her friends is truly unhealthy and unrealistic... The point of this is that you are not alone. I'm not trying to lecture you, I just want to make sure that you are approaching this in a healthy manner.

Besides the number on the scale... what do you want to see when you look in the mirror? I'm here for you if you need to talk, have questions or need motivation. We all are. Also remember, we aren't doctors so your physical and mental health can't and shouldn't be evaluated by us.

I hoped I helped you somewhat...


PS as previous poster stated, change the color of your font. It's barely readable.
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Welcome, Stacie!! I had some trouble reading your text too -- maybe a darker pink would work?

First let me tell you that even though we don't know you, we DO care. This board is full of a bunch of people who've never met each other, and we get close because we're sharing this weight loss journey together! You can always come for support.

I do want to ask you a couple of things. The way I'm reading your currently weigh 115 and have a goal of 90? I'm not sure what your height is, but that seems like a very low weight. In order to have a healthy BMI at 90 pounds, you'd have to be 4'10" or shorter. Am I reading your ticker wrong, are you very short, or are you looking to lose 90 pounds and that's how the ticker is set up? I guess it would help if we clarify all that.'ve stumbled upon the 100lb. club, which is great because we're great people! But we're all struggling with the problems that go along with trying to lose 100 pounds or more. If you really do weigh 115, you're still certainly welcome to post here because we love new people, but you may want to seek out an additional forum on the board that will support your particular struggle. A person who starts at 120 has very different needs and experiences from a person who starts at 275. So by all means, keep posting here...clarify the ticker thing, if you can, and we'll see you around!!
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Ok hopefully this colour is better?
Well I'm 5 ft exactly so I'm not really the tallest! And I'm only 16.
Thank you ChocoBroc and LisaMarie for your advice. I see what you mean about BMI and I worked mine out and it's 23 roughly. I worked out my sister's too (who is 14) and she is 5'5 and weighs the same as me. So hers is alot lower, obviously. But, I find that's so demotivating as she is the same weight as me but she's so much slimmer.

And to top things off, she has a boyfriend. I don't.

So, the thing I need help with, is how can I stay motivated? I just giv up too quickly and loose my focus?

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Lightbulb Hi Stacie....

At one time, I was you. 5FT and not really overweight but at the higher end of normal for my height and I had a sister who could eat anything and stay tiny and always seemed to have a boyfriend. Here is the advice I wish someone had offered me. Stop comparing yourself to your sister. You are not her and she is not you. Next stop going by the scale. Eat lots of fruits and veggies, lean proteins and complex carbs. Make 80% of your food intake healthy but save some room for some treats. Find an a physical outlet that you love--running, swimming, an organized sport etc. and go for it. Get interested in things outside yourself. Volunteer in your community. Keep a diary and get to know yourself well. When you treat yourself and those around you well everything else comes together. You will get fit and healthy and feel good about yourself without needing a specific number on the scale. The best part about it is you will be setting yourself up for a lifetime of healthy habits. Lots of hugs and good wishes for you!
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Thank you casey
That was a really nice message.
I'm going to see how things go but I will keep you all up to date.

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