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  • I LOVE this diet so far, I'm on day 3 and even with temptations I'm having no problem. I even got my book at my local library! So I didn't even have to pay for it!

    I previously followed weight watchers which I liked but I found myself always thinking of food... making sure I always ate every last point. Now I don't have to count anything it's just healthier eating, which makes you feel proud of yourself!

    Good luck everyone!!
  • Fat Smash Diet
    I am on day nine of the detox phase. I really like this new healthy eating plan. I haven't felt hungry at all on this plan. I haven't weighed in as of yet. i am waiting until tomorrow morning for that. That is my hardest part, staying off thw scale. The numbers always seem to get me down. I am taking a new approach and telling myself I can only weigh in once after each phase (1-3) is complete. I enjoy reading all of the stories of peoples success and questions on here. It really helps me to see other people are doing this too.
  • wow, sounds interesting. I think I am going to go buy the book right now. Why not? sounds like a good way to get into the lifestyle change I need, and I miss some of the foods that are on there, that I have cut out, mostly the carb based stuff. I am glad I found this thread, thanks guys!
  • How does soy based "meats" work into the diet? Can I have them in phase 1? Today is day one of phase one for me and also first day of the rest of my skinny life!
  • Today is day one of phase one for me too!
  • Quote: How does soy based "meats" work into the diet? Can I have them in phase 1? Today is day one of phase one for me and also first day of the rest of my skinny life!
    It says you can have soy, so it should be fine.

    That's the only bad thing about this diet, sometimes it can be kind of vague. It's alright though, because it gives you a little leeway and it's still promoting a totally different way of eating.
  • Greetings from the Newest Newbie
    I'm just finishing D2, trouble so far at all. I don't think I've seen another male on this forum, so I hope you don't think I'm an intruder. I'm starting this diet at 280 lbs, and want to get to 170 lbs. It seems like an insurmountable task, but I'm hoping it will be made easier by being in a group like this.

    I do have one question, especially for those who have already lost a lot of weight. After P4, with quite a bit of weight to lose, do you stay on P4, or go back to an earlier P?

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!

  • There's a few other guys lurking about, no worries!

    I think that would be up to your own judgement. Dr. Ian says if you plateau, go back to P1 or P2 til you lose the weight, stay on for one extra day, then jump back to P4. It's all about how you feel though, ultimately.
  • I'm so excited about this diet!!! I'm on the 7th day of Phase one and feeling great!!!
  • Hello all,
    I did the FatSmash 3 years ago and lost close to 40 pounds, unfortunately life happened and I slowly went back to my old eating habits. I am considering going back on the Fat Smash because it really is about learning how to eat well. The sellingpoint for me was that I emailed Dr. Ian Smith after he was on my favorite radio show, and he got back to me within a day. I was ablet o keep in contact with him and was very motivated through this. Skeptical at first that it may have just been an assistant I asked him specific questions that pertained to the people he met on this radio show and he answered them, proving to me that it was realyl him. He is now campaigning a program called the 1 million pound challenge which has been interesting to read.
    Good luck all, I hope I can get back in the groove.
  • back on the wagon
    hi all,

    i'm back again on the FS for what i really hope will be the last time.

    I did the detox, lost 5.5, but gained 2.5 after not moving into phase II. was that a mistake, do you think? i know we have to boost the metabolism, but i was afraid to eat more fat. exercise is not the problem. i really hope it's not my age (47) because that's not going to get better!

    by the way, the pizza recipe (chickpeas and oats), oh my!, so good with sauteed peppers and onions and some rice mozarella and rice parmesan, all crisped up!

    i've seen that some of you suggest rice pasta. is that not refined food and prohibited? we have it in the house all the time, my daughter has celiac sprue, and i would love a plate of pasta!

    talk to you soon.
  • NEWBIE HERE! I am on day three and starting to feel like a normal person again. Those first 2 days were very hard for me. (Probably more from caffeine withdrawal then the food)

    Looking forward to making a change and definitely more aware of all the junk I had been putting in my mouth! So wish me luck and I hope to make some friends on here who will keep me on the straight and narrow! lol