Newby question about fruit...

  • So i've started the diet and I've read the book and the FAQ on this site but still have a question... can I have canned fruit (like Del Monte) if I get it with the 'lite' syrup? I know in th FAQ it said you could have canned fruit but goes on to talk about fresh fruit... so are they talking about fresh fruit that you can get in a jar in the fruit section of the store or can I actually have canned fruit... like fruit cocktail for istance???
  • The book is a little vague about things - I have joined the actual fit club site and their "allowable" food lists are alot different than the ones listed in the book. I asked a nutrition expert from their board site and was told to follow the site because it is updated and the book is not.

    So, to answer your question - the site says "YES" you can have canned fruit but I would get it in their natural juices rather than the "lite" syrup since it has less sugar that way.
  • Thank you!
  • Anytime! This diet has definitely been a learning process - especially since the book is not very detailed and the site has discrepancies with the book. If you have any more questions, let me know and I'll check with the site.
  • Here's another thing I do: If you already have canned fruit with syrup in it, I just dump out the syrup and wash off the fruit. Its been working for me