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  • Does anybody know if seaweed salad is cool for any phase? Driving into work today I started thinking about different foods to mix it up and keep my palet entertained. I've always found it easier to get down on yourself, bored, frustrated, whatever, when you don't have something to look forward to in the short term. For me it can be as simple as getting something a little different for lunch -- and while I'm on the subject how many pieces of sashimi would be 3-4 ounces? What am I supposed to do - bring my food scale into the sushi joint and lay it on the table?
  • Haha JAF- I say awesome also

    I think seaweed salad would be okay- depending on what else you put into it- I remember seeing a recipe for seaweed soup that was phase 1, and isn't seaweed in miso soup? My sister and I ate a ton of miso soup with tofu when we were on phase 1

    Thanks Kritter- yeah I do keep a food journal, I guess last weekend with my bday celebration and all the stuff going on (I ate out three times!) I overdid it- I guess it could be worse though- if I hadn't been careful about what I ate it could have been more gain! *shudders*

    MaryEllen- yeah I only weigh myself right in the morning after going to the bathroom. I actually didn't weigh myself for almost a week, so I think that not weighing myself daily isn't working. I think I'm going back to the daily weigh in's to make sure I'm keeping on track

    Thanks for the encouragement guys- in the past I would have been like SCREW this (and a few other choice words) and just given up and gone back to bad eating.

    On the upside today scale went down a pound
  • Hi,

    I don't know if this is the most ideal forum to ask this question but it seems to be the most active so I'm hoping I can get a response. I'm moving onto phase 3 and I'm not sure....does anyone know if its ok to eat pasta sauce? I want some spaghetti which I can now have with wholewheat pasta and the sauces are very low cal and relatively low sugar perhaps because its mostly tomato but I'm still not sure if its prohibited in phase 3. Does anyone know or have any suggestions? I'd really appreciate it!
  • I think the best bet is to make it yourself. Take a can of crushed tomatos and season to taste. I use garlic, salt and pepper, fresh basil, and mushrooms. I've found when in doubt err on the side on safety. On a similar note, after a few trial and errors that brown rice pasta is the bees knees!