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fireballgirl 04-19-2009 03:54 PM

Fat Smash Vs. Extreme Fat Smash
Hi everyone,

I read the sticki about FS vs. EFS and went to the bookstore to get FS because I have about 90 lbs. to lose. But when I got there, they were out of FS:(, so I just got EFS. I was thinking about trying it, but just adding a few hundred calories, as it seems that that is why they recommend it for people who have less to lose.

My question is ... how different are the two diets? Has anyone done both and prefers one over the other? Could I start EFS tomorrow and then switch to FS after that? Any ideas?


SheilaG 04-22-2009 02:19 PM

Hi Amberly.
Although I too have both books, I'm doing the Extreme Fat Smash because I have less than 30 pounds to lose.

The EFS consists of 3 Cycles, each 1 week in length. You are provided a daily meal plan and you have to eat the items and quantities provided, basically 3 hours apart. You eat 4 meals daily and you may have up to two 100-calorie snacks each day as well. Celery and carrots are unlimited.

Exercise is a major component of the plan and you are required to do Cardio 6 days a week, varying from 40 - 70 minutes based on your dieting type.

If you still have more to lose after the 3 cyles you can repeat cyles as necessary...you just can't do the same cycle back to back.

I've only skimmed through the FS book but from what I remember there are Phases, the first being Detox where you can eat unlimited specific fruits and vegetables. I'm sure somebody else can elaborate mo

joyc21 04-24-2009 10:45 AM

I have both books and have tried both. I had a lot of success with the EFS but had trouble with FS (oddly enough). EFS is much more regimented. You are given a meal plan of specific foods to eat each day plus you get 2 100 calorie snacks. With the regular FS, you have a list of foods to chose from for each phase as well as foods that are prohibited in each phase, so you can design your own meal plan accordingly. You can have more food with regular FS, but I had trouble with the Detox phase because of the restrictions.

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