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Default Fat Smashers Weekly Support 11/6- 11/12


I am ready for a great week. My birthday is tomorrow. I am gonna be 40! I can't believe it. I don't feel 40. I guess having a 16 month old keeps me feeling young. lol.

DH is working in Indiana for a week. He will be coming home on Friday nights. So, we are changing our weigh in day to Saturday. I miss him so much! But, the money is better and he gets weekends off. I don't know how long he will be working out of state. I have had to adjust my menus. He took his oatmeal with him. lol. He called me last night and told me that he had gone to the store and gotten lots of veggies and fruit for the week.

Is everyone getting ready for Thanksgiving. DH usually cooks our Thanksgiving meal...but he will be working and won't be home until the night before Thanksgiving. He will get in about midnight. SO, I am gonna have to TRY to make some of the meal. We like to make some of what we can ahead of time so we aren't rushing around on Thanksgiving morning trying to get everything done.


Here is a link to last week's thread:


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Just a few more pounds...
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This is being reposted from the wrong thread that I used this morning! YIKES! Guess my coffee hadn't kicked in yet! LOL

Hello on this fine chilly Florida morning! I'm sitting here with my cup of coffee and trying to think of up new things to eat! I'm also trying to decide if I am going to start phase 3 or not. I would really like more varity in my food Basically, I think I want to eat the whole wheat pasta and bread. I am really missing bread and pasta. My family loves the carbs, what can I say .

Smartbutt -- first off, LOVE the name! And what is Product 19 ? Never heard of it.

Buttercup -- 20 miles a week !! AWESOME I just want to be able to walk once a day. But since I found a "battle buddy" (dh is in the army and I started using their phrases! LOL) hopefully, I will be able to walk/run those 20 miles with you soon!

Sherry -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I know what you mean about not feeling your age! I just turned 36 and have an almost 5 yo, 2 yo (in 13 days) and 12 week old. I'm one of the "older" moms! That always makes me laugh! And when the kids have play dates, sometimes I forget that I'm not 26 like the rest of the moms! I am in the paper planning phase of Thanksgiving ! And I am not going to be making "diet" food for Thanksgiving! We will be inviting some of Sean's single soldiers over for the day and I think that we will be sponsoring a couple more sailors (we live on a navy base) through the USO program that finds places for all of the military personnel that are away from home during the holidays.

Have a good day all!

Take care,
Bonnie Jean
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Good morning to all of you beautiful ladies. Sherry thanks for starting
the new thread to day !! oh!! poor you , you will be the big 40!! ha!!
Wishing you a great birthday tomorrow. , just incase i cant get on.
Looking forward to thanksgiven. Sorry your hubby is working out of town.
My dd has the same problem My sil is working in new york city right now.
THAT THE FIRST TIME GO FIGURE. Ladies thanks for all the support.
fat smashers rock!! let 's keep on smashing our fat!! ha!! ha!! Have a great
Hugs LInda
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Good Morning Fellow Fat Smashers!!!! I hope Everyone had a great Weekend!!!

Unfortunately I fell off the Diet wagon this weekend and did a lot of cheating. Not really to upset with myself because I was suffering from the dreaded TOM and also a head cold which I am still fighting today. I only ate once on Saturday which was some Chicken terriyaki with white rice (ugh!). Sunday was a little better except I ate pieces of the best chocolate cookies and I had a bag of Doritos . I was craving the salt and I just wanted something yummy.

But today is Monday so I am back on it and ready to face this very short work week with renewed enthusiasim

Sherry Happy 40th. I hope you have great day.

To everyone else Keep on Smashing!!!!

Goal for November is 8 lbs.
Goal for December: Maintaining. (its the Holidays)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHERRY! I am sure you will have a great day tomorrow and a great week! I am with you, back to P1 for me today as well. I officially went on P2 last Wed and traveled over the weekend and ate 2 pieces of bread along w/ entirely too much meat/seafood. I ate at Cracker Barrel yesterday which was also disasterous - 2 cornbread muffins and hashbrown casserole! Everything else I ate was ok but I ate too much fish. I am having trouble getting the 3-4 oz of meat under control so I am going back to P1 to hopefully get another 5 lbs off before I try again. I am afraid if I don't I will keep gaining! We can do it! Let us know how your P1 is going. I am skipping weigh in the first of this week because if I gained anything over the weekend, I don't want to know about it so I will weigh in on Friday after a few days of detoxing. Take care...

Congrats Linda...thats a lot of lbs to lose on detox, keep up the great work!

After reading some of the other threads, it looks like a lot of us had rough weekends! We can get back on track this week though. Good luck to everyone! Lem
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Less is more.
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Morning y'all
I'm on my 6th day of phase 1. I cheated a bit over the weekend. But only for dinner time. I find that I have little willpower when there is (bad) food in the house. Like the pan of BBQ ribs in the frige right now, and the left over birthday cake, and ice cream. I find it so much better if the house was empty of that stuff. It seems I don't crave what isn't around the house.
Because of my cheating, I'm going to work out overtime this week and detox for a extra 2 days to make up for my cheating.

My dad And I have been talking about what recipies to use for Thanksgiving. (we are the major cooks in the family)... We're thinking of pit roasting the turkey (as in digging a big hole, make a fire and throwing the turkey in ^_^ ) I hear the turkey comes out yummy and moist.

I really need help with my sunflower seed habbit. I just can't seem to stop snacking on them. a handfull here,.. another there. I should at least get the low/no sodium kind -_-...
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Today is my birthday (I'm 53) and my dh asked me if I wanted to go out for dinner tonight. I told him no. My son stopped by (23 yrs. - going on 12) & although he technically still lives at home he's been staying with his girlfriend's family (her Mom is very ill & he's between jobs so he's been helping) & was complaining why I didn't want to go out to dinner for my birthday.

I told him I went out yesterday to a wedding shower & don't feel like eating at a restaurant tonight. He can't understand it (he wants to go to a restaurant, obviously). I don't feel deprived or anything, though. I really don't want to dine out. So he's going through the cabinets/fridge talking about all my "healthy" cereals & stuff and it was pretty funny. He's yelling out, "bran, plain shredded wheat, skim milk, soy; is this what old people eat?" Prior to FS we were battling about whole wheat pasta & bread (I wasn't buying any of the regular stuff anymore). I keep telling him that once you get used to the switch it actually tastes better. He doesn't agree - LOL!

Sherry - Another Scorpio - my dil's birthday was Nov. 3rd. In fact, my grandfather was 10/31, my brother was 11/1, my dad was 11/5 & I was 11/6. We had one big b-day party for all of us!

What does your dh do?

Bonnie Jean - Product 19 is another corn flake like cereal. Not sure if I've seen it at the stores lately but maybe it's still out there.

I've always looked younger than my age & people actually think my granddaughter is my daughter when we're out together. In fact, when my 28 yr. old son & I go out with the grandkids we get funny looks sometimes. My dil wants to get me a t-shirt that says, " I am his mother!"

Although I don't really miss whole wheat bread & pasta, I might not make spaghetti sauce again until Phase III. I don't think I'll try another spaghetti squash and although it was better over brown rice, it just isn't the same as over the whole wheat pasta.

Linda - That was a great loss! Congrats! Usually when I start something over I lose less the 2nd time around.

Nelle - I think I've been doing good because of my cold/flu thing. Normally when I'm sick I don't want good food, just junk (candy, chips, etc.). Hope you're feeling better and can get back on track.
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Happy Early Birthday Sherry!!!! I give you the gift of willpower that I did NOT have last month during my b-day!

I got a p/t job which will be good since I will have to be on my feet walking around (sales at a retail store). I've done nothing diet wise and I am feeling it.

I need to get back on track but am having a lot of trouble with it...

Have a good week ladies!
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Default 6 Days In


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Hello Everyone!

I just needed to confess somewhere what I did this weekend.

On Saturday I had 5 small cookies, and a couple of hershey kisses. Besides that all day I only had fruit and veggies w/ dip

I shoudl haev eaten before the party, but I just didnt get a chance...so I unfortuanteley ate cookies. I was clean this whole time and was suppose to start Phase III on Wed.

Should I not start Phase III yet?

The good news is, 2 months ago I woudl have eaten everything and anything that I could get my hands on at the party, I would have eaten pasta, meat, cheese, chips, etc.... But I resisted until the very end.

How bad is this?
Should I skip Phase III for another week?
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Hey all,

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Bonnie Jean~ Did you decide if you were going to start phase 3? I am no where near ready for phase 3! lol. How is your "battle buddy" working out? I am one of the "older" moms, also. Dh and I are going to be ttc again after the first of the year. Joshua needs a sibling. I have pcos... so it will be hard to get pg again.. It took 12 years to get Joshua. UGH! I think we are going to mix some traditional food and some lighter food for Thanksgiving. We will be having sweet potatoes instead of potato salad. But, we are going to have stuffing. I love pumpkin pie.. so that will be our dessert. That is great that you are having sailors over for the holiday who can't go home.

Linda~ YOU ROCK! That is an awesome loss! I hope I do half as good this time on phase 1.

Fashion Nelle~ Good to see you have renewed enthuasium and are ready to face the week with lots of will power. You can do it!

Lem~ I am going to skip my next weigh in, too. I will just wait and weigh in on the 10th day. When I was on phase 2.. dh would separate the meat into freezer baggies when I brought it home from the store. He just put enough for both of us to have 4 oz. lol. He knows I can't be trusted to do it "just right".

Sakai~ I am the same way! If there is food in the house that I am not supposed to have... I think about it all the time until I just have to eat it. SO.... I don't buy stuff that I can't have. If we have a "treat"... we go out to eat. I know my limits. That turkey sounds good. As far as the sunflower seed go... I think you answered your own question when you said you can't have "bad" food in the house. lol. DON'T BUY THEM!!

Judy~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, TOO!! Does it seem like your birthday falls on election day a lot? I can remember when I was a kid thinking that I had to share my day with the election. lol. I hope you have a great day! You do have a lot of November babies in your family. Dh is a steel structure welder/fabricator. He reads the plans, then lays out and welds the steel for huge buildings. He was promoted to foreman... but it included some travel. Every job won't be out of state. Each project is referred to as a "job". I think the current job is a bank of some sort.

Jenn~ Thanks for the will power! I don't think I will need it until the weekend. Dh comes home then. I don't have anyone to do anything with until then. Congrats on the job. I understand that it can be hard to get back on track... but YOU CAN DO IT!!! Just take it one day or even one meal at a time.

crackers~ THANKS!

ChipMonster~ I guess it is up to you. I messed up on phase 2 and went back to detox. I think that is what a lot of us have done. Dr. Ian says that if you mess up.... you can go back to the previous phase for a few days or detox again. Good Luck to you!

Have a great afternoon Smashers!

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Default Day 2 of Phase 1

Hi Smashers,

I am new to the FS plan but not new to the 3FC boards. Usually I am in the 100 club and as of recent have been bascially in lurk mode.

I am on Day 2 of P1. I am going through caffiene withdrawal and had a horrible afternoon yesterday. I ended in bed from 3 until 7 with a raging headache and the chills. I got up ate a small meal and was back in bed by 9. I was shocked at how much I have become dependent on caffiene. I thought I was doing well with one strong double mug in the morning. I guess my double mug counted for a lot more that I had thought before. My coffee is always very strong. I was probably getting double caffiene.

I hope today is the last day of the headache/withdrawal. Don't most people get over it within 24 to 36 hours? When the headache stops then I am going to go to the gym.

Happy Birthday Judy and Sherry!
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Hi Judy, I was suprised that i lost more this time then the first . Iam kinda
scared to be on phase 2!!Since i lost so much , i may not lose or gain.
But anyway i have been on Phase 2 today. Hope you had a great day.
Hugs LInda
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Default 6 Days In


GLAD YOURE HERE.... I had a headach for about 5 days but only the first 3 were bad, hope your head feels better.
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Default Day one of P1

I decided it was time for a life change now that I can no longer deny my place solidly in my 30's. I did some investigation and this appealed to me because a) it's free *g* b) no laborious math to be done calculating and counting points and c) it isn't really a fad diet, but a life plan.

I have to say I was truly shocked when I stepped on the scale this morning and saw the number. I've never been this heavy (I spent a good ten years at a size 14 and now am a 20/22) so I want to get myself under control.

The only problem I'm having is a wicked caffeine headache, but that should fade after a couple of days. I hope I can successfully change my life!
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