Finshed with Phase 1...... On to Phase 2

  • Good morning all,

    My husband and I are finally finished with Phase 1 of the diet, it was hard, but towards the end it got allot easier, My total weight lost for phase 1 was 6lbs, I'm so excited, my husbands weight lost was 7lbs. We are on our way to meeting our goals.

    There are lots of things the book does not included in the allowed and not allowed section of the book, like can I use cream in my coffee, or powered cream. If anyone knows the answer to this question please chime in. Or if anyone know where I can find many answers. I really excited to start phase 2, but the book is not 100% helpful.

    Thank you all
  • Yay!!!

    So happy for you both!

    My hubby and I are on day 7

    Cant answer your questions but wanted to say Congrats on making it this far!!
  • Thank you so much, and Congrats on making it to day 7 LOL
  • I am pretty sure you can have fat-free creamers, just like you can have skim milk. I don't see why not.