how do I choke down this whey protein??

  • Maybe mixing it with milk would be better, but I tried it for lunch (I'm on EFS) with water to save calories and couldn't force it down!!! I was thinking a shake might be better too but that would require buying a blender.

    Any other ideas? Please help, I can't drink it if it's always this disgusting!
  • If you've bought a large amount of it (ie. have to use it) I'd suggest mixing it up ahead of time and getting it nice and cold. In the past when I've had flavours I don't like I found that if it was really cold, and pre-mixed, they were marginally better. Depends on what flavour you've bought but there really is quite a difference. If where you bought it sells sample flavours try a few different kinds.

    Although I can mix and drink mine with just cold tap water, I use a shaker cup to mix it. Otherwise you'll get lumps. I really do prefer them in a blender though, usually mixing chocolate flavoured powder with frozen fruit. It's a yummy post workout shake for me. I've never used it as a meal replacement and to be honest I wouldn't suggest it as one. Liquid calories are never very filling.

    Oops - was going to add that I tend to mix a chocolate flavoured whey with a fruit flavoured one anyway. I'm never that fond of the straight chocolate ones and the fruit ones are often too sweet for my tastes.
  • So stupid question, but is it in powder or liquid form? When I use to be on the track team in high school and even through my first semester of college I couldn't mix it with liquids, I would throw up. I ate a lot of yogurt, so I mixed it together. The powder didn't take long to dissolve and I couldn't taste it.
  • Lots of people put it in their yogurt, cottage cheese, or oatmeal depending on the flavors. I think someone even suggested in sugar free, fat free pudding earlier.
  • oh I didn't even think about that, that's a good idea! It's the powder form in vanilla flavor. And the only reason I'm using it as a meal replacement is that I'm on EFS and it's one of the listed 4 meals + 2 snacks for the day