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  • Meikmeika ~

    Well Definitely did really well this weekend! I'm so proud of myself. I went to a friends and made sure I had dinner before I went. That really saved me. I sat there satisfied while they stuffed their faces with pizza! Which is usually my favorite. Did ok on saturday. I woke up late and had a bowl of oatmeal but no lunch. Did have dinner but not the best meal. but made sure I watched my portion and had some popcorn for a snack instead of a cookie. So overall not bad. I will be back on track tomorrow.
    I know how it can be when going to see the parents. My mom is always telling me "oh just have it. You'll be fine." I'm sure you can manage to keep on track. Glad to hear about the stuffed pepper success!

    Happy Canuk ~

    Well first off I'm glad more people are starting this diet! Its definitely a well balanced diet. I am not a vegetarian but I do love tofu! If you haven't had it I would at least give it a try. Phase one is hard enough but if you don't get enough protein it can make you weak and irritable. I buy tofu that has some spice on it or some sort of flavor. That way you can heat it up and throw it in your rice. If you don't like tofu you at least have beans!!! And you could always make a protein shake. I noticed if I didn't get enough protein for the day I felt kinda crappy.
    The caffeine definitely has to go in level 1! I drink decaf tea. I'm not huge into coffee, but I bet if you started to drink half decaf and half regular it would make a difference. Try to wean yourself off the caffeine that way. If you really can't live without it, then I don't know how much it would do to slow the weight loss. I can't imagine it would be much if any. Good Luck!

  • Kriiter> Great Job!!!! You see, even though you may have not eaten fully on plan you still made better choices than before you started Smashing, which is the purpose of this diet. GOOD JOB!!!

    I myself am done with the detox and have lost 4 lbs. My goal in the beginning was to lose a little over 10lbs, so this was a good start. Here are the ways I didn't follow the detox, which could have been my downfall, 1) I didn't do any exercise 2) My Aunt Flo is currently in town and 3) I did have Green Tea is small amounts........

    I don't think I will be continuing the program since Phase II introduces meats, dry cereal and a cup of coffee. The only things I could take advantage of are the cereal and coffee, which isn't all that much. I'm thinking I'll move over to Weight Watcher's Core Program. It'll still keep me on my toes and I won't be able to eat junk food, unless using my Weekly Allowance Points, but I will also be able to include Whole Wheat Pasta & Couscous...This detox definitely taught me how to incorporate more veggies in my diet and I am extremely grateful for that! My face has also cleared up a bit since detoxing.

    I would still like to post daily since what I'll be eating won't be so off from this plan. Are you ok with that? I also want to know how you're doing. Did you decide to extend the detox much longer?

    Happy Canuk> I agree with Kritter, you should give the tofu a try. Go to Whole Foods or Trader Joe's and try out their versions and see what you think. It took me a while to get the hang of cooking it. As far as the coffee goes, it's definitely a no-no, including decaf. That's one thing I've been looking forward to since I started the detox.

    I wish you the best of luck! Once you complete the detox you feel like you've conquered the world. I've always felt I had no self-control, but I guess I do.

  • Thanks for the encouragement!!! That's the first time I have not sabotaged my good efforts for the week!

    Tha't's great that you lost 4 pounds on the detox!! I definitely agree with the clearer skin part. I also had my auntie visiting! I have been exercising pretty hard. I'm doing that Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred! Its awesome!!! I will weigh myself tomorrow morning so we'll see how well I did. Oh and I also did have some green tea as well.

    I agree with you about not continuing onto phase two. It sounds like the WW core plan would be a good choice. I did WW about 5 years ago and did pretty well. Not sure why I stopped. But I too was thinking I might not go onto level two and continue level one for a while longer. Also I might just incorporate calorie counting. I have thought about doing WW again. Maybe when I move in a couple weeks my mom will want to join with me! How does the core plan work? I only did the points.

    I definitely want to keep posting!!! I feel that you keep me on track and you have a lot of great ideas about recipes and eating healthy!!! Plus it just keeps me in check that if someone else can do good with dieting and eating good, so can I!!

    I did buy some meat at the store yesterday so I think I might just add the meat into my plan. No cereal though. I'll keep you updated on my plans as far as what I'm going to do!
  • You're helping me with accountability too. Thanks!

    I was so excited to go to Whole Foods and get a vegan oatmeal raisin cookie I couldn't stand it!! LOL!!! I know you're not supposed to reward yourself with food but I couldn't help myself. Turns out they didn't have the oatmeal raisin cookies. I finally got my latte and it was awesome!!!! My second sweet option was chocolate skittles, which are vegan by the way. Fortunately I got them on sale at Target cause they weren't all the great. I ate about 10 of them and pitched the rest. Guess it just wasn't meant for me to have the sweet I wanted today. Maybe tomorrow.

    The Core Program is designed for those who don't want to count points. I must also mention the Core Program has been revised many times and I'm doing the first one that came out. You are allowed veggies, fruits, fat free dairy products and dressings, beans, tofu, either a potato, brown rice, or whole wheat pasta once a day, whole grain no sugar added cereal once a day, grits, oatmeal, lean meats, veggie burgers, etc. At each meal you eat until satisfied and snack on Core foods. You're still given the 35 Allowance points for those special items like bread, alcohol and desserts. The site has a Core Forum and I know alot of questions are posted on it, it's free as well. Again, the program has been revised so many times I don't know if what I've listed is even close to the current one but it's what I'm choosing to follow.

    I've decided I'll be doing Flex this week and start Core next week (that's another cool thing with Weight Watchers you can switch from Flex to Core every week), but I will be staying within my points. Til this day, I still think Weight Watchers is the best lifestyle change program around.

    Today's Menu:
    Breakfast: 16oz Soy Latte w/ 10 Skittles(3.5)
    Snack: Banana, 7 almonds(4)(7.5)
    Lunch: Asparagus, Zucchini, Onion, Mushroom Whole Wheat Wrap(5)(12.5)
    Snack: Tiny piece dark chocolate choxie bar(1)(13.5)
    Dinner: Taco Soup(4)(17.5)
    Snack: Grapes(1)(18.5)
    Total Pts: 18.5
    I should be eating 19-20 a day....Didn't do too bad...

    How's your day going?
  • Too bad you couldn't get your cookie! But a latte can be just as good! I had no idea skittles had chocolate as a flavor!! Sounds interesting.

    So I'm really pist!!!! I weighed myself this morning.... I DID NOT LOSE ANY WEIGHT!!!! I just don't get it. I mean really... I did so good with my eating and measured my rice and everything! I didn't have one chip or peice of bread. I have been exercising a lot so maybe I gained some muscle but come on. Not even a pound gone! I'm so mad. BUT... I am not going to give up! I'm going to try the biggest loser diet. I worked with a woman who did it and did really good. So I'm hoping that will work. Not many calories though. The formula works like this: your weight x 7. And that's how you get your total calories for the day. It says that if your over by a few its ok. But not 100. I am going to only have rice once a day and still have my kashi oatmeal for breakfast. Still going to eat sensibly with lots of veggies and fruit. I have done low carb before and did really well. The only problem with that is once I start to eat normal food I gain a lot back. I think this might be the best way or like your doing with the core. I think I would like the core plan. I have a borrowed copy of the WW stuff. So when I move I might have to get new stuff. Thanks for explaining in. I do have one question though... Can you have rice and oatmeal in the same day without using your points?

    Anyways... I'll figure it out somehow! Sounds like your off to a good start. Keep me posted on your progress!
  • I'm so sorry to hear you didn't lose any weight....sigh... I have a friend who did the diet and lost 1 lb, she thinks it's due to her over exercising. If you're eating less than 1000 calories a day, it's possible your body went into starvation mode. Did you do measurements? How are your clothes fitting? If you're losing inches that's definitely better than losing lbs.

    Before I was vegan I tried low carbing it and became so sick and weak. I couldn't take eating salads and meat all the time....phew.. With the Core program you can have oatmeal for breakfast and rice/pasta/potato with lunch or dinner.

    Keep me posted on how the Biggest Loser is going. It's still possible you're not eating enough based on your activity level. That's another positive about Weight Watchers, along with your daily points you have the Weekly Allowance Points and Activity Points.

    P.S. I got my cookie today and it was AMAZING!!! I ate lightly for the rest of the day and stayed within my points. Tomorrow I will be going to sushi with my friend, let's hope I can stop at one tempura sweet potato roll....LOL!!!
  • Its ok I have come to terms with the no pounds lost! I think I did lose some inches. Not a lot but I can tell my stomach doesn't look as bloated and my legs look a little more toned. I definitely was eating more I think on fat smash. Since I could have 2 cups of rice a day I have one for lunch and one for dinner. I'm only working out for 20 minutes a day so I'm not over doing it with the exercise. But I think when I did fat smash I probobly shocked my body. I mean going from eating pizza and crap to veggies and rice my body might have thought I was starving it. I do have a copied version of the BL diet and it does seem like a low number of calories. But when I did WW I figured out I was consuming around 1100 -1250 calories a day. So I'm pretty close. I definitely make better choices as far as what I eat for the amount of calories!

    I do have to say that at the moment I am so sick of salads. Don't want to have one for a month. I think if the BL doesn't work I will definitely go back to WW. I would probably just buy the stuff off Ebay. I don't like the meetings. They can be frustrating.

    Glad to hear the cookie was so good. And that you did good keeping within your points while still having a treat!!

    I'm going to weigh myself next Monday or Tuesday and see if I have lost any weight. If I don't lose any pounds or inches then I don't know what I am going to do!
  • So you are doing an additional week of FS? I really hope the scale goes down when you weigh-in. I know how frustrating it can be when the scale doesn't budge. Before doing FS I was working out for an hour five to six days a week and no weight was being lost. I noticed toning and I had lost very little inches but I started this rigorous exercise routine in August....huh?! I then tried to exercise while doing WW and I would lose and gain the same 2 lbs weekly. That's when I just said, fork it, and did the FS without exercise. Funny thing is, when I'm not exercising I'm more likely to lose weight. I do like the way my body feels when I exercise though so I'm going to start back on Monday. I will be weighing myself Monday as well to see if I've set myself back using the WW plan.

    I know what you mean about the salads. When I initially went vegan that's all I would eat and I rarely have them these days, unless it's spinach. I have my fingers crossed for good results, for the both of us, on Monday. Something we need to be mindful of is the fact that we're not gaining weight and the working out and eating more healthfully is doing wonders for our bodies.
  • Well I'm not back on FS but I am watching calories and I have introduced meat! I'm doing good. I'm not eating out really at all. That's what kills me. I'm hoping that this week of watching my calories helps with the scale. Either way I can tell I'm getting stronger and the sides of my stomach look better! Its the front that needs to disappear!!

    I hope we both lose this week too! I need some motivation to keep going. I was thinking a lot about doing WW after I was reading some of the threads on here. I did stumble across this one thread about the "Wendie Plan" Its a version of WW where you vary your points each day instead of always hitting say 20. So it would be like the same concept as calorie shifting. Check out this link it has some good info on the concept. Anyways thought you might find it interesting. I am going to try this next week with the old borrowed WW stuff I have if I don't lose much when I weigh in! I'm just so frustrated and disappointed. I'll try anything to get some weight off! Well no pills for me!!

    Well Hope your weekend goes well and I'll give you an update as to how mine goes. I'm going to visit a friend in Connecticut so I hope I can contain myself with eating and drinking too much!

    P.S. I had a skinny vanilla latte this morning from Starbucks!!! So delicious!!

  • So......How did your weekend go?? Mine wasn't the greatest since I visited the folks again and couldn't stop eating sweets. I did redeem myself yesterday and today though. I'm pretty sure I'll be Smashing after the Holidays. I'm hoping the scale had good news for you.

    The Wendie Plan does work! I've done it a few times and it worked well. It's almost like eating minimal calories the majority of the week and having a cheat day or really high point day. Before Smashing I kept falling off program while doing WW so I may try the Wendie Plan soon. I also decided to stick with the Flex plan a little longer. As long as the scale is still moving down, I'll stick with Flex.

    Starbuck's is soooo awesome!!! I've had my share of soy lattes this week!! LOL!!!
  • I wouldn't worry too much about the weekend. You seem to do really well and its just once in a while. Its always hard when you go see parents. You almost feel like you have to eat what them make or you would be insulting them. At least that's how I am. Well my weekend went ok.... didn't go really crazy with the eating on Saturday but drank way too much! Then Sunday I was so hung over I ate mac and cheese and french fries. Really bad. But I ate better yesterday and today. Back on track.

    I did weigh myself Saturday because I couldn't wait any longer. I lost 3 Pounds! I'm so excited. I was going to weigh again this morning but I forgot. I will probably weigh in on Friday morning. I know its not much but I can tell my stomach looks way better. Not as bloated and jiggly! Still have a long way to go but I can tell my thinking is so much different now. I'm really mindful of portion size and choosing better foods now. Normally if I ate one bad meal during the day I would say Oh well whats the point I'll eat bad the rest of the day. Now I really try to make sure I don't overdo it.

    I also will be doing the flex plan. I made myself a little points finder. Its so ghetto. Looks like a third grader made it. But it works! I will do that until my weight hits a plateau then I will try the Wendie Plan. I might go back to smashing after the Holidays as well. I still eat the same way as phase one for the most part. And I have cut down on the meat quite a bit. I feel like the holidays are going to be hard enough at least if I keep track by doing the points I won't gain any weight and hopefully lose some!

    I don't know if you heard.... but WW is changing their plan in 2009! I guess they are doing away with the core plan and adding a "momentum" plan which is like flex and core together. And they have a new food list for the "sort of" core plan. I saw this on another thread and was surprised. I always hear of people doing really well on core. Not sure why they would get rid of it. Anyways... its mostly speculation. No one knows for sure. Interesting though.

    Well let me know how your week goes and hopefully we can make it through the holidays without any gaining!
  • I won't even fault you for eating Mac and Cheese and French Fries cause when you're hung over you should eat exactly what you want. Awesome job on getting back on track!!!!!

    Smashing has also helped me rid my 'all or nothing' mentality. Just b/c I eat badly in the morning doesn't mean I can't adjust my eating for the rest of the day. I haven't been doing too badly, even though I've been giving in to alot of my sweets cravings. And to make matters worse, I'm making some mini pumpkin pies for my family but need to make a test batch to make sure they come out good....hehe!

    WW gets on my nerves when they revise their programs. They say it's for the better but they all work. When Core initially came out many people were saying it was too restrictive, so they did what they called the "FLORE" program. They ate mainly Core foods, with the exception of some non-Core foods, but continued to count points.
    I'm guessing they keep changing the program so those who choose to go the program unofficially are caught off guard. I may join again next year but I don't know.....I've not mentioned this, but I'm currently unemployed... I'm one of the fortunate people whose been laid off this year....sigh...

    Well, I'm hoping your week is going wonderfully!!!! I was so happy to read you lost some weight!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!!!!
  • Well as the week has gone on I have not been all that strict! I went to a Hockey game last night with my sister. She got free tickets from her work and they were in "Premium Seating" which is awesome cause you get nice seats, free food, and free drinks! So I didn't Pig out, but I definitely ate the worst food. Oh well. Today is another day. I was doing really good eating a lot of veggies but lately with all this going out I can't seem to get them in!

    Pumpkin Pie sounds soooooo good right now! I bet they are going to be delicious!!

    I don't understand why WW does that either. I guess its a way to get more money! I actually did a plan about 2 or 3 years ago called Body For Life for Women. Its a kind of body building program. I was heavier then when I did it and by the time 6 months had gone by I was buff! I looked really good. I was down to about 150.Which seems like not that skinny but I have a large frame. I wish I would have stuck with it. I was thinking I might try that again only this time do the Original BFL. I hear the original is better. It works well and the results are great. I just need to set the time aside to exercise and eat right.

    Right now I'm in the middle of moving so its hard for me to have a set schedule. Everyone wants me to see them before I go and go out to eat. Kinda sucks when your trying to lose weight. I figure as long as I count points or calories I will be ok. I will be unemployed after Friday as well. I'm taking a week off before I move. Need to pack and ship stuff to Hawaii. Once I get there I can make a schedule and try to get healthier. I'm going to ask my parents to give me free weights for Christmas!

    Sorry to hear you got laid off. That sucks. Hopefully the job market will pick up! I'm sure after next January things will turn around and people will stop panicking.

    Well hope the rest of your week is good and you have a good weekend!
  • My eating hasn't been the best lately either but I'm chocking it up to the time of year. And I'm the last person to turn down good free food!!! LOL!!!

    I made the pies today and they came out awesome!!! Even my bf loves them. I still need to work on the crust a little more, I just ate one and all I've been thinking about is eating another one. The good thing is one mini pie is 3 points so they're not all that bad. I'm the queen of revising recipes and making them the lowest points I can get them without compromising taste. I'll be taking some to my friends and they will be the true judges cause it is vegan...should be interesting....

    I remember BFL!!!! It seemed like an awesome program, I even bought the book but never went through with it. I think it was around the same time I found WW. All the amazing transformations on the cover of the book let you know the program worked. This is the one where you have one cheat day right?'s that time of year where everyone wants to go out for lunch or have office I say have fun!! Just keep what you've learned from Smashing in mind and make the best choices you can. Make sure the "bad" foods you eat are worth eating. There's nothing like eating something high in calories and it wasn't all that great, right?!

    I don't know how you're currently on a plan and you have so much going on. You're doing wonderfully in my book! Enjoy your weekend!!!!
  • I'm glad your pies turned out good! I'm sure everyone will love them!

    Well I did not eat well at all today. I think the only healthy thing was the beans in my chili!

    Going out tomorrow for dinner with some old friends so I'm sure It will be another great eating fest! I have been exercising at least so I haven't been blowing it totally. I am going to weigh myself tomorrow morning. I'm scared but at the same time I need a reality check. If I don't next week will be another off plan disaster.

    Now that I have looked around at some other weight training programs there is this one I'm interested in called New Rules Of Lifting for Women. It is supposed to be better then BFL. I'm going to check it out this weekend. Hopefully I will find something that I can do as far a work out routine. I have always enjoyed lifting. There are so many books out there I don't know how I'm going to choose!

    Well I hope you have a good weekend and I'll let you know how the scale treats me!