Featherweights For those with just a few pounds, or trying to lose those last few pounds.

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Default Featherweights Planning for Mar 5 to 11

Ready for it? Ready for the start of a shiney new week? What is your 'thing' of the week going to be. What is the little tweak you're going to make that sends some of those last few pounds ... gone!

Mine is cardio and I've even got a ticker up and running. I'm surprised what I'm willing to do to make that ticker move.
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No baked goods for meeeee!!! It's my serious downfall, it's my evil point to spiral from...they're deadly and I'm done with them!!!
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I am going to try to up my exercise a little bit. I'm very consistent with my exercise but maybe I could be doing a little bit more.
I'd also like to try at least one new recipe this week.
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I'm back to salads. DH and I went to dinner Friday night and split a salad and appetizer. I was amazed at how much I adored the salad. (Remember, I'm the one craving comfort food in the "cold" weather.) Anyway, we'll have salad for lunch 4 days and salad for dinner twice this week. Let's see what it does to the scale!!!
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Thumbs up

My goal for this week is to see the number 140 on the scale.

Last week I saw 141.6 for the first time since high school.

How am I going to do it? I'm going to stick to oatmeal foe breakfast, eat lean protein w/ some salads and cut out the chocolate I've been eating this past week. I'm also going to make sure to record every single bit of food accurately -- (I've been neglecting to include those 3-5 small York Peppermint Patty's I've been munchin' on and just realized that they are each 55 calories... and that adds up!) One little bite -- 55 calories. Poof.

Good luck to you all! Can't wait to drop these last 10 lbs!!!!!!!!
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aka Superwoman!
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The plan for this week is: To add some interval cardio to my weights sessions. Last week I was adjusting to my new program and boy was it hard! This week I think I could push a little harder with the cardio.

Also with my Intuitive Eating I have been doing very well and the scale is ROCK STEADY! Which doesn't even usually happen when I'm trying hard to lose weight! So I have no idea what that means! But this week I am going to tell myself to be a little hungrier before I eat. Last week I was eating because I knew I needed it at that time, but I think this week I will actually try and lose a little bit of weight, so I am saying that I have to have tummy grumbles and feel REALLY hungry before I eat, rather than just feeling a bit empty.

I had a great weekend - I went to my old school for their careers day. I met a few people I haven't seen in 7 years and they were mighty impressed! I went for lunch with 2 friends and DH and we had the most amazing lunch and then DH and I went shopping and I bought 3 handbags (purses!) I'm really only declaring one, since the best one was £45, then two others were £6 and £2 My £6 is a new kickboxing one - it's got flowers on and is GIRLY! :flower: and my £2 one is one that will fit in the bike panniers that I can use every day for work. The most expensive one is a posh big handbag that I can use when I'm dressed up.

I also visited my granny with banoffee pie I had to take something to soften the blow of the critisism of my wedding photos. Yes. Really. Apparently I was carrying my train, "Like an old overcoat." And it was too dark for good photos It was an afternoon wedding in November, it's not like we were surprised that it went dark at 4pm! Anyway!

Then yesterday I tidied my room! I can now shut one wardrobe door and all my shoes are actually inside the wardrobe... And most of my clothes are in there too! We went to the library too, and I got some cookery books out. I am going to try and be more adventurous and get DH into cooking. It's a tough job but someone's got to do it!

So yes, all good! I've got weights and some cardio at lunch and kickboxing tonight.
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Sounds like this is going to be a cardio week for everyone! My goal is the same. Went to the gym this morning for the first time in a few weeks, and did cardio intervals on the elliptical. Felt really good. Now I'm going to do my lower body exercises. Really prefer to do cardio afterwards, but if I don't hit the gym at 5 when it opens, I won't be able to get on the elliptical right away.

Fru, looks like this may be the beginning of spring cleaning fever....I did the same thing, cleaned my bedroom, went through all my clothes and got two big bags full for the thrift store. If I'm retiring soon, and my present job work dress is casual, I don't need all the suits, skirts and jackets that have been sitting in my closet these past years. A new leaf!

Determined....you must be feeling soooo good about your loss, and the new you. Good luck with that pound plus disappearing.

Hope everyone's weekend was a good one, and may this be a great week!
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Ilene the Bean
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Hey gang, sorry I've been MIA , life had been getting in the way so I was away from the computer...

This week it's exercise as usual, I always workout a LOT so working out is not a problem...Soooo for me it's food, clean, clean, clean... No bites and tastes as I go along through my day, that's a big problem for moi...

Later gang, I am at work, so I can't stay on long... TTFN
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Hi everybody!

First - I'm sorry for being largely non-present lately. I know for many of us this means we're slipping, but I am proud to say that for me, it does NOT. It was actually a time for getting myself back on-track. I find that when I spend too much time on the boards, it actually has a negative effect. I start thinking too much about weight, exercise & food issues (obsessing, really!), and I also start listening too much to what is SUPPOSED to work and forget what I KNOW works FOR ME.

This morning, I saw 145.0 on the scale. That is the lowest I'd gotten to when I started this journey before the Xmas holidays, so now I can start going DOWN again. I am feeling revved up, and really good about my ability to lose some weight right now!

That said, my goal for this week is to stay focused on what works FOR ME. I have learned over time that some of the tried & true things that are almost weight loss mantras DO NOT work for me. Eating six small meals a day does not work for me. When I do this, I am constantly hungry, take in more calories overall, and any possible increase in metabolism is not enough to make up for that. What works FOR ME is eating three meals per day, at mealtimes. Calorie counting does not work for me. I end up keeping my calories too low because I am so freaked out by the numbers, and my loss stalls. What works FOR ME is having a fairly short list of "staple" foods that I eat (think South Beach Phase I but with a couple of add-ins like high fiber cereal and fruit), and then having to make a conscious choice each time I add in something that isn't on that list. There are others, but those are some of the biggest ones.

Tomorrow could be my lowest weight yet. . .
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Good morning ladies! Well I had a awesome weekend exercise wise...I made it to the gym Friday, Sat, and Sunday which for me is a miracle it itself. My eating was okay not good not bad just kinda in between but this week I wanto to really focus on the eating and see if I can get into a groove with that. Along with the eating I want to continue on with my exercise. I am starting to see little changes in my body due to the strengh training and I'm liking it. I have only been at the strengh training for a few weeks now so really excited to see what happens with a few more weeks of it. This week not to much going on, just the ususal running around. I am getting really excited though because at the end of the month the ladies of my family and I are going downtown to see Wicked! I heard it was fantastic and just love live performances like that. Well that is about all for me. It sounds like we all have great plans for this week so lets stick with them and see how wonderful we feel while taking care of ourselves. Have a great day everyone!
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Hello everyone and happy March.

Well my big change this month is that I am actually running consistantly. Makes me feel like a totally new and remade woman.

This month I am going to work on evening out the muscles in my body. My left shoulder and my right knee are very naughty and I have to hold them accountable by excercising separately.

On a more personal note my daughter is fully weaned. Yippee.

So run run run. Lift lift lift. And of course eat well.

Spring is in the air!
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Default Adding push-ups to the mix

Susan B inspired me to add push-ups to my morning routine. Again, my goal is to gain strength so I can sail my Hobie Wave better in two months.

Artmaker - thanks for the tip about doing bicycles. I'll try them and see if they hit the same muscles I use when I'm hiking out on the sailboat. When I said I was doing sit-ups, I probably should have said crunches. My knees are bend up so that the small of my back is press into the floor. My head is craddled so I'm not lifting from my neck. I really concentrate on the stomach muscles below my belly button.

A future goal will be to add upper body weights to my schedule so I can crank in the jib on our large sailboat faster and pull myself up on the trapoline of the Hobie Wave after I've righted it from a capsize.

Yesterday, DH and I took a too long bike ride. He had looked online at an ariel view of our township and found a lake we haven't seen yet. He greatly underestimated the time it would take. It was a struggle for me to get there and then even harder to get back. Plus, I was still very saddle sore from Saturday's off road bike trip.

Today, we're going for a walk because it'd be too cold on the bikes with the wind chill below freezing.

Have a great day everyone and stick to your plans!
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Originally Posted by Su-Bee View Post
What works FOR ME is having a fairly short list of "staple" foods that I eat and then having to make a conscious choice each time I add in something that isn't on that list.
Su-Bee~that totally works for me, too! I have a list of "approved" breakfast, snack and lunch items to choose from and then each week I create a list of desired dinners. At dinner time, I tally up what I have eaten throughout the day and decide on a dinner based on what I've had so far. I do still count calories, but I have to say that I'm not extra diligent like I should be.

This week, with adding the salads to my routine, I will get back to 140 by Friday (no doubt about that--I seem to do it EVERY week) but this time I will be extra good over the weekend and KEEP IT OFF!!!
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Sleek and Fit. Finally.
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Hey hope you guys don't mind if I jump in.

So I really want to stay on track with my calorie counting this week. That's my main goal. To do that I'm going to measure things out and work on double checking calories in the foods I tend to eat every day! Don't want any underestimation going on here. Since I'm recording my food I'm going to make sure I get in enough fiber as well. Is it 30-35grams of fiber a day? Or is it more/less? I'm shooting for 30 anyway (was a little low yesterday.).

Anyway I'll do more planning later, right now I have to get ready for class. See you all later and good luck.
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Just jump in that's the only way to fly! Rest assured we're happy you're here!
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