Fat Smash?

  • i would like to know if it is a meal planner or it just tells me what i eat in each pase? cuz i dont really like meal planners that tell me exactly what to eat.
  • HI,
    It has a food list for each phase and you can eat anything on the food list. There are some foods that you can only eat a certain amount of but others are as much as you want (fruits and vegetables are in that category).

  • If you are thinking about trying all I can say is go for it. It is fairly inexpensive to do and I have had NO problem sticking to it. I am day 4 of phase 1.

    I have not been hungry at all and feel great!

    Whatever you do, good luck!!
  • If you can find the Oct 17th issue of Woman's World magazine it gives an idea of the plan and some example menus for the detox phase. As mentioned, it doesn't tell you what to eat at every meal, it gives you selections of what you can eat and how to eat (5 mini meals).

    I've been on many plans and this is one of the least restrictive. Some find detox to be a bit difficult but it's only for 9 days and then you can start adding other things in.

    Like any plan, if you abuse it, especially since it is less restrictive than many diets, you won't be successful. I still have to restrict myself even when I get to Phase II and I reach goal and maintain.