Featherweights - what's your story?

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  • Hello all!

    I've never been overweight, but was never really skinny either. I gained some weight during my late 20's that left me displeased with the way I looked and felt. It took a lot of work, but I lost almost 25lbs over two years before I got married. Since then, I've had one child, suffered a few chronic injuries that leave exercise (especially cardiovascular exercise), difficult and painful, and seen the return of some of the binge eating habits I had in my single days. That, along with a slowing metabolism, has resulted in an 8 pound weight gain. Over the last year and a half since weaning my first child I've lost the same 5 pounds 3 times!

    Super frustrating.

    So I am here to re-develop my healthy eating habits, do all the exercise I can (under the guidance of my physical therapist), and lose at least 5 of these 8 pounds for good. Or at least until I'm pregnant again.

    looking forward to meeting you all.

    btw: today hasn't gone well. I had a croissant for breakfast.
  • Hello,
    I am 46 and never had a weight problem until I hit my mid 30's... I am small build and only 5' and 3/4" so you can imagine what a struggle it is to keep weight off. I am not one to want to be skinny. I like my curves but want to be healthy..my goal is 127 and I currently weigh 143.6 and am at my heaviest. My doctor just told me my bmi is 50%. I am not active and do not go to the gym, I don't walk because I have no one to walk with. I have lost weight at age 37 on WW till I figured out how to manipulate it and then it stopped working, then I did fat smash and lost 9 pounds and gained some back.. My freak out and go on a diet weight used to be 132 and now Im 11 lbs heavier than that. Ive also done medifast, and keto. I like my wine at least once or twice a week. I don't eat sweets, but I love carbs even though I am gf I love corn chips, grits, rice, gf pasta.... I rarely let myself have those and of recent have been doing keto with intermittent fasting and even no alcohol and still can't lose weight! I am starting to feel like giving up. I could definitely use some ideas and encouragement.