Done with Phase 1 - tips for new cooks or new FSers

  • I'm on my first day of Phase II, and I've actually already had a couple PMs about FS...I think because of the recipes.

    So I'm proud to say in the 9 days of Phase I, I lost 6 pounds. Not huge, by steadily each day. I did cheat with one diet soda per day - the caffeine headache I'dve gotten otherwise was simply a no-go for me (my work can't suffer because of my diet, in other words).

    But because of the couple questions I got, I wanted to address one thing for new cooks or new FSers - yes, the food is kinda bland! Believe me, by day 9, rice is no longer bland tasting to you, corn tastes sweet, beans are great, etc etc.

    But the thing to really avoid "bland" food is - use spices. And more spices. Experiment with them, play with them. Make your food spicy with cayenne pepper or red pepper flakes or jalapenos. Put oregano and basil in your eggwhite omelette. Dig out your spice rack and play with everything.

    Half the point of FS is to pull you out of your "comfort zone" with food. Yeah, it rather sucks you can't have bread for quite some time, or meat, but you know you shouldn't be eating it that often anyway, don't you? That's why you joined Fat Smashers

    Look up rice recipes on the internet and modify them to fit FS. Same with oatmeal, vegetable soup, etc. I'm allergic to tomatoes, which cuts out a lot of options for me (like veggie broth soup) but you can modify nearly anything.

    And our very own recipe forum is full of amazing recipes. Dig into them

    Now I'm rambling...I just wanted to publicly address the questions I got.

    Happy Tuesday, FSers Hope we're all doing well.