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  • I'm just trying to maintain right now- I mean that's what new years is for right? I still think I'm losing cuz I am not pigging out at all, I'm definitely still sticking to the healthy snacks and better meals and eating more often to keep my metabolism up. I think I've finally figured out about how much I have to eat during the day so when 9 pm rolls around I'm not starving!
  • Seems like I haven't posted in a while. I ate pretty well til the day after the wedding. The dress and my look was a hit!!! WOOHOO!! I figured I had worked so hard to look good in the dress I should treat myself....hehe! I didn't eat as badly as I could have. Just a cookie here and there.

    Kritter> How was your weigh-in. I hope there was a loss but if you've lost inches that's even better. I still have yet to weigh myself. I think I may wait until the new year...LOL!! I won't start officially dieting again til after Christmas since I'll be wearing another dress on New Years....sigh....

    I'm looking for an admin position right now. I plan on going back to school once I've settled in Ga.

    Beerab> I hear you! During this time of year it's all about maintaining... If you are losing weight you're doing extremely well!!!
  • Sounds awesome! Good for you

    Today we are going to my MIL's for dinner and I'm bringing the brown rice and some cheesy squash casserole- made with margarine and low fat cheese
  • Well I'm glad to hear the wedding went well and you looked great!

    As for me I'm a little disappointed in myself right now. I have gained some weight back and I haven't been eating all that well. I'm thinking about getting the new WW stuff and doing that. I'm not sure how different it is from the old flex. Sigh.... I'm just so tired of looking like this. I need to get my *** in gear!! I will do the flex starting today with the crappy slide I have. I might just have to break down and buy a new WW kit. I can't be like this anymore and I don't want people to see me like this! I'm at 180 right now!!! I haven't been this heavy since I was lost all the weight before! Well NO MORE EXCUSES!!!

    Other then that... Merry Christmas! My Christmas was good. Considering I was eating cookies and bad stuff. How was yours?
  • Fearing weight gain is the exact reason I have yet to weigh myself. I'm still fitting into my clothing ok, so I'm not complaining right now. I could be doing better but considering this is the time of year pigging out occurs most, I'm doing fine. I will be drinking on New Year's Eve so I plan on doing the detox up until then. My birthday will come on the 10th, so I plan on eating mostly detox foods starting Jan 1. Seems a bit rollercoasterish...but it's all about what works for you..

    Don't beat yourself up about the weight gain. Take everything one day at a time. I still don't know exactly what changes have occurred with WW but I think they're focusing more on eating CORE foods and counting pts. If the accountability will motivate you, I say go for it! Question, you said you've gained weight but how are your clothes fitting? Working with weights slims you even if weight loss isn't happening...

    Merry Christmas and glad to hear you enjoyed yours!!!!! A problem I have is, if I start eating sweets I don't want anything else but junk food. So today all I ate was scones, cake, cookies, coffee, and other bad stuff...LOL!!! I enjoyed every bit of it! Back to detoxing tomorrow...
  • Beerab> I love squash!!!!!
  • Ok Guys!!!! Today had to be one of the worst days ever! Since I visited my parents all the temptations were there. It was so bad I was frustrated and moody for the majority of the time....sigh...

    On to tomorrow.....
  • Ug don't feel bad- we all slip up time to time- I had to tell myself don't feel guilty after indulging.

    The male trainer was on the radio (I think it was a repeat) last week, from the biggest loser, and he said part of the reason people fail is that the weekend comes and they eat one bad thing so they say screw it I already messed up- and then go nuts that weekend. BUT he said tell yourself that you will have a treat that weekend, have your treat, be satisfied, and don't feel guilty cuz you earned it.

    My tally is I gained 3 lbs back BOO- but I've already restarted the plan this week, I am not discluding meat right now though cuz I'd like to enjoy some meat with my hubby, but I'm only having meat with dinner right now.

    My new years resolution right now is going to be hit the gym 3x a week I'm not going nuts and saying "go to the gym daily" cuz I'll fail it in a heartbeat! lol. I heard that the reason people fail their resolutions is because they set them way too high. So I'm trying to be realistic this year.

    My hubby wants to do a romantic dinner for new years (he's cooking) so we'll see what he has in store! lol.
  • Yay glad to see people are still posting. Just to introduce myself a little----I started the Fat Smash diet a couple of years ago and lost 30 lbs. Then...I got pregnant and it all went out the window--the healthy eating, the exercise blah. Now I've been having the hardest time getting this baby weight off. So I "loosely" started doing Fat Smash then I decided I will "full out" start from detox and have been doing that since Dec 27 (I wanted to start the day after Xmas but we were still at the in-laws and there was an entire table devoted to desserts So anyways I'm on Day 3 but I've been exercising religiously for about 2 weeks now and I do a hardcore workout. Running/Elliptical/Stair Climber and am usually at the gym for over an hour. So anyways I'm ready for my healthy lifestyle again and hopefully the baby weight comes out quickly too! Oh and one little setback------tomorrow my husband and I are going to the Melting Pot for our Anniversary. I'd love to say I'm only going to eat Phase I approved foods but we all know that's not the case. So I will enjoy myself but I will fat smash in the morning and afternoon before dinner. Also I plan on doubling up on my exercise today and tomorrow. I always try to go to the gym in the morning and if I can go at night it's a bonus. So basically my advice is the same as Meikmeika---if you screw up just pick yourself right back up and go at it. I know I will drink on New Years and there will always be the "slip ups" but the important part is to not lose focus or get discouraged. Good luck everyone!
  • Also wanted to say I use Stevia probably up to a TBL a day in various things-----smoothie, I made "Smunch Cake"(I posted the recipe and used a couple of tsp in this and have one slice a day) and I also made homemade spaghetti sauce and put a little in. Since it is technically an herb I hope it doesn't hurt because I have a major sweet tooth!
  • I am craving chocolate SO BADLY right now it's driving me crazy! lol. I ate too many sweets during the darn holiday- my husband's grandmother kept on bringing over brownies and cookies and pie and omg though I hardly had anything compared to the rest of the family, those sweet cravings have come back grrrrr....
  • I suggest making a "Smunch Cake", oatmeal cookies, eat some fruit,yogurt, make a smoothie or eat a sweet potato. I know what you mean though I have a major sweet tooth not to mention it's that time of the month...
  • Meikmeika ~ Sorry to hear you had such a bad day! I'm feeling the same way. The weekends definitely kill me. By the time friday comes I'm ready to eat whatever I crave. At least you go back to detoxing and eat good most of the time. My clothes is fitting about the same not much change. I'm hoping that if I can just stick to healthier foods and smaller portions I will be ok. I'm so tempted though to try to do low carb or something that takes the weight off fast. I know if I do it will just come right back on when I eat or even look at a slice of bread!

    So how has the move been? Hope it was a smooth transition. I'm starting to catch island fever at the moment. I want to go surfing but there hasn't been any good surf and it has been raining a lot here. I guess I shouldn't complain. No snow to shovel so not that bad!

    Well I hope you have a great New Years! Have a drink for me. This will be the first year I haven't gone out in a long time. Going to spend the night with the rents. They will probably fall asleep before midnight!

  • Ug okay not sure what happened but weighed myself today and for some reason it's higher than yesterday!

    Now the scale says 4.5 pounds back, so today I'm being supergood and going back to phase 1 pretty much except for maybe having some meat with dinner.

    I'm not going to get discouraged this time I'm going to stick to it!
  • I have had the same thing happen to me too. Its frustrating when you are doing really good following the plan and you gain. Its ok though because if you are following the plan in a couple days it will even out and I'm sure you will lose weight. I hate it when that happens, bt it motivates me to be even more strict and then I really see a drop in pounds. I will be weighing myself soon to see if I have done well. I'm so scared but its a good reality check for me.

    Hang in there it takes time. I'm the most impatient person so don't give up your doing good!